Agnes Boyd MC.CALLUM


Agnes Boyd MC.CALLUM Archibald MC.CALLUM Neil MC.CALLUM Agnes BOYD Euphemia MC.KERRAL John MC.KERRAL Euffen ( Euphemia) MC.INTYRE Robert ANDERSON John Euphemia Jessie Kennedy ANDERSON Achibald ANDERSON


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Archibald MC.CALLUM 27 Mar 1821  Euphemia MC.KERRAL 10 Nov 1819

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Robert ANDERSON 1848  John "Robert" Archibald ANDERSON
 Euphemia "May" ANDERSON
 Jessie Kennedy ANDERSON
 Achibald ANDERSON


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 15 Feb 1853 Campbelltown Argyll. Scotland
Christening 14 Mar 1853 Campbelltown Argyll. Scot.
Death 1880 Caufield. Vic. #1355
Burial 5 Jan 1880 Geelong Eastern PRSO D 9 568




Reference Number: P1492



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Robert ANDERSONHusband1848Werribee. Vic. #833326 Aug 1934West Footscray. Vic. #7609 87 yrs.
Brothers & Sisters
Alexander Bowes MC.CALLUMBrother28 Nov 1860Rokewood.Vic. #3336 (1861)10 Jun 1937Ballarat.Vic. #13696
Daniel MC.CALLUMBrother7 Sep 1858Geelong. Vic. #No issue16 Oct 1951Rokewood. Vic. #24183
Mary Bowes MC.CALLUMSister5 Oct 1856Warrambine. Vic.25 Jul 1927Colac. Vic. #9526
Neil MC.CALLUMBrother22 Feb 1855Shelford, Grenville.Vic. #201417 Aug 1926Illabarook.Vic. #10222
John (Jack) MC.CALLUMBrother30 May 1851Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.28 Feb 1941Colac. Vic. #15472
Archibald MC.CALLUMBrother30 Oct 1849Campelltown. Scotland.30 Sep 1935Yea.Vic. #17334
Janet (Jean) MC.KILLOPHalf Sister31 Dec 1843Campbeltown Argyllshire Scotland8 Oct 1932Rokewood Victoria #12155
Janet MC.CALLUM \ MC.KILLOPSister31 Dec 1843Campbeltown, Scotland.8 Oct 1932Rokewood, Vic. #12155
Achibald ANDERSONSon1878Caufield. Vic. #13441961Canterbury. Vic. #6241
Jessie Kennedy ANDERSONDaughter1876Caufield. Vic. #138524 May 1965Broadford. Vic. #10319
Euphemia "May" ANDERSONDaughter1874Little River. Vic. #98663 Nov 1963Canterbury. Vic. #23454
John "Robert" Archibald ANDERSONSon1872Wyndham. Vic. #20714
Archibald MC.CALLUMFather27 Mar 1821Campbeltown, Argyll. Scot.25 May 1900Cressy. Vic. #5236
Euphemia MC.KERRALMother10 Nov 1819Kilkedan, Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.15 Nov 1889Cressy. Vic. #16122
Evelyn May ROSSGranddaughter1914Broadford. Vic. #287531937Broadford. Vic. #12393
Charles Rivers ANDERSONGrandson21 Jul 1912Yarram Yarram. Vic. #25532
Agnes "Marjorie" DUNLOPGranddaughter24 Jul 1911Yea. Vic. #11 Apr 1957
Helene Agnes "Boyd" ANDERSONGranddaughter1911Yarram Yarram. Vic. #8014
Robert Ernest Neils ROSSGrandson1911Broadford. Vic. #174851921Broadford. Vic. # 563 9 yrs
Robert "Keith" ANDERSONGrandson2 Mar 1909Footscray. Vic. #3366
Helen Sebella McCallum ROSSGranddaughter1908Broadford. Vic. #17112
Audrey Jean ROSSGranddaughter1905Broadford. Vic. #8502
Elsie Stewart DUNLOPGranddaughter1902Yea. Vic. #30631974Heidleberg. Vic. #334071
Stanley William ROSSGrandson1902Broadford. Vic. #83441978Preston. Vic. #10979
Ella ROSSGranddaughter1900Broadford. Vic. #1193
John ANDERSONGrandson1898Footscray. Vic. #3225R
Myrtle Agnes ROSSGranddaughter1897Broadford. Vic. #261571960Melbourne. Vic. #10231
Doris May ROSSGranddaughter1895Broadford. Vic. #271411968Preston. Vic. #7240
Jean ANDERSONGrandson
Agnes BOYDGrandmother1797Campbeltown. Scotland.
Neil MC.CALLUMGrandfather1793Campbeltown. Scotland.
Euffen ( Euphemia) MC.INTYREGrandmother17 Mar 1789Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.1 Apr 1883Rokewood. Vic. #6439
John MC.KERRALGrandfather16 Jul 1786Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.16 Oct 1837Campbelltown. Scotland
Great grandparents
John MC.INTYREGreat grandfather1763Campbeltown. Scotland.
Mary MC.DOUGALLGreat grandmother1763Campbeltown. Scotland.
Margaret MC.EACHINE MC.EACHRAN)Great grandmother1761Campbeltown Argyle Scotland1835Argyle, Scotland.
Malcolm MC.KERRALGreat grandfather1760Southend Argyle Scotland1817Southend Argyle Scotland
Second great grandparents
Janet GILCHRISTSecond great grandmother1745Argyle, Scotland.1792
Peter MC.KERRALSecond great grandfather1713Argyle, Scotland.1799Argyle, Scotland.
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Helen Jane (Nellie) MC.CANNDaughter-in-law1880Stawell. Vic. #178692 Jul 1921Dromana. Vic. #9538
Neil Bidstrup ROSSSon-in-law1871Broadford. Vic. #103324 Jan 1967Broadford. Vic. #2405
John Wightman DUNLOPSon-in-law18687 Sep 1945Yea. Vic. #21674 aged 77
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Jane Robson (Polly) GRANTSister-in-law1864Geelong. Vic. #951124 Dec 1957Essendon. Vic. #81
Mary (Polly) RUTLANDSister-in-law1863Durham Lead. Vic. #1287729 Aug 1913Illabarook. Vic. #9818
Elizabeth (Bessie) LUCASSister-in-law1860Rokewood. Vic. #897312 Apr 1949Rokewood. Vic. #19200
James Charles COLLYERBrother-in-law19 Jul 1858Carngham. Vic. #128107 May 1915Weston St. Beeac. Vic. #3849
Jane (Jinny) NELSONSister-in-lawMay 1854Mortlake, Wady? or Cressy. Vic. #26605 Nov 1936Beeac. Vic. #18843
Susan BARNESSister-in-law1854Foxton. Cambridgeshire Eng.13 May 1923Illabarook. Vic. #6232
Robert William WALLACEBrother-in-law28 Feb 1843Irvine, Ayr.Scotland.6 Dec 1923Rokewood, Vic. #16696
Nephews & Nieces
Lillian May MC.CALLUMNiece1904Illabarook. Vic. #1892220 Aug 1959Colac. Vic. #22460 (1960)
Jessie MC.CALLUMNiece1901Illabarook. Vic. #276901901Illabarook. Vic. #14102 (1 day)
Leslie Harold (Mick) MC.CALLUMNephew1901Illabarook. Vic. #1998015 May 1978Glen Iris, Vic. #10965
Vivian Leonard COLLYERNephew31 May 1899Illabarook. Vic. #1949221 Aug 1977Geelong. Vic. #19010
Florence Mabel MC.CALLUMNephew1899Illabarook. Vic. #1135726 Feb 1901Illabarook.Vic. #2148
Ernest Arthur MC.CALLUMNephew11 Oct 1898Illabarook. Vic. #2700915 Dec 1987Perth. WA.
