Charles CHEESEMAN Thomas George CHEESEMAN Sarah Ann STOKES William Michael STOKES Frances BONNETT Emily (Emma) Beatrice GARDNER Grace Adelaide CHEESEMAN Annie Irene CHEESEMAN Emma Beatrice CHEESEMAN Edith Joyce CHEESEMAN Thomas Charles CHEESEMAN William CHEESEMAN Alfred John CHEESEMAN Donald Phillip CHEESEMAN


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Thomas George CHEESEMAN 4 May 1846  Sarah Ann STOKES 2 May 1847

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Emily (Emma) Beatrice GARDNER 30 Jan 1885  Grace Adelaide CHEESEMAN
 Annie Irene CHEESEMAN
 Emma Beatrice CHEESEMAN
 Edith Joyce CHEESEMAN
 Thomas Charles CHEESEMAN
 Alfred John CHEESEMAN
 Donald Phillip CHEESEMAN


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 31 Mar 1883 Carngham. Vic. #7824
Death 13 Feb 1949 Carngham. Vic. #16415
Burial Carngham. (P)




Charles Cheeseman, a labourer, married Emily (Emma) Beatrice Gardiner
(1885-1950), daughter of John Morris Gardiner and Grace Adelaide Mark, at
Carngham in 1902. They had eight children all born at Carngham: Grace Adelaide
Cheeseman (1902-04), Annie Irene Cheeseman who married Gilbert Ringin, Emma
Beatrice Cheeseman (1908) who married David Slater, Edith Joyce Cheeseman
(1912) who married William Mark, Charles Thomas Cheeseman (1914-75), William
Cheeseman (1919) who married Una Quilliam), Alfred John Cheeseman who married
Daphne Daniels, and Donald Philip Cheeseman (1925).
Reference Number: P1213



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Emily (Emma) Beatrice GARDNERWife30 Jan 1885Waterloo, Vic. #681226 May 1950Carngham. Vic. #18255
Brothers & Sisters
James Robert CHEESEMANBrother1 Jul 1890Carngham. Vic. #2199425 Jun 1977Ballarat. Vic. #15512
Ellen Eliza CHEESEMANSister7 Dec 1887Carngham. Vic. #1859 (1888)20 Apr 1968Ballarat. Vic. #8921
Margaret Shaw CHEESEMANSister9 Sep 1885Carngham. Vic. #2409717 Apr 1968Blac. Vic. #8718
George Alfred CHEESEMANBrother10 Mar 1880Carngham. Vic. #735013 Jul 1964Wangaratta. Vic. #14319
Frances Jane CHEESEMANSister31 Dec 1877Carngham. Vic. #125619 Aug 1966Armadale. Vic. #17953
Thomas Langford CHEESEMANBrother23 Feb 1874Carngham. Vic. #108910 Oct 1935Ballarat. Vic. #15364
Sarah Ann "Annie" SHAWHalf Sister1871Carngham, Vic. #774317 Dec 1958Wendouree. Vic. #20207
William SHAWHalf Brother1869Carngham, Vic. #12781948Traralgon. Vic #21609
Margaret SHAWHalf Sister1866Carngham, Vic. #200941879Carngham, Vic. #705
John SHAWHalf Brother24 May 1864Carngham.Vic. #736517 Oct 1931Swan Marsh, Vic. #13570
Donald Phillip CHEESEMANSon24 Jul 1925Snake Valley
