Archibald Gillespie BARLING


Archibald Gillespie BARLING Joyce Elizabeth MARTIN Joshua Thomas MARTIN Amy Rosina HEPBURN Thomas HEPBUIRN Elizabeth Sarah TOPPER Leonard Joshua BARLING Eva Muriel BARLING Mervyn Stanley BARLING Wilfred Clarence Gillespie BARLING Clifford Irving BARLING Herbert Archibald Clyde BARLING Elvia Gladys BARLING Joyce Edna BARLING Marjorie Amy BARLING


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Joyce Elizabeth MARTIN 6 May 1885  Leonard Joshua BARLING
 Eva Muriel BARLING
 Mervyn Stanley BARLING
 Wilfred Clarence Gillespie BARLING
 Clifford Irving BARLING
 Herbert Archibald Clyde BARLING
 Elvia Gladys BARLING
 Joyce Edna BARLING
 Marjorie Amy BARLING


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 3 Mar 1882 Packington St. Geelong West. Vic. #2999
Death 5 Aug 1958 Geelong. Vic. #24677 age 76
Burial 6 Aug 1958 Geelong East MET 5 129




Reference Number: P2752
The ARGUS...Friday 6 May 1927.
Geelong News.... An iron plate fell on Archibald Barling, aged 44 years, of
Fyans St. Chilwell, while working at the cement works on Thursday. Barling was
cut about the hands and leg, and the little finger of the right hand and a toe
were broken.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Joyce Elizabeth MARTINWife6 May 1885Geelong.Vic. #1026815 Apr 1947Geelong.Vic. #18469
Marjorie Amy BARLINGDaughter19221982Colac. Vic.
Joyce Edna BARLINGDaughter12 Sep 1917Geelong. Vic. #28001 (1918)4 Nov 2001
Elvia Gladys BARLINGDaughter1916Geelong. Vic. #386416 May 1994
Herbert Archibald Clyde BARLINGSon1914Geelong. Vic. #224671914Geelong. Vic. #9581
Clifford Irving BARLINGSon24 May 1912Geelong. Vic. #1210015 Oct 2001
Wilfred Clarence Gillespie BARLINGSon1911Geelong. Vic. #116542000Geelong.
Mervyn Stanley BARLINGSon1 Oct 1908Geelong. Vic. #271672002Brisbane. Queensland.
Eva Muriel BARLINGDaughter
Leonard Joshua BARLINGSon
Amy Rosina HEPBURNMother-in-law13 Jan 1864Chillwell, Geelong.Vic. #240825 Nov 1956Q.E.H. Ballarat.Vic. #22583
Joshua Thomas MARTINFather-in-law22 Apr 1859Duneed? Vic. #82576 Jun 1905Geelong. Vic. #5465
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Gwenyth C BERGHEIMDaughter-in-law1918Geelong. Vic.1969Melbourne. Vic.
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Herbert Percival MARTINBrother-in-law12 May 1900Geelong.Vic. #1134713 Aug 1929Oakleigh.Vic. #11572
Muriel Margaret MARTINSister-in-law1897Geelong.Vic. #11214
Joshua Caleb (Eric) MARTINBrother-in-law3 Mar 1894Geelong.Vic. #1217110 Jan 1983N Geelong.Vic. #01513
Eustace Irving MARTINBrother-in-law28 Apr 1892Geelong. Vic. #1380717 Aug 1972Geelong.Vic. #18990
Amy Agnes MARTINSister-in-law13 Jul 1889Geelong.Vic. #315211 Dec 1955Sunshine.Vic. #93 (1956)
Wilfred Thomas MARTINBrother-in-law31 Mar 1887Geelong.Vic. #113881957Macloed.Vic. #2443
Nephews & Nieces
Dorothy Flora MOUSLEYNiece-in-law1934Still living March 2010
Vida May MOUSLEYNiece-in-law23 Feb 1927Still living March 2010
Pearl MARTINNiece-in-law13 Jun 1926Geelong. Vic.3 Jul 2010Grovedale. Vic.
Lester Eric MOUSLEYNephew-in-law27 Sep 1925Ballarat. Vic18 Sep 2001
Jean Elizabeth MOUSLEYNiece-in-law13 Dec 1923Still living March 2010
Eric Wilfred MARTINNephew-in-law1923Geelong. Vic.1 Jun 1977Melbourne. Vic.
Ruth Winifred MOUSLEYNiece-in-law17 Apr 1921Still living March 2010
John Wilfred (Jack) MOUSLEYNephew-in-law26 Aug 1919Geelong. Vic. #196845 Nov 1937Deer Park. Vic. #10214
Joyce Muriel MOUSLEYNiece-in-law30 Oct 1917Birregurra. Vic. #26526Still living March 2010
Keith Joseph MOUSLEYNephew-in-law12 Feb 1916Geelong. Vic. #28395 Nov 1937Deer Park. Vic. #10215
Gwendoline Amy MOUSLEYNiece-in-law17 Jul 1914Geelong. Vic. #224431 Mar 2010Geelong. Vic.
Fulton Ernest. (Phil) MARTINNephew-in-law29 Jun 1989Geelong. Vic.