Susan Rebecca MC.CALLUMNiece1898Blue Mountain.Blackwood. Vic. #8836NSW
Annie Lillian MC.CALLUMNiece8 Sep 1897Cressy. Vic. #2743319 Sep 1996Colac. Vic.
Ella Mary COLLYERNiece5 Aug 1897Illabarook. Vic. #2011425 Aug 1986Vic.
Ernest William (Paddy) MC.CALLUMNephew1897Illabarook. Vic. #41289 Aug 1918Battle of Amiens. France
Doris Vera MC.CALLUMNiece20 Jul 1896Illabarook. Vic. #2078119 Jun 1983Camberwell, Vic. #13729
Claude Vincent (Joe) COLLYERNephew29 May 1895Illabarook. Vic. #1318622 Nov 1953Mildura. Vic. # 19123 (1954)
Irene Elizabeth MC.CALLUMNiece12 Apr 1895Cressy. Vic. #1133528 Jul 1994
Jane Elsie "Jean" MC.CALLUMNiece12 Mar 1895Cressy1 Dec 1973Ballarat. Vic. #29498
Ivy Euphemia MC.CALLUMNiece7 Aug 1894Illabarook. Vic. #216673 Jun 1982Traralgon. Vic. #14501
Herbert Alexander (Bobby) MC.CALLUMNephew1894Illabarook. Vic. #435721 Dec 1973Geelong. Vic. #3417
Leslie Roy COLLYERNephew4 Oct 1893Illabarook. Vic. #3258914 May 1970Geelong. Vic. #10849
Agnes Boyd MC.CALLUMNiece21 Oct 1892Cressy. Vic. #3173829 May 1976Colac. Vic. #14926
Adolphus John (Dick) MC.CALLUMNephew1892Cressy. Vic. #222252 Jun 1918Battle of the Somme, France.
Ruby Isabella MC.CALLUMNiece1892Illabarook. Vic. #1459525 Feb 1979Mitcham. Vic. #4761
Euphemia Agnes (Dot) MC.CALLUMNiece27 Oct 1891Kyneton. Vic. #3456412 Jun 1984Traralgon. Vic. #24764
Euphemia McCallum "Effie" COLLYERNiece6 Oct 1891Illabarook. Vic. #2420427 May 1915Beeac. Vic. #3850
Neil Alexander "Neddy" MC.CALLUMNephew10 Jul 1890Cressy. Vic. #2203119 Sep 1965Geelong. Vic. #21140
Elsie Annie MC.CALLUMNiece16 Mar 1890Illabarook. Vic. #473412 May 1971Ballarat. Vic. #20652
Arthur Alexander (Tom) MC.CALLUMNephew1890Illabarook. Vic. #336324 Mar 1973Caufield. Vic. #5494
Euphemia (Effie) MC.CALLUMNiece1890Cressy. Vic. #3163111 Sep 1979Essendon. Vic. #21043
John Alexander COLLYERNephew1889Illabarook.Vic. #135109 Sep 1948Melbourne. Vic. #10444
Isabella Nelson "Belle" MC.CALLUMNiece30 Oct 1888Cressy. Vic. #2569 (1889)7 May 1910Melbourne East. Vic. #6233
Margaret Elizabeth Maclimot WALLACENiece15 Feb 1888Rokewood.Vic. #626926 Apr 1965Ballarat.Vic. #8011
William WALLACENephew15 Feb 1888Rokewood.Vic. #62724 Mar 1888Rokewood.Vic. #3582 (17 days)
Agnes Turnbull MC.CALLUMNiece1888Cressy. Vic. #285641967Mentone. Vic. #13852
Daniel Robert MC.CALLUMNephew1888Cressy. Vic. #1959718 Jan 1973Colac. Vic. #2990
Emma Onley MC.CALLUMNiece1888Illabarook. Vic. #21598Jun 1962Preston. Vic. #11322
Charles Alfred MC.CALLUMNephew28 Dec 1887Illabarook. Vic. #2933923 Jan 1974St Kilda. Vic. #2387
James Charles COLLYERNephew26 Jun 1887Illabarook. Vic. #1210512 Jul 1954Beeac. Vic. #20634
Margaret MC.CALLUMNiece22 Feb 1887Cressy. Vic. #236726 Jan 1930Colac. Vic. #1039
William Archibald MC.CALLUMNephew3 Mar 1886Lismore. Vic. #410213 Aug 1955East Malvern. Vic. #12113
Amy Elizabeth Lois COLLYERNiece6 Jan 1886Illabarook. Vic #374313 Aug 1922Illabarook. Vic. #9648 TB
Archibald MC.CALLUMNephew1886Illabarook. Vic. #1929219 Aug 1966Ballarat. Vic. #21049
Archibald MC.CALLUMNephew5 Apr 1885Cressy. Vic. #919131 May 1972Geelong. Vic. #12600
James MC.CALLUMNephew1885Cressy. Vic. #9192
Daniel WALLACENephew1884Rokewood.Vic. #2737019 Jun 1934Rokewood.Vic. #15005
Ethel Elizabeth MC.CALLUMNiece1884Illabarook. Vic. #1782517 Feb 1975Ballarat. Vic. #5068
George Alexander MC.CALLUMNephew1884Illabarook. Vic. #2532028 Jul 1885Illabarook. Vic. #10182
Archibald COLLYERNephew23 Jun 1883Illabarook. Vic. #1747317 Oct 1939Beeac. Vic. #18181 TB
John Thomas "Jack" MC.CALLUMNephew23 May 1883Cressy. Vic. #1566329 Mar 1956Geelong. Vic. #18491
Sarah (Sally) MC.CALLUMNiece24 Jan 1882"Sheepwash" Cressy. Vic. #2224224 Aug 1974Heidleberg. Vic. #24008
Neil WALLACENephew1882Rokewood.Vic. #116491903Rokewood.Vic. #7443
Edward Thomas COLLYERNephew10 Sep 1881Illabarook. Vic. #242531 Mar 1952Colac. Vic. #18496
Agnes Boyd COLLYERNiece16 Apr 1880Illabarook. Vic. #96264 Jan 1921Illabarook. Vic. #2090
Archibald MC.CALLUMNephew1880Ondit. Vic. #1773030 Dec 1931Yea. Vic. #17039
Thomas WALLACENephew1880Rokewood.Vic. #461226 Jul 1956Ballarat.Vic. #19962
Charles Walter COLLYERNephew31 Dec 1878Rokewood. Vic. 1879 #5029 (Collier)13 Jan 1879Rokewood. Vic. #2795 14 days.
Mary MC.CALLUMNiece23 Jan 1878Cressy. Vic. #19001955Melbourne. Vic. #11935 Diabetes
Mary Agnes WALLACENiece28 Jun 1876Rokewood, Vic. #1866719 Mar 1947Illabarook, Vic. #17279
Lillian Jane MC.CALLUMNiece8 Feb 1876Rokewood Junction. Vic. #339925 Jun 1904Coringhap. Vic. #4038 TB
Alexander WALLACENephew1873Rokewood.Vic. #1945516 Oct 1927Ballarat.Vic. #12998
Robert Mathew WALLACENephew1871Rokewood.Vic. #257791918Orbost. Vic.