Alfred John CHEESEMANSon26 Aug 192220 Oct 1969Beaufort. Vic. #27587
William CHEESEMANSon31 Jan 1919Carngham. Vic. #1950
Thomas Charles CHEESEMANSon20 May 1914Carngham. Vic. #1109031 May 1975Ballarat. Vic. #12648
Edith Joyce CHEESEMANDaughter20 Jan 1912Carngham. Vic. #2066
Emma Beatrice CHEESEMANDaughter1 Aug 1908Skipton. Vic. #2270616 Nov 2000
Annie Irene CHEESEMANDaughter12 Aug 1906Carngham. Vic. #1721126 Feb 1960Ballarat. Vic. #20203
Grace Adelaide CHEESEMANDaughter4 Nov 1902Carngham. Vic. #249906 Nov 1904Carngham. Vic. #11913
Sarah Ann STOKESMother2 May 1847Bedfordshire, Eng.4 Jan 1922Smythesdale, Vic. #3166
Thomas George CHEESEMANFather4 May 1846Swingfield, Hythe, England.8 Aug 1908Carngham. Vic. #9078
Helen Margaret CHEESEMANGranddaughter10 Apr 1959
Peter Francis CHEESEMANGrandson25 Aug 1957
Thomas Charles CHEESEMANGrandson10 Mar 1956
George CHEESEMANGrandson25 Sep 1953
Ronald John CHEESEMANGrandson7 Mar 1950
Beverly Ann RINGINGranddaughter27 Nov 1941Linton. Vic. #21722
Keith Thomas RINGINGrandson1969Snake Valley. Vic. #28831 age29
Thelma Joyce RINGINGranddaughter1978Fitzroy. Vic. #15159 age49
Frances BONNETTGrandmother2 Jul 1825Huntington25 Dec 1900Carngham.Vic. #12233 (cardiac arrest and dropsy)
William Michael STOKESGrandfather12 Oct 1817Bedfordshire, Eng13 Jun 1876Carngham. Vic. #4558
Great grandparents
Daniel STOKESGreat grandfather1 Aug 1786Little Staughton, Bedford. Eng.
Ann EVANSGreat grandmother
John BONNETGreat grandfather
Sarah MITCHELLGreat grandmother
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Gertrude May GARDNERSister-in-law1892Majorca. Vic. #3432125 Jun 1970Ballarat. Vic. #16427
Thomas SUTTIEBrother-in-law28 Apr 1883Carngham. Vic. #2728R3 Jul 1963Ballarat. Vic. #2023
George Robert WRIGHTBrother-in-law17 Dec 1878Carngham. Vic. #1334 (1879)8 Oct 1944Malvern. Vic. #10577
Jessie May WHITESister-in-law1878Fryerstown. Vic. #16612 (Mary Ann)21 Jul 1967Violet Town. Vic. #16362
Thomas FORMBYBrother-in-law1871Smythesdale. Vic. #264051950Hawthorn. Vic. #4210
Arthur Franklin HALLBrother-in-law1869Ararat, Vic. #129171929East Melbourne, Vic. #6262
Jessie Black HAMILTONSister-in-law8 Jul 1867Sebastapol.Vic. #1816721 Feb 1943Colac.Vic. #15603
Jane DIXONSister-in-law1867Skipton, Vic. #246791930Hamilton, Vic. #5485
Annie MERIFIELDSister-in-law1863(nee Facey) Carngham. Vic. #67291949Geelong. Vic. #16753
Nephews & Nieces
Lorna Beryl CHEESEMANNephew5 Sep 193611 Nov 1985Ballarat. Vic. #30462 aged 49 yrs
Alan Graham CHEESEMANNephew9 Sep 193429 Jan 1973Melbourne. Vic. #3098
Edward Thomas CHEESEMANNephew20 May 192924 May 1981Baccus Marsh. Vic. #11426 aged 52 yrs.