Euphemia WALLACENiece1869Rokewood.Vic. #111161941Newtown. NSW #17339
John WALLACENephew1866Pitfield.Vic. #233411908Rokewood.Vic. #11584
Archibald WALLACENephew1864Rokewood Junction. Vic.1917Sth.Melbourne.Vic. #13445
Jane WALLACENiece1862Rokewood.Vic. #171091898Rokewood.Vic. #13826
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Beverly June MICHELLGrandniece16 Jun 1940Ballarat. Vic.
Beverly Jean MC.CALLUMGrandniece5 Jan 1939Nth. Fitzroy. Vic.
Dorothy Ellen MICHELLGrandniece29 Jul 1938Berringa. Vic
Margaret Lorraine MICHELLGrandniece18 Dec 1936Ballarat. Vic.
Dawn Onley MC.CALLUMGrandniece6 Aug 1936Nth. Fitzroy. Vic.
Josephine Mary COLLYERGrandniece26 Jan 1936Beeac. Vic.
Gordon Maxwell MICHELLGrandnephew15 Jul 1935Ballarat. Vic.
Barbara Joan BROCKGrandniece13 Aug 1933Sea Lake. Vic.
Ronald Graham MICHELLGrandnephew24 Jun 1933Cressy. Vic.15 Jun 1979Warrion. Vic. #17754
Ronald Alexander MC.CALLUMGrandnephew2 Apr 1933Melbourne. Vic.
Claudia COLLYERGrandniece1933Beeac. Vic.1933Beeac.Vic. #13699
Leonard Douglas COLLYERGrandnephew193329 Apr 1947Colac. Vic. #16498 age 14
Donald COLLYERGrandnephew1 Sep 1931Beeac. Vic.
Kenneth John MC.CALLUMGrandnephew16 May 1931Vic.5 Aug 1989Nth Fitzroy. Vic.
Barbara Boyd TAYLORGrandniece2 Jan 1931
Nancy TAYLORGrandniece2 Jan 1931
Vivienne Muriel COLLYERGrandniece17 Dec 1930Vic.16 Jul 1970Parkville. Vic. #16003
Ernest Alexander MITCHELLGrandnephew16 Jun 1930Cressy. Vic.16 Apr 2010
Margaret Lillian COLLYERGrandniece14 Jun 1928Beeac. Vic.
Noel Kenneth NELSONGrandnephew3 Nov 1927
Amy Euphemia NELSONGrandniece10 Jun 192617 Sep 1996Melbourne. Vic.
William Bruce MC.CALLUMGrandnephew15 Mar 1926Vic.
Claude Vincent COLLYERGrandnephew23 Sep 1925Colac. Vic.7 Mar 1990Sunshine Vic.
Edgar Arhibald BROCKGrandnephew11 Mar 1925
Jane ROSSGrandniece1925Beeac.Vic.1925Beeac. Vic. #8100
Agnes Mary COLLYERGrandniece22 Oct 1923Colac. Vic.
Bonnie MC.CALLUMGrandniece17 Jun 1923Rokewood. Vic. #
Jean (Joan) MC.CALLUMGrandniece17 Jun 1923Rokewood. Vic. #
Vivian Charles NELSONGrandnephew9 Jun 1923Nth. Cundare. Vic.
Geofrey Neil WELLSGrandnephew19231928Carlton. Vic. #855
Jean UNWINGrandniece1923
Allan BUNTINGGrandnephew1922
Elizabeth "Betty" UNWINGrandniece1922
Ella COLLYERGrandniece19221922Ballarat. Vic. # 11694 5 days
Merle Elvina BUNTINGGrandniece19221976Dimboola. Vic. #23756
Noel Myrtle BROCKGrandniece25 Dec 1921Mt. Egerton. Vic.
Basil Francis Neil RACHINGERGrandnephew26 Aug 1921Daylesford. Vic.15 Nov 2005
Jean Isobel COLLYERGrandniece30 Jun 1921Rokewood. Vic.18 Jan 1990Melbourne. Vic.
Allan Leslie COLLYERGrandnephew14 Jun 19214 Mar 2004
Mavis Victoria MC.CALLUMGrandniece22 Dec 1920Carlton. Vic. #
John Alexander James (Jack) NELSONGrandnephew23 Aug 1920Beeac. Vic. #1826528 Aug 1964Malvern. Vic. #18396
Alice Maud MC.CALLUMGrandniece11 Aug 1920Rokewood. Vic. #2580411 Feb 1991Warnambool. Vic.
Winsome UNWINGrandniece21 Jul 1920Lilydale. Vic. #234616 Dec 1999
Ronald Athol BUNTINGGrandnephew30 May 1920Illabarook. Vic. #13506
Eric John MC.CALLUMGrandnephew9 May 1920Rokewood. Vic. #16183
Margaret Cella BROCKGrandniece2 Feb 1920Illabarook. Vic. #4539
William George WELLSGrandnephew1920Bwk E? Vic. #28529
Leslie James COLLYERGrandnephew3 Dec 1919Beeac. Vic. #246318 Oct 1984West Brunswick. Vic. #24191
Charles Ronald RIGBYGrandnephew15 Jul 1919Illabarook.Vic. #2025025 Jul 1921Illabarook. Vic. #10393 Scalding
Gordon Charles Verne DENNISGrandnephew18 Apr 1919Coburg. Vic. #10352
Alan Aldolphus STONEHAMGrandnephew21 Mar 1919Illabarook. Vic. #1226524 Jul 1990
Elsie Emily HALL- BENTICKGrandniece1919Illabarook. Vic. #43891969Ballarat. Vic. #8688
Leonie Muriel DENNISGrandniece1919Coburg. Vic. #10353
Ian Aldolphus George BUNTINGGrandnephew3 Oct 1918Beeac. Vic. #247861960Heidleberg. Vic. #33803
Wallace RIZZOLIGrandnephew3 Sep 1918Rokewood.Vic. #2291525 Jul 1997Ballarat. Vic.
Dorothy Emily NELSONGrandniece25 Jun 1918Beeac. Vic. #16688
Donald Digby BROCKGrandnephew19 Jun 1918Sea Lake. Vic. #1484112 Sep 1966Ballarat. Vic. #20533
Jessie Florence MC.CALLUMGrandniece31 May 1918Carlton. Vic. #959916 Apr 1979Frankston. Vic. #8617
Robert SAMPSONGrandnephew13 May 1918Melbourne. Vic #9546 as McCallum
John "Neil" COLLYERGrandnephew3 Mar 1918Beeac. Vic. #56417 Jul 1981Colac. Vic. #17857
Lillian Maude MC.CALLUMGrandniece5 Jan 1918Beeac. Vic. #5591998Colac. Vic
Murray John MC.CALLUMGrandnephew1918Swan Hill. Vic. #152401985St Kilda. Vic. #14949
William Maxwell UNWINGrandnephew1918Lilydale. Vic. #289048 Sep 1982Essendon. Vic. #24667
Douglas MC.CALLUMGrandnephew19 Oct 1917Killed in WW2 ???
Nancy Elizabeth MC.CALLUMGrandniece6 Oct 1917Daylesford. Vic. #2822
Archibald "Keith" COLLYERGrandnephew25 Aug 1917Daylesford. Vic. #1981521 Jun 1983Greensborough. Vic. #14639
Gladys Alexander MC.CALLUMGrandniece6 Mar 1917Ballarat. Vic. #601
Ian Ashwell MC.CALLUMGrandnephew1917Colac. Vic. #1101
Helen (Elly) RIGBYGrandniece30 Oct 1916Corindhap. Vic. #28706
John Alexander COLLYERGrandnephew1916Daylesford. Vic. #198611916Daylesford. Vic. #9802 Infection of circumcision
John Archibald Lloyd (Jack) MC.CALLUMGrandnephew15 Nov 1915Geelong. Vic. #30847
Charles Stewart BUNTINGGrandnephew18 May 1915Cressy. Vic. #1161129 Apr 2000
Harold John Leslie (Pip) COLLYERGrandnephew10 Feb 1915Beeac. Vic. #6343 Mar 1996Colac.
Ivy Blanche HALL- BENTICKGrandniece1915Illabarook. Vic. #22539R
Alan Charles Stuart ROBINSONGrandnephew27 Dec 1914Daylesford. Vic. #2844 (1915)21 Aug 1991
Ian Douglas MC.CALLUMGrandnephew19 Oct 1914Cressy. Vic. #3045426 May 1996Dreeite. Vic.
Mona Iris MC.CALLUMGrandniece1914Colac. Vic. #116111967Upwey. Vic. #9024
Jean Isabel MC.CALLUMGrandniece5 Dec 1913Cressy. Vic. #3024312 Jul 1997Geelong. Vic.
James George COLLYERGrandnephew23 Aug 1913Daylesford. Vic. #2107514 Mar 1973Melbourne. Vic. #7043
Mary Winifred (Molly) RIGBYGrandniece28 Jul 1913Beeac. Vic. #2482629 Sep 1994aged 80
Dorothy "Jean" RACHINGERGrandniece23 May 1913Daylesford. Vic. #1165222 Mar 1978Parkville. Vic. #6702
Francis William HALL- BENTICKGrandnephew1913Illabarook. Vic. #475124 May 1920Illabarook. Vic. #6349 7yrs.
Jack MC.CALLUMGrandnephew1913St. Kilda. Vic. #168971971Melbourne. Vic. #26735
Allan Neil MC.CALLUMGrandnephew1912Ondit. Vic. #332473 Oct 1988Sunshine. Vic.
Daisy Olive SALTERGrandniece1912Illabarook. Vic. #127347 May 1981Parkville. Vic. #10621
Bessie Beryl HALL- BENTICKGrandniece6 Aug 1911Illabarook. Vic. #2093921 Dec 1995
Leslie Roy RIGBYGrandnephew7 Nov 1910Corinhap. Vic. #2661324 Sep 1993Mildura. Vic.
Archibald "Douglas" (Dan) MC.CALLUMGrandnephew23 Aug 1910Colac. Vic. #184211985Croydon. Vic. #08565
John Daniel (Jack) SALTERGrandnephew21 Aug 1910Illabarook. Vic. #2825222 Nov 1946Thornbury. Vic. #12979
Elsie May MC.CALLUMGrandniece1910Carlton. Vic. #25600 may have been adopted out.
Phyllis HALL- BENTICKGrandniece1910
Dorothy Jean MC.CALLUMGrandniece1909Yea. Vic. #74601952Parkville. Vic. #6984
Margaret May RIZZOLIGrandniece29 Mar 1908Rokewood, Vic. #1222218 Apr 1914Rokewood. Vic. #7350
Elizabeth Mary (Bess) SOMERSGrandniece21 Aug 1907Illabarook. Vic. #27781
Rita May MC.LEANGrandniece11 Aug 1907Prahan. Vic. #21537
Florence RIGBYGrandniece28 May 1907Illabarook. Vic. #19647Vic.
Margaret Ann (Madge) MC.CALLUMGrandniece1907Yea. Vic. #3141828 Jan 1957Ormond. Vic. #1276
Gladys Mary SOMERSGrandniece29 Mar 1906Illabarook. Vic. #1142512 Apr 1996Ballarat. Vic.
Frederick Harold HALL- BENTICKGrandnephew1906Illabarook. Vic. #395621 Nov 1968Illabarook. Vic. #27914
Stanley Rupert MC.LEANGrandnephew12 Nov 1905Blue Mountain. Vic. #9491970South Yarra. Vic. #6662
Daniel Frederick RIZZOLIGrandnephew31 Aug 1905Rokewood, Vic. #291968 Jun 1990Ballarat. Vic.
James Edward RIGBYGrandnephew21 Jun 1905Illabarook. Vic. #190475 Jul 1974Mildura. Vic. #12590
Charles Hector (Pat) SOMERSGrandnephew6 Mar 1904Illabarook. Vic. #11085 Born James12 Dec 1975Hamilton. Vic. #30383 (1976)
Florence Mary CARRGrandniece1903Break O Day. Vic. #1019
Harold Archibald UTBERGrandnephew1903Blue Mountain. Vic. #234571973Parkville Vic. #3362
Vera Irene MC.LEANGrandniece17 Sep 1902Blue Mountain. Vic. #18 Sep 1992Alfred Hospital. Melbourne. Vic.
Alfred Barnard UTBERGrandnephew23 Feb 1902Blue Mountain. Vic. #95922 Feb 1977Prahran. Vic. #5659 Diabetes
Lily Isabell SOMERSGrandniece11 Jun 1901Illabarook. Vic. #1997622 Sep 1992Ballarat. Vic.
Leslie Joseph RIZZOLIGrandnephew11 May 1901Rokewood.Vic. #1470920 Dec 1980Ballarat.Vic. #29066
Robert A BUNTONGrandnephew1901Albury. NSW. #29300
Clarence E.G.A BUNTONGrandnephew1900Albury. NSW. #843
Mary Janet ( Cis) RIZZOLIGrandniece29 Dec 1899Rokewood. Vic. #6209 (1900)29 Jul 1993Ballarat
Alice Adelaide SOMERSGrandniece24 Jun 1899Illabarook. Vic. #1949516 Oct 1973Ballarat. Vic. #25638
Janet Isabella McClimont WALLACEGrandniece1899Collingwood Vic. #176351899Sth Yarra. Vic. #16008 4 mths.
Alexander Francis RIZZOLIGrandnephew13 Jul 1898Rokewood, Vic. #2187918 Jun 1977Coburg.Vic. #13898
Robert Duncan WALLACEGrandnephew1898Lilydale. Vic. #44841898Lilydale. Vic. #12715 7 mths.
Muriel WALLACEGrandniece1895Carlton Womens Hospital. Vic. #19247NSW.
Beatrice WALLACEGrandniece1894Ballarat.Vic. #261286 Jun 1983Rokewood. Vic. #12488
Catherine Mary WALLACEGrandniece1894Collingwood Vic. #28265
Rudolph Irkwood WALLACEGrandnephew1893Rokewood. Vic. #261871893Lilydale. Vic. #10745 5 wks
Harold Archibald WALLACEGrandnephew1892Collingwood Vic. #220411908East Melbourne. Vic. #6798
Euphemia May WALLACEGrandniece1891Collingwood. Vic. #216351891East Brunswick. Vic. #13963 aged 4 mths.
Veda Lilian WALLACEGrandniece1890Sth Fitzroy. Vic. #3362
William WALLACEGrandnephew1888Rokewood. Vic. #6272
Ernest WALLACEGrandnephew1887Rokewood. Vic. #23344Adelaide SA.