Bonnie Jean SUTTIENiece19231975Elai? Vic. #28550 age 52
Thomas David SUTTIENephew23 Apr 1921Scarsdale. Vic.25 Jul 1976Ballarat. Vic. #18242 age 55
Gladys Helen CHEESEMANNiece1919Smythesdale. Vic. #148411922Carngham. Vic. #4492
William CHEESEMANNephew1919Carngham. Vic. #1950
Phyllis May CHEESEMANNiece3 Jun 1917Carngham. Vic. #1054213 Dec 1988
Thelma Ann SUTTIENiece1917Carngham. Vic. #2072
Clarice Hazel CHEESEMANNiece3 Oct 1915Carngham. Vic. #28914
Mamie SHAWNiece9 Oct 1911Camperdown, Vic. #264978 Jan 1993Colac District Hospital
John Ernest SUTTIENephew9 Apr 1909Carngham. Vic. #10036 (1908)1953Rosanna. Vic. #9444 age 44
William Hamilton SHAWNephew1909Camperdown.Vic. #254439 Feb 1912Pomberneit, Camperdown.Vic. #813
Robert Gordon Wright WRIGHTNephew31 Mar 1908Castlemaine. Vic. #100986 Apr 1974Mordiallic. Vic. #7852
John Raymond FORMBYNephew14 Jan 1908Smythesdale. Vic. #68716 Oct 1972Heidleberg. Vic. #21634
Violet Ruby HALLNiece1908Sebastapol, Vic. #67831932Carlton. Vic. #8629
John SHAWNephew1 Jul 1907Sebastapol, Vic. #22093 May 1990
Eva Lillian WRIGHTNiece14 Apr 1906Castlemaine. Vic. #94181980
Elsie Maud FORMBYNiece1906Smythesdale. Vic. #63231983Kew. Vic. #21593
Mavis Lillian SHAWNiece7 Sep 1905Sebastapol, Vic. #2903328 May 2007
Robert Hamilton SHAWNephew1904Rokewood. Vic. #57861904Rokewood. Vic. #6457
Adam Hilary SHAWNephewJan 1901Rokewood, Vic. #634331 Jul 1915Beeac.Vic. #7698
Leslie Archibald HALLNephew1901Beaufort, Vic. #695
Thomas George CHEESEMANNephew17 May 1900Carngham. Vic. #97436 Nov 1909Carngham. Vic. #11819
Gladys Pearl SHAWNiece3 Apr 1899Ballarat.Vic. #758722 Mar 1994
Dora Mary HALLNiece1898Sebastapol, Vic. #6783
John William SHAWNephew1898Skipton, Vic. #291501978Ringwood. Vic. #14789
Agnes Russell SHAWNiece12 Dec 1896Ballarat.Vic. #4583 Oct 1957Melbourne, Vic. #12705
Robert Dixon SHAWNephew1896Skipton.Vic. #233481948Coburg.Vic. #3586
Mary Ruby Jane SHAWNiece13 Sep 1894Sebastapol.Vic. #3285326 Sep 1977Sacred Heart Hospital, Coburg. Melbourne. #25209
Adam SHAWNephew1894Skipton, Vic. #1559412 Oct 1917Passchendaele. Belguim. WW1
Adam Shaw HALLNephew1893Ballarat, Vic. #188181962Park. Vic. #8738
Ivy Myrtle SHAWNiece28 Oct 1892Ballarat, Vic. #293101 Mar 1983Colac or Geelong. Vic. #06476
Agnes SHAWNiece1892Skipton, Vic. #7953
Jessie SHAWNiece6 Nov 1890Ballarat.Vic #296728 Jul 1984Mt.Alvernia.Bendigo.Vic. #20084
Margaret Ann SHAWNiece10 Dec 1888Ballarat.Vic.3 Dec 1976Camperdown.Vic. #29979
Alice Russell "Queenie" SHAWNiece18 Apr 1887Sebastapol.Vic #828530 Jul 1928Korrumburra.Vic. #10783
Joan Margaret FORMBYNiece
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Russell ANSONGrandnephew10 Jan 194829 Jul 1968Colac.Vic. #19963
Valma Jean ANSONGrandniece26 Sep 1945
Gwenyth Mamie ANSONGrandniece19 Apr 1943
Jessie Isabel ANSONGrandniece4 Sep 1939
Alexander (Pete) GERRARDGrandnephew28 Sep 1932Beeac.Vic.
Valda Dorothy DREWGrandniece24 Apr 192715 Feb 2008Sydney. NSW.
Kennedy Douglas PATONGrandnephew2 Nov 1925Melbourne. Vic.20 Jan 2008Barongarook. aged 82
Mamie Jean DREWGrandniece20 Aug 1923Camperdown. Vic.
William Russell FISHERGrandnephew192226 Sep 1932Bendigo.Vic. #8475
George Alexander PATONGrandnephew13 Jul 192121 May 1998
Isabel (Belle) PATONGrandniece1920Colac. Vic. #2480
Jessie Elizabeth COLEGrandniece1920Colac.Vic. #2490
Jessie Ruth FISHERGrandniece1920Beeac. Vic. #9187
John Morris (Jack) DREWGrandnephew22 Nov 1919Colac. Vic. #2639727 Dec 2006
Lela PATTERSONGrandniece7 Nov 1919Camperdown.Vic. #253404 Nov 2004
Jessie Ada FISHERGrandniece1918Beeac. Vic. #166944 Jan 1920Beeac, Vic. #293 ( Aged 1yr. 4 mths.)
John Louis GERRARDGrandnephew22 Jul 1917Beeac.Vic. #176815 Jun 1987Beaufort.Vic.
Agnes PATTERSONGrandniece12 Jul 1917Camperdown, Vic. #1849631 Aug 2008Warnambool Hospital
Jessie Pearl DREWGrandniece1917Colac. Vic. #10971
Adam Leslie SHAWGrandnephew1916Skipton. Vic. #157601919Ballarat. Vic. #136
Alma Joyce FISHERGrandnephew1916Dandenong.Vic. #1980217 Oct 1978Geelong.Vic. #24005
Alice Russell GERRARDGrandniece2 Oct 1915Beeac.Vic. #292946 Mar 1999Frankston.Vic.
Ronald Earnest COLEGrandnephew20 Jun 1915Camperdown.Vic. #102288 Nov 1984Colac.Vic. #24643
Jessie Shaw PATTERSONGrandniece7 Jun 1915Camperdown. Vic. #102193 Feb 1985Brisbane, Qld.
Albert Edward FISHERGrandnephew16 Aug 1914Dandenong. Vic. #21231
John Hayden COLEGrandnephew1914Beeac.Vic. #65731914Beeac.Vic. #3057
Gladys COLEGrandniece191113 Feb 2005
Jean Shaw FISHERGrandniece1911Hamilton. Vic. #1197820 Oct 1999
John Theophilus FISHERGrandnephew4 Mar 1910Port Fairy.Vic. #576510 Oct 1941WW2 Syria.
Bruce CARTERGrandnephew
Don CARTERGrandnephew
Dorothy CARTERGrandniece
Doug CARTERGrandnephew
Douglas Kennedy DREWGrandnephew1935Camperdown. Vic. #12389
Eddie FISHERGrandnephew
George Edward DREWGrandnephew1927Camperdown. Vic. #4588
Jan SHAWGrandniece
Jessie CARTERGrandniece
John (Jack) PATONGrandnephew
Joy SHAWGrandniece
Mal SHAWGrandnephew
Margaret CARTERGrandniece
Margaret SHAWGrandniece
Marjorie FISHERGrandniece
Neil FISHERGrandnephew
William COLEGrandnephew31 Jan 2005
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Richard Gordon GENTGreat grandnephew1 Nov 1977
Gregory Mc Donald GENTGreat grandnephew29 May 1973
Neville Matthew SWAYNGreat grandnephew27 Feb 1973
Sally-Ann GENTGreat grandniece23 Jul 1970
Murray Russell SWAYNGreat grandnephew20 May 1970
Rodney John SWAYNGreat grandnephew13 May 1966
Jodie Isabel EVERETTGreat grandniece24 Jan 1966Adopted
Valma Joy GERRARDGreat grandniece16 Nov 1965
Allan Geoffrey SWAYNGreat grandnephew10 Jan 1964
Garry Russell PATONGreat grandnephew12 Dec 1963
Robert Louis GERRARDGreat grandnephew17 Apr 1963
Gary Douglas EVERETTGreat grandnephew6 Aug 1962Adopted
Kim Maxine EVERETTGreat grandniece10 Nov 1960Adopted
Malcolm Alexander PATONGreat grandnephew27 Jun 1957
Anne Rosalie PATONGreat grandniece3 Nov 1955
Alan Kennedy PATONGreat grandnephew12 May 1954
Margaret Isobel PATONGreat grandniece1 Jan 1953
Claire Christine PATONGreat grandniece14 Dec 1952
David John GERRARDGreat grandnephew11 Dec 1952Beaufort
Maxwell Lindsay WRIGHTGreat grandnephew5 Mar 1952Camperdown. Vic.