Alice Boyd TAYLORGrandniece
Allan WELLSGrandnephewalive in 1928
Bryan WELLSGrandnephew
Don COLLYERGrandnephew
Doris MC.CALLUMGrandniece
Doris RACHINGERGrandniece
Dorothy ROSSGrandniece
Douglas MC.CALLUMGrandnephew
Edna MC.CALLUMGrandniece
Edward D TAYLORGrandnephew
Gladys STONEHAMGrandniece
Joan ROBINSONGrandniece
Joyce MC.CALLUMGrandniece
Marjorie I TAYLORGrandniece
Norma ROSSGrandniece1991Broome. WA
Pauline MC.CALLUMGrandniece
Pauline RACHINGERGrandniece
Phyllis MC.CALLUMGrandniece
Phyllis RACHINGERGrandniece
Rex COLLYERGrandnephew
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Tanya Jean MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece20 Dec 1974Foster. Vic.
Andrew Thomas HOWELLGreat grandnephew25 Feb 1972Daylesford. Vic.
Mark Jonathon DOLEYGreat grandnephew12 May 1970Sunshine. Vic.
Glen Edward CAMILLERIGreat grandnephew28 Oct 1969Melbourne. Vic.
Gary FARNESGreat grandnephew20 Dec 1968
Debbie Anne FARNESGreat grandniece24 Nov 1966
Robyn Alison MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece4 Apr 1966Foster. Vic.
Kenneth Arthur FARNESGreat grandnephew29 Jun 1965
Ivan Thomas MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew1 Sep 1964Beaufort. Vic.
Beverly Lynn CAMILLERIGreat grandnephew10 Jul 1964Melbourne. Vic.
Patricia Lorraine FARNESGreat grandniece30 Mar 1964
Fay Maree HOWELLGreat grandniece6 Jan 1964Daylesford. Vic.
Linda Margaret HOWELLGreat grandniece6 Jan 1964Daylesford. Vic.
Christine Margaret BENTLEYGreat grandniece29 Oct 1963Colac. Vic.
Colleen Patricia MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece20 Jan 1963
Kenneth Murray SAMPSONGreat grandnephew15 Dec 1962
Sharon Lynette FARNESGreat grandniece30 May 1962
Gregory Walter DOLEYGreat grandnephew5 May 1962Sunshine. Vic.
Wendy Fay FARNESGreat grandniece24 Jan 1961
Ross MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew21 Jan 1961Melbourne. Vic.
Doreen Jane MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece7 Jan 1961
Bronwyn KELLYGreat grandniece5 Oct 1960
Gregory John HOWELLGreat grandnephew28 Jul 1960Brisbane. Qld.
Elaine Margaret FARNESGreat grandniece14 Dec 1959
Judith Anne MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece11 Oct 1959
Terence Wayne HOWELLGreat grandnephew12 Apr 1959Brisbane. Qld.
Kathleen Ann DOLEYGreat grandniece23 Apr 1958Sunshine. Vic.
Rodney John HOGANGreat grandnephew16 Feb 1958Melbourne. Vic.
Edward FOXGreat grandnephew19581991
Peter MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew1958Melbourne. Vic.
Shirley CHAPMANGreat grandniece11 Dec 1957
Lee SAMPSONGreat grandnephew1 Nov 1957Sydney NSW.
Murray Rupert COLLYERGreat grandnephew25 Oct 1957
Martin FLEMINGGreat grandnephew19 Jul 1957Brisbane. Qld.
Lynette Joy DOLEYGreat grandniece18 May 1957Sunshine. Vic.
Leanne FARQUHARGreat grandniece21 Jan 1957Colac
Melinda KELLYGreat grandniece15 Nov 1956
Joy MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece6 Oct 1956Melbourne. Vic.
Lorraine MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece6 Oct 1956Melbourne. Vic.
Jamie Peter COLLYERGreat grandnephew16 Aug 1956Greensbourgh. Vic.
Jennifer Ann BENTLEYGreat grandniece8 Aug 1956Colac. Vic.
Christine Mary DOLEYGreat grandniece13 Apr 1956Sunshine. Vic.
Sue Ellen WATTGreat grandniece16 Mar 1956Greensborough. Vic.16 Mar 1956Greensborough. Vic. (Babe)
Mary Lou COLLYERGreat grandniece1 Feb 1956Adopted.
Cheryl KELLYGreat grandniece8 Sep 1955
Margot SAMPSONGreat grandniece5 Jul 1955Sydney. NSW
Suzanne Margaret CHAPMANGreat grandniece6 Jun 1955Melbourne. Vic.
Heather Margaret COLLYERGreat grandniece19 Apr 1955
Jillian Mary NELSONGreat grandniece6 Apr 1955
Peter John DOLEYGreat grandnephew29 Oct 1954Sunshine. Vic.
Suzanne Leigh NELSONGreat grandniece7 Oct 1954
Robert John COLLYERGreat grandnephew26 Apr 1954Adopted
Phillip SMITHGreat grandnephew28 Jan 1953Geelong. Vic.
Jennifer Anne COLLYERGreat grandniece9 Jan 1953East Melbourne. Vic.
Alan FARQUHARGreat grandnephew7 Jan 1953Colac. Vic.
Ian Robert SAMPSONGreat grandnephew3 Jan 1953Wollongong. NSW
Elizabeth Anne NELSONGreat grandniece15 Dec 1952
Rosemary Dawn NELSONGreat grandniece11 Jun 1952
Lynette Joan HOGANGreat grandniece4 Apr 1952Melbourne. Vic.
Robert Allan MC.GRATHGreat grandnephew15 Jan 1952Oberon. NSW
Sandra Joan COLLYERGreat grandniece3 Dec 1951
Derek Stewart MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew22 Oct 1951Geelong. Vic
Pamela Christine SMITHGreat grandniece19 Jun 1951Geelong. Vic.
Shirley Frances PERRYGreat grandniece8 May 1951Lismore. Vic.
John Alexander NELSONGreat grandnephew29 Jan 1951
Pamela Lesley MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece1951Ballarat. Vic.12 Dec 1961Foster. Vic. #1962 -599 Leukaemia
Murray CHAPMANGreat grandnephew25 Dec 1950
Sandra Joy NELSONGreat grandniece9 Oct 1950
Christine Lynnette COLLYERGreat grandniece10 Aug 1950East Melbourne. Vic.
James Alexander COLLYERGreat grandnephew28 Jun 1950Colac. Vic.
Cherril Maree VARCOEGreat grandniece27 Jun 1950Ballarat. Vic.
Robyn Annette NELSONGreat grandniece15 May 1950
Francis "Neil" RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew6 Dec 1949
Peter James BROWNGreat grandnephew10 Nov 1949
Donald Charles CHAPMANGreat grandnephew21 Aug 1949Broadford. Vic.
William Ross MC.GRATHGreat grandnephew30 Jul 1949Oberon. NSW
Graham James COLLYERGreat grandnephew13 Mar 1949
Sylvia Gail CHAPMANGreat grandniece4 Mar 1949Broadford. Vic.
Kaye Lynette SMITHGreat grandniece14 Feb 1949Geelong. Vic.
Donald Alexander William NELSONGreat grandnephew9 Aug 1948
Robyn Margaret COLLYERGreat grandniece30 Jul 1948
David Charles COLLYERGreat grandnephew22 Jul 1948East Melbourne. Vic.