Ronald William COOKGreat grandnephew19 Feb 1952Melbourne. Vic.
Robert William PATONGreat grandnephew23 Aug 195119 Jul 1966Bike accident. Pirron Yalock. Vic.
Jill WRIGHTGreat grandniece5 Jun 1950Camperdown. Vic.
Douglas George PATONGreat grandnephew27 May 1950
Heather Joy PATONGreat grandniece2 Oct 1949
Beverley Joy COOKGreat grandniece6 Dec 1948Camperdown. Vic.
Beverley June GERRARDGreat grandniece14 Jun 1948Beaufort11 May 2001Wantirna Sth.. Vic.
Kenneth George PATONGreat grandnephew28 Jun 1947
Lael MC.DONALDGreat grandniece15 May 1946Still living 2006
Dorothy Lynette GERRARDGreat grandniece27 Apr 1946Beaufort. Vic.
Janice Russell DEBNEYGreat grandniece10 Feb 1946
Glenys WRIGHTGreat grandniece6 Feb 1946Camperdown. Vic.Still living 2008
Marion Jean GERRARDGreat grandniece25 Apr 1944Beaufort
Pamela Mary COOKGreat grandniece17 Mar 1944Camperdown. Vic.
Graham James COOKGreat grandnephew6 May 1943Camperdown. Vic.
Alan CASTLEMANGreat grandnephew
Ann LAKEYGreat grandniece
Bronwyn FISHERGreat grandniece12 Mar 2005
Christine PATONGreat grandniece
Dorothy DREWGreat grandniece
Elizabeth PATONGreat grandniece
Geoff PATONGreat grandnephew
Jan CASTLEMANGreat grandniece
Jenny RICHARDSONGreat grandniece
Joan DREWGreat grandniece
John DREWGreat grandnephew
Marion DREWGreat grandniece
Maryanne PATONGreat grandniece
Robert RICHARDSONGreat grandnephew
Unknown Girl CASTLEMANGreat grandniece
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Shaun Charles Alexander FREEMANSecond grandnephew7 Jul 2000Sunbury, Vic.
Andrew John TILLSecond grandnephew31 Mar 1995
Jessica Jane FREEMANSecond grandniece27 Jun 1993Sunbury
Lisa Jeanette SWAYNSecond grandniece18 Jun 1993
James William TILLSecond grandnephew20 Jun 1992
Sean Douglas EVERETTSecond grandnephew8 Aug 1991
Timothy Allan SWAYNSecond grandnephew13 Mar 1991
Laurie Kathleen EVERETTSecond grandniece27 Jun 1990
Breanna Rae EVERETTSecond grandniece29 Jun 1988
Emma Lynette HARRISONSecond grandniece24 Apr 1985Ballarat
Joanne Maree HARRISONSecond grandniece19 Nov 1980Ballarat
Dean Matthew GERRARDSecond grandnephew11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Nathan Stanley MC.CRACKENSecond grandnephew20 Jul 1975Melton
Narelle Louise CARNESSecond grandniece9 Mar 1975Beaufort
Peter Mark GERRARDSecond grandnephew30 Nov 1974Ballarat
David Ian LEWISSecond grandnephew6 Nov 1973
Colin John GERRARDSecond grandnephew3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Raelene Joy MC.CRACKENSecond grandniece29 Jul 1973Terang
Geoffrey Wayne CARNESSecond grandnephew20 Jun 1973Beaufort
Glen Andrew LEWISSecond grandnephew2 Nov 1972
Wendy Jean CARNESSecond grandniece7 Jul 1971Beaufort
Deborah Jean HARRISONSecond grandniece8 Feb 1968Ballarat
Russell John LEWISSecond grandnephew6 Oct 1967
Jennifer Anne HARRISONSecond grandniece25 Nov 1965Ballarat
Sandra HARRISONSecond grandniece25 Nov 1965Ballarat27 Nov 1965Ballarat .Vic. #26332
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Jude Nathan Donald MC.CRACKENThird grandnephew27 Jul 2011Melbourne.
Clayton Harrison JEFFEREYThird grandnephew5 Jan 2010Ballarat Base Hospital.
Reece Georgia HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandniece6 Oct 2008St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Sarah Grace AINGEThird grandniece29 Jun 2007Peninsula Private Hospital. Frankston.
Blake Leigh JEFFEREYThird grandnephew23 Apr 2007Ballarat Base Hosp. Vic
Max William HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandnephew31 Jan 2007St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDThird grandnephew9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Ella June MC.CRACKENThird grandniece7 Apr 2006Mercy Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Frazer Edward CARNESThird grandnephew2 Jun 2005St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat
Lily Mae CARNESThird grandniece2 Jun 2005St. John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDThird grandnephew15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Liana Emma HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandniece13 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.Aus.
Elizabeth Jean AINGEThird grandniece2 Apr 2004Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Naomi Clare GERRARDThird grandniece19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Ethan Chase TURNERThird grandnephew18 Jan 2004Warragul, Vic.
Jack William CARNESThird grandnephew13 Aug 2002St.John of God, Ballarat. Vic.
Alex Thomas GERRARDThird grandnephew27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Harrison Liam TURNERThird grandnephew21 Apr 2002Warragul. Vic.
Rohan John GERRARDThird grandnephew18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDThird grandniece26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Caitlin Lynette GLAREThird grandniece12 Apr 1998St. John of God, Ballarat.
Nicole Desiree OVERALLThird grandniece18 Jul 1997Adelaide ??? (Adopted)
Laura Jean GLAREThird grandniece19 Feb 1996Ballarat
Winton Craig OVERALLThird grandnephew4 Jul 1991Ballarat4 Jul 1991Stillborn
Uncles & Aunts
Martha STOKESAunt27 Oct 1863Carngham. Vic. #1158 (1864)13 Aug 1938Ballarat. Vic. #15405
Eliza STOKESAunt1861Carngham. Vic. #786020 Apr 1913Foster. Vic. #5564
Elizabeth STOKESAunt1858Carngham. Vic #127821940Ballarat. Vic. #16797
Frances or Fanny STOKESAunt1856Carngham. Vic. #20961863Carngham. Vic. #6029
George STOKESUncle1849England.
John STOKESUncle1845Bedfordshire, England.23 Dec 1907Waterloo. Vic. #14423
Mary STOKESAuntDied pre 1876
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Albert Edward ANDERSONUncle-in-law11 Sep 1860Skipton19 Dec 1936St Arnaud. Vic. #20047
Ellen FENTONAunt-in-law1859Belfast6 Jul 1937Beaufort. Vic. #15656
Samuel HAYWARDUncle-in-law18541936Ballarat. Vic. #14651
Mark ANDERSONUncle-in-law185316 Mar 1939Foster. Vic. #12763
Charles Hector ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)7 Mar 1904Carngham. Vic. #90311981Preston. Vic. #05991
Frances Irene STOKESFirst cousin (f)1903Waterloo. Vic. #69891967Stawell. Vic. #22659
Alice Elizabeth ANDERSONFirst cousin (f)27 Mar 1902Carngham. Vic. #91091902Carngham. Vic. #8869
Alfred Eden ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)10 Oct 1899Carngham. Vic. #253531959Fitzroy. Vic. #2356
Hugh Henry ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)1898Toora. Vic. #296611963Park.? Vic. #20587
Victor George ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)24 Jun 1897Carngham. Vic. #1783718 Sep 1915Gallipoli.