Judith Barbara BROCKGreat grandniece8 Dec 1947Fitzroy Nth. Vic.
Douglas John MC.GRATHGreat grandnephew26 Oct 1947Oberon. NSW
Edward James CHAPMANGreat grandnephew14 Oct 1947Melbourne. Vic.
Alan Fraser STEEDMANGreat grandnephew21 Sep 1947
John David TEMPLETONGreat grandnephew14 Jul 1947
Carolyn Jean NELSONGreat grandniece10 May 1947
Janis Marie RIZZOLIGreat grandniece17 Apr 1947
Nancye CHAPMANGreat grandniece1 Apr 1947
Peter Keith COLLYERGreat grandnephew11 Mar 194727 Mar 1947East Melbourne. Vic. #3654
Carol Ann THOMASGreat grandniece30 Jan 1947
Anne Elizabeth RIGBYGreat grandniece13 Dec 1946
Robert Digby BROCKGreat grandnephew24 May 1946Fitzroy Nth. Vic.
Heather Mary NELSONGreat grandniece8 May 1946
Beverly Joyce MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece17 Jan 1946Ballarat. Vic.
Noelene Elizabeth HARRISONGreat grandnephew17 Jan 1946
Lois Lillian COLLYERGreat grandniece6 Jan 1946
Joy Elizabeth WATTGreat grandniece12 Sep 1945Melbourne. Vic.
Raymond John TEMPLETONGreat grandnephew5 Jul 1945Nth Fitzroy. Viv.8 Jul 1945Nth Fitzroy. Vic #6737
Rosemary Lillian NEVILLEGreat grandniece4 May 1945
Beverly Margaret JOYCEGreat grandniece26 Apr 1945Nth. Fitzroy.
Robert William SOMERSGreat grandnephew24 Apr 1945
Mary Annie CHAPMANGreat grandniece7 Apr 1945Melbourne. Vic.Apr 1972Queanbeyan. NSW.
Gary John STONEHAMGreat grandnephew1945
Nancy Thelma COLLYERGreat grandnephew1945Beeac. Vic.
Robert John BROWNGreat grandnephew27 Nov 1944
Ian Windsor MC.GRATHGreat grandnephew3 Sep 1944East Malvern. Vic.
Martin Robert UTBERGreat grandnephew28 Aug 1944
Lesley Anne RIZZOLIGreat grandniece10 Aug 1944
Jennifer Mary WOODSGreat grandniece4 Aug 1944
Margery Ellen BROCKGreat grandniece30 Apr 1944Fitzroy Nth. Vic.
Robert William RIGBYGreat grandnephew14 Apr 1944
Donald Bertarm MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew1944Ballarat. Vic.1945Rokewood. Vic. #17252
Raie Jeanette COLLYERGreat grandniece11 Oct 1943Colac. Vic.
Geoffrey Wilson STEEDMANGreat grandnephew8 Sep 1943
Barry THOMASGreat grandnephew15 Mar 1943
Dorothy Joyce BROWNGreat grandniece4 Jan 1943
Denise Agnes COLLYERGreat grandniece30 Aug 1942
Gwenda June MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece28 Jun 1942Geelong. Vic.
Dorothy Frances STEEDMANGreat grandniece18 Jul 1941
Beverley Joyce SOMERSGreat grandnephew31 Jan 1941
Lorel Jean ROBERTSGreat grandniece5 May 1940Rokewood. Vic.
Margaret Agnes Mary BROWNGreat grandniece10 Apr 1940
Elva Denise HARVEYGreat grandniece25 May 1939Beeac. Vic.
Barry Neil WATTGreat grandnephew16 Mar 1939Nth.Fitzroy. Vic.
Judith Ann RIZZOLIGreat grandniece14 Mar 193914 Mar 1939Colac.Vic. #12593
Valerie Jean TERRYGreat grandniece193926 Dec 1946aged 7
Lois Pearl ROBERTSGreat grandniece13 Oct 1938Rokewood. Vic
Donald Charles SOMERSGreat grandnephew11 May 1938
Nancy Elizabeth Helen WOODSGreat grandniece4 May 19381995
Leonard Leslie HARVEYGreat grandnephewJan 1938Beeac. VicJan 1938Beeac. Vic. #12211
Ronald James RIGBYGreat grandnephew5 Oct 1937
Rodney SALTERGreat grandnephew2 Sep 1937Bordertown. SA.
Janice TULLGreat grandniece1 Sep 1937
Peter Barnard UTBERGreat grandnephew13 Nov 1936Melbourne. Vic..
Clive Lloyd (Bennie) ROBERTSGreat grandnephew14 Oct 1936Rokewood. Vic.10 Mar 1985
Allan Keith (Henry) ROBERTSGreat grandnephew12 Sep 1935Rokewood. Vic.
Rex SALTERGreat grandnephew11 Oct 1934Melbourne. Vic.
Harold Albert UTBERGreat grandnephew28 Jul 1934Melbourne. Vic.
David Joseph RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew25 Mar 1934Sale. Vic.
Leslie Alfred HARRISONGreat grandnephew3 Jan 19341987
Gordon Stanley ROBERTSGreat grandnephew13 Oct 1933Rokewood. Vic.
John Henry (Jack) SALTERGreat grandnephew9 Apr 1933Melbourne. Vic.
Jean Mary RIZZOLIGreat grandniece24 Jan 1932Sale. Vic.
Graeme Douglas MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew8 Jun 1931Ballarat. Vic.
Margaret May HEARNGreat grandniece2 Oct 1930Illabrook. Vic.
John Frederick EVERETTGreat grandnephew6 May 193022 Mar 1994Ballarat. Vic.
Kenneth Leslie RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew23 Apr 1930Sale. Vic.8 Feb 1990Ballarat
Heather Mary HEARNGreat grandniece2 Aug 19294 Oct 1999Ballarat. Vic.
Leslie Henry MORRISONGreat grandnephew22 Jun 1929
Norman Douglas MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew3 May 192919 Aug 1986
Kenneth Gordon HARRISONGreat grandnephew16 Apr 1929
Elaine Marie RIZZOLIGreat grandniece14 Apr 1929Shepparton. Vic.
Alexander Charles RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew19 Feb 1928Sale20 Dec 1991Ballarat
Alexander William (Sandy) MORRISONGreat grandnephew5 Sep 1927
Ina Agnes HARRISONGreat grandniece26 Oct 1926
Brian Joseph RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew18 Aug 1926Ballarat. Vic.26 Jul 1979Essendon.Vic. #14505
Athol Maxwell EVERETTGreat grandnephew21 Nov 1925
Robert Alexander RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew28 Mar 1925Mildura. Vic.1 Apr 1987Melbourne. Vic.
Lyla Elizabeth HARRISONGreat grandniece12 Mar 19251992
Margaret RIZZOLIGreat grandniece1 Nov 1923Horsham. Vic.