Nellie "Annie" HAYWARDFirst cousin (f)1896Carngham. Vic. #2661122 Feb 1914Carngham. Vic. #916 aged 17
Norman STOKESFirst cousin (m)1896Waterloo. Vic. #1585330 Jun 1949Beaufort. Vic. #17953
Thomas Mark ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)16 Dec 1894Carngham. Vic. #1988 (1895)24 Jul 1970Ballarat. Vic. #17734
Eliz Fannie "Lizzie" HAYWARDFirst cousin (f)1893Carn. Vic. #3012311 Nov 1917Ballarat. Vic. #10996 aged 23
George Higgerson ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)1893Foster . Vic. #22671965Cheltenham. Vic. #11500
James STOKESFirst cousin (m)1892Waterloo. Vic. #887118 May 1964Beaufort. Vic. #9647
Margaret Grace ANDERSONFirst cousin (f)5 Jul 1891Carngham. Vic. #211001970Dunolly. Vic. #25812
Samuel James HAYWARDFirst cousin (m)1891Carngham. Vic. #17281933Ballarat. Vic. #13665 (D.C. James Samuel)
Mabel Annie ANDERSONFirst cousin (f)18 Dec 1890Carngham. Vic. #18371891Carngham. Vic. #929
Frank Albert ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)1890Foster. Vic. #3274713 Jan 1963Foster. Vic. #1584
Rachael STOKESFirst cousin (f)1890Waterloo. Vic. #1840730 Nov 1951Ballarat. Vic. #16140 (1952)
Emily STOKESFirst cousin (f)1888Waterloo. Vic. #164921957Warrnambool. Vic. #18700
Frances Isabella ANDERSONFirst cousin (f)30 Mar 1887Carngham. Vic. #95651946Sth. Melbourne. Vic. #9369
Alice HAYWARDFirst cousin (f)1887Carngham. Vic. #168828 Sep 1962Geelong. Vic. #20914
Mark Alfred ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)1887Beaufort. Vic. #169581956Yarraville. Vic. #24426
William John ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)1887Beaufort. Vic. #16595 Oct 1918France. Killed in action.
Emily (Emmale) ANDERSONFirst cousin (f)1885Beaufort. Vic. #771820 Apr 1937Richmond. Vic. #3169
William Samuel ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)23 Jul 1884Carngham. Vic. #154411950Dunolly. Vic. #1950
George Frederick STOKESFirst cousin (m)1884Chute. Vic. #152012 Feb 1930Drouin. Vic. #1144
Henry HAYWARDFirst cousin (m)1884Carngham. Vic. #1543813 Apr 1961Ballarat. Vic. #5990
Albert Edward ANDERSONFirst cousin (m)8 Aug 1882Beaufort. Vic. #138231967Dunolly. Vic. #2159
Eliza ANDERSONFirst cousin (f)1882Beaufort. Vic. #208651944Ballarat. Vic. #17852
William John STOKESFirst cousin (m)1882Chute. Vic. #151627 Jun 1949Beaufort. Vic. #17952
William Thomas HAYWARDFirst cousin (m)1881Carngham. Vic. #22102Jul 1961Ballarat. Vic. #13651
Ellen STOKESFirst cousin (f)1880Chute. Vic. #13591887Waterloo. Vic. #12283
Elizabeth HAYWARDFirst cousin (f)1878Carngham. Vic. #216181878Carngham. Vic. #10736
1st cousins once removed
Graeme STOKES1st cousin once removed (m)194621 Apr 1947aged 10 mths
Edward BREEN1st cousin once removed (m)1927???1981Warr. Vic. #12864
Kathleen Joan DALY1st cousin once removed (f)1925????1974Ballarat. Vic. #9246 age 49
Thomas Charles ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)29 Feb 1924Bealiba. Vic.