Jean Elizabeth MORRISONGreat grandniece15 Sep 1923
Audrey Joyce EVERETTGreat grandniece9 Jun 1923Rokewood Junction. Vic.21 Oct 1984Bendigo. Vic. #25786
Walter Hector MORRISONGreat grandnephew30 Apr 1922
William Issac EVERETTGreat grandnephew20 Nov 1920Smythesdale. Vic. #3536826 Feb 1965Ballarat. Vic. #4118
Aubrey Keith FIELDGreat grandnephew1 Feb 1920Northcote. Vic. #6083
Elva Norma TRINNICKGreat grandniece1918Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #19239
Raymond Harold Maurice FIELDGreat grandnephew1918Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #111561918Fitzroy Sth. #4956
Colin Vernon TRINNICKGreat grandnephew5 Aug 1917Fitzroy Sth. Vic. #20400
Neville Lancelot Wallace FIELDGreat grandnephew10 Feb 1917Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #33611995Melbourne. ?????
Iris Frances TRINNICKGreat grandniece1916Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #20527
Allan WOODSGreat grandnephew
Anne BROCKGreat grandniece
Annette WOODSGreat grandniece
Barbara WOODSGreat grandniece
Carol UNWINGreat grandniece
Christopher BUNTINGGreat grandnephew
Colin BUNTINGGreat grandnephew
Colin MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Dawn Elizabeth TERRYGreat grandniece
Denise WOODSGreat grandniece
Douglas BROCKGreat grandnephew
Elaine BUNTINGGreat grandniece
Gary KELLYGreat grandnephew
Geoffrey CONGUESGreat grandnephew
Geoffrey HALL- BENTICKGreat grandnephew20 Sep 2006age 71
Graeme BUNTINGGreat grandnephew
Graeme CONGUESGreat grandnephew
Graham MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Ian MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
James REYNOLDSGreat grandnephew
Janice MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece
Jennifer KELLYGreat grandniece
John (Jack) MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Jon COLLYERGreat grandnephew
Junette Meredith MC.CALLUMGreat grandniece
Karen LASCELLESGreat grandnephew
Karyn KELLYGreat grandniece
Leigh BUNTINGGreat grandnephew
Lindsay Warren JOYCEGreat grandnephew1983#29081 aged 30 asthma
Lisa COLLYERGreat grandniece
Lloyd Alan MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Lynette Fay GODFREYGreat grandniece
Lynette Joy UNWINGreat grandniece22 Dec 1972Bylands. Vic. #7218 (1973)
Lynette REYNOLDSGreat grandniece
Margaret KELLYGreat grandniece
Maxwell BUNTINGGreat grandnephew
May HARRISONGreat grandniece1930Rokewood. Vic. #7264
Murray MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Neil TULLGreat grandnephew
Neville MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Patricia BUNTINGGreat grandniece
Rodney BUNTINGGreat grandnephew
Rodney WOODSGreat grandnephew
Terry MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
Unknown FOXGreat grandnephew
Vivian BATHGreat grandnephew
Wayne John MC.CALLUMGreat grandnephew
William Albert JOYCEGreat grandnephew
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Andrew John RIZZOLISecond grandnephew11 Mar 1993
Jenna Yvonne RIZZOLISecond grandniece19 Apr 1990
Campbell Bruce MC.GRATHSecond grandnephew13 Sep 1988Paddington. NSW
Duncan Noel MC.GRATHSecond grandnephew21 May 1987Paddington. NSW
Lachlan Donald MC.GRATHSecond grandnephew26 Jul 1985Paddington. NSW
Catherine Elizabeth MC.GRATHSecond grandniece16 Oct 1983Westmead. NSW
Drew Windsor MC.GRATHSecond grandnephew9 Feb 1981Westmead. NSW
Peter Robert RIZZOLISecond grandnephew15 Sep 1980
Elissa Jane HIRTHSecond grandniece8 Oct 1978
Paul Bradley HIRTHSecond grandnephew28 Jul 1976
Eve Marie JOLLEYSecond grandniece4 Sep 1973
David Leslie RIZZOLISecond grandnephew23 Apr 1973
Megan Anne JOLLEYSecond grandniece16 Mar 1972
Timothy Cairns RIZZOLISecond grandnephew22 Jun 1969
Michael Timothy RIZZOLISecond grandnephew23 May 1968
Simon Mark RIZZOLISecond grandnephew27 Sep 1964
Stephen Joseph LONGTONSecond grandnephew9 Aug 1964
David Edward WATSONSecond grandnephew28 May 1964Ballarat
Susan Jeannette HENLEYSecond grandniece30 Nov 1962Ballarat
Annette GOUDAPPELSecond grandniece8 Oct 1962Ballarat
Robert John WATSONSecond grandnephew11 Jul 1962
David Mark RIZZOLISecond grandnephew25 Apr 1962
Mark Alexander LONGTONSecond grandnephew17 Sep 1961
Andrew John RIZZOLISecond grandnephew11 Jul 1961
Ian Leslie RIZZOLISecond grandnephew16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Jennifer Doris RIZZOLISecond grandniece16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Peter Edmund LONGTONSecond grandnephew25 Oct 1960Adopted
Judith Margaret HENLEYSecond grandniece30 Oct 1959Ballarat
David "Paul" RIZZOLISecond grandnephew19 Jul 1958
Carmel Veronica RIZZOLISecond grandniece7 Sep 1957
Jenny GOUDAPPELSecond grandniece10 Aug 1957Ballarat
Barbara "Jill" HENLEYSecond grandniece11 Jun 1957
Bernadette Anne RIZZOLISecond grandniece16 Apr 1957
Teresa Marie DUNDONSecond grandniece18 May 1956
Helen Joy RIZZOLISecond grandniece27 Apr 1956Ballarat
Wendy Anne HENLEYSecond grandniece16 Jan 1956Ballarat
Anne Marie RIZZOLISecond grandniece10 Jun 1955
Christine Margaret DUNDONSecond grandniece27 Sep 1954
Graeme GOUDAPPELSecond grandnephew19 Aug 1954Ballarat
Robyn Anne RIZZOLISecond grandniece27 Feb 1954Ballarat
Kevin Francis RIZZOLISecond grandnephew8 Nov 1953
Pamela Dawn HENLEYSecond grandniece12 Aug 1953Ballarat
Joan Dianne RIZZOLISecond grandniece17 Oct 1952
Michael Stephen DUNDONSecond grandnephew7 Jun 1952
Kaye Lynnette RIZZOLISecond grandniece23 May 1952Ballarat
Christopher Ronald WATSONSecond grandnephew14 May 1952Ballarat
Peter Gerard RIZZOLISecond grandnephew6 May 1952
Heather "Faye" WATSONSecond grandniece16 Jun 1950
Robyn Maree RIZZOLISecond grandniece7 Jan 1950
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Maddison Mai RIZZOLIThird grandniece29 Nov 1999
Caitlin Rose RIZZOLIThird grandniece6 Jun 1998
Leah Janet MARTINThird grandniece16 Dec 1997
Lachlan James RIZZOLIThird grandnephew25 Mar 1997
Nikaela Joy WATSONThird grandniece3 Feb 1997
Coby Liam POWELLThird grandnephew14 Sep 1996
Chelsea Jane RIZZOLIThird grandniece7 Mar 1996
Bryce Alexander WALLISThird grandnephew8 Nov 1995
Georgia Magdalen RIZZOLIThird grandniece14 Jul 1995
Kate Elsie MARTINThird grandniece21 Jun 1995
Jarryd Leigh RIZZOLIThird grandnephew25 Jan 1995
Todd Alexander RIZZOLIThird grandnephew10 Dec 1994
Jake Anthony LONGTONThird grandnephew20 Jun 1994
Kieran Mark RIZZOLIThird grandnephew13 Sep 1993