Gordon BREEN1st cousin once removed (m)1923?????1959Warr. Vic. #21850 age 36
Lawrence STOKES1st cousin once removed (m)1923????1949Pascoe Vale. Vic. #2329 age 26
Leslie Lloyd TAME1st cousin once removed (m)30 Aug 1922Linton. Vic.1965Yany. Vic. #15119 age 42
Dorothy Margaret ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (f)1922
Reginald Henry HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (m)22 Sep 1920Linton. Vic. #32805
Edwin TAME1st cousin once removed (m)28 Jun 1920Linton. Vic.1971Stawell. Vic. #5944 age 50
David Edward ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)30 Oct 1919Bealiba. Vic.30 Nov 1995
Ivy Norman STOKES1st cousin once removed (f)1919Beaufort. Vic. #8710
Marion May BREEN1st cousin once removed (f)1918Warnambool. Vic. #15636
Daisy May Alice ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (f)1917Avoca. Vic.
Alice Irene STOKES1st cousin once removed (f)1916Beaufort. Vic. #26633
Jean STOKES1st cousin once removed (f)1916Hastings. Vic. #30299
Mary "Eileen" DALY1st cousin once removed (f)1916Ballarat. Vic. #2633811 Feb 1941Ballarat. Vic. #15139
Winifred HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1916Carngham. Vic. #28061
Michael Norman BREEN1st cousin once removed (m)12 Oct 1915Warnambool. Vic. #34905
Ailsa STOKES1st cousin once removed (f)1914???1974Footscray. Vic. #619 (1975) age 61
Irene HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1914Carngham. Vic. #20400
Francis James (Joe) DALY1st cousin once removed (m)28 Aug 1913Beaufort. Vic. #1870810 Sep 1948Shepparton. Vic. #21478
Margaret BREEN1st cousin once removed (f)1913Camperdown. Vic #10244
Elizabeth Rose HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1912Carngham. Vic. #18886
Ethel Lillian HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1912Carngham. Vic. #18885
Florence HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1912Carngham. Vic. #2065
Richard James SHEEN1st cousin once removed (m)19121956Fitzroy. Vic. #13818 aged 44
Adrian Mona BREEN1st cousin once removed (m)1911Camperdown. Vic. #17781
Elsie Jane HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1910Carngham. Vic. #260301975Ballarat. Vic. #2079
Elspeth Jane HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (f)1910Carngham. Vic. #97791971Ballarat. Vic. #28257
John Denis DALY1st cousin once removed (m)1910Waterloo. Vic. #3148611 Apr 1991
William HAYWARD1st cousin once removed (m)1910Carngham. Vic. #260311910Carngham. Vic. #12085 (1 day)
James Patrick BREEN1st cousin once removed (m)30 Jun 1909Beaufort. Vic. #24 Sep 1974Meri. Vic. #23574 age 65
Norman Warwick STOKES1st cousin once removed (m)1909Meeniyan. Vic. #20915
Patrick William BREEN1st cousin once removed (m)1909Rokewood. Vic. #22162
Ellen Sarah BREEN1st cousin once removed (f)1907Waterloo. Vic. #31100
Alma ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)
Esme ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (f)
Frederick JUDE1st cousin once removed (m)1958Bung. Vic. #26227 aged 35
James (Jim) SIEGERS1st cousin once removed (m)
James Reginald JUDE1st cousin once removed (m)1950Stawell.Vic. #19379 aged 22
Jean ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (f)
John Kenneth JUDE1st cousin once removed (m)30 Jun 1982Geelong. Vic. #15577 age 57
Joyce ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (f)
1st cousins twice removed
Carmel DALY1st cousin twice removed (f)
James BREEN1st cousin twice removed (m)
John BREEN1st cousin twice removed (m)
Marlene DALY1st cousin twice removed (m)
Michael DALY1st cousin twice removed (m)
Robert BREEN1st cousin twice removed (m)