Leslie Francis WALLISThird grandnephew22 Jul 1993
Emma May MARTINThird grandniece25 Mar 1993
Rohan Luke RIZZOLIThird grandnephew5 Mar 1993
Jordan Bram READThird grandnephew15 Jan 1993
Stephanie Brianon WATSONThird grandniece10 Aug 1992
Alexandra Louise RIZZOLIThird grandniece4 Aug 1992
Lachlan Anthony THORNThird grandnephewJul 1992
Jarrod Stephen MOSELEThird grandnephew29 Jan 1992
Hannah JEBRAMEKThird grandniece8 Oct 1991
Ashlee Jayde NAYLERThird grandniece23 Sep 1991
Jerome Sean RIZZOLIThird grandnephew15 May 1991
Michael John WATSONThird grandnephew22 Feb 1991
Robert Glen WATSONThird grandnephew20 Nov 1990
Kiera Michelle NAYLERThird grandniece20 Sep 199027 Nov 1990
Danielle Alyce MOSELEThird grandniece18 Jul 1990
Roxanne JEBRAMEKThird grandniece9 Nov 1989Ballarat Base Hospital
Emma Jayne DUNDONThird grandniece16 Sep 1989
Leon Dillon READThird grandnephew23 Dec 1988
Nicole Louise NAYLERThird grandniece16 Dec 1988
Alexandra Constance THORNThird grandniece19 Jul 1988
Stacey Maree MATLOCKThird grandniece12 Nov 1987
William Rawdon GOUDAPPELThird grandnephew4 Jul 1987
Aaron John RIZZOLIThird grandnephew17 Mar 1987
Hayley May WATSONThird grandniece4 Feb 1987Ballarat
Clare Elizabeth PORZThird grandniece6 Oct 1986
Christopher Jose GOUDAPPELThird grandnephew22 Oct 1985Ballarat
Kate Emma PORZThird grandniece15 Sep 1985
Kelly Erin READThird grandniece4 Aug 1985
Simon David SMITHThird grandnephew15 May 1985Ballarat
Megan Jane RIZZOLIThird grandniece9 Jul 1984
Jodie Anne DUNDONThird grandniece6 Jul 1984
Jana Leslie GOUDAPPELThird grandniece22 Mar 1984Ballarat30 Jan 1999Ballarat
Lyle ABRAHAMThird grandnephew8 Jan 1984Mornington BNH
Lauren Elizabeth MC.CORMACKThird grandniece28 Nov 1983
Luke Douglas MATLOCKThird grandnephew16 Nov 1983
Angela Kate RIZZOLIThird grandniece14 Apr 1983
Jodie Anne THOMSONThird grandniece16 Dec 1982
Kelly Marie DUNDONThird grandniece25 Jun 1982
Beth ABRAHAMThird grandniece19 Mar 1982Mornington BNH
Andrew Arthur WATSONThird grandnephew9 Feb 1982Ballarat
Brian John HERBERTThird grandnephew15 Oct 1981
Kirsty Lee THOMSONThird grandniece12 May 1981
Janelle Clare RIZZOLIThird grandniece3 Apr 1981
Laura Stacey RIDDThird grandniece20 Dec 1980
Damien Paul PEVERILLThird grandnephew12 Jul 1979Melbourne. Vic.
Kelly Anne HERBERTThird grandniece22 Feb 1979
Nicole Marie RIZZOLIThird grandniece14 Aug 1978
Daniel John RIDDThird grandnephew22 Jul 1978Ballarat
Jacqueline Janet SARAHThird grandniece15 May 1978Ballarat
Katherine (Kate) Therese MC.CORMACKThird grandniece7 Apr 1978
Christopher John PEVERILLThird grandnephew4 Mar 1977
Joanne Nichola MC.CORMACKThird grandniece15 Jul 1976
Dean Matthew GERRARDThird grandnephew11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Matthew Timothy SARAHThird grandnephew19 Jul 1975Ballarat
Damien Christopher MC.CORMACKThird grandnephew1 Dec 1974
Peter Mark GERRARDThird grandnephew30 Nov 1974Ballarat
Colin John GERRARDThird grandnephew3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Meachan Louise GOODThird grandniece
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Rory Francis PEVERILLFourth grandnephew29 Sep 2008Melbourne. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDFourth grandnephew9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDFourth grandnephew15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Naomi Clare GERRARDFourth grandniece19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Alex Thomas GERRARDFourth grandnephew27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Rohan John GERRARDFourth grandnephew18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDFourth grandniece26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Uncles & Aunts
Elizabeth (Betsy) Spitting MC.KERRALAunt5 Mar 1835Campbeltown. Scotland.28 Apr 1914Rokewood. Vic. #no issue
Isabella MC.CALLUMUncle16 May 1833Campbeltown. Scotland.
Daniel MC.KERRALUncle14 Dec 1831Campbeltown, Argyle. Scot.11 Jan 1922Teesdale. Victoria. #3383
George MC.CALLUMUncle9 Jan 1831Campbeltown. Scotland.
John MC.CALLUMUncle10 Aug 1828Campbeltown. Scotland.
Jenett MC.KERRALUncle18 Jul 1828Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.1853Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.
Catherine MC.KERRALAunt5 Jun 1826Campbeltown, Argyle. Scot.23 Jun 1899Whitton.NSW
Neil MC.CALLUMUncle5 Apr 1825Campbeltown. Scotland.
John MC.KERRALUncle30 Apr 1824Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.22 Nov 1901Illabarook Victoria. #14103
Catherine. MC.CALLUMAunt18 May 1823Campbeltown. Scotland.
Isabella MC.KERRALAunt20 Feb 1822Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.8 Oct 1907Corindhap. Vic. #11865
Mary MC.CALLUMAunt3 Jun 1821Campbeltown. Scotland.
Agnes MC.CALLUMAunt15 Jul 1819Campbeltown. Scotland.
Margaret MC.KERRALAunt26 Sep 1817Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.30 Nov 1909Corindhap Vic. #12101
Mary MC.KERRALAunt23 Sep 1815Tornaig Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.1884Rokewood Victoria
Malcolm MC.KERRELLUncle21 Mar 1812Campbeltown, Argyll. Scot.17 Mar 1887Goulburn NSW
Great uncles & Great aunts
Lachlan MC.KERRALGreat uncle1800Campbeltown Argyle Scotland
Mary MC.KERRALGreat uncle1798Campbeltown Argyle Scotland
Angus MC.KERRALGreat uncle1797Campbeltown Argyle Scotland
Dougald MC.KERRALGreat uncle1795Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Margaret MC.KERRALGreat aunt1793Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Janet MC.KERRALGreat aunt1792Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Donald MC.KERRALGreat uncle6 Jun 1790Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Malcolm MC.KERRALGreat uncle6 Jun 1790Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Peter MC.KERRALGreat uncle1788Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Coll MC.KERRALGreat uncle1787Campbelltown Argyll Scotland
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Jane MC.ILREVIEAunt-in-law10 Apr 1831Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.18 Mar 1892"The Leigh". Vic. #2641
Stephen TITCUMUncle-in-law1828England.16 Jan 1903Rokewood. Vic. #3384
Jessie (Janet) ANDERSONAunt-in-law1824Doune, Perthshire.Scotland11 Sep 1898Illabarook Victoria. #12469
Robert HAIRUncle-in-law14 Sep 1822Saddell & Skipress. Argyle. Scotland20 Dec 1889Mahonga NSW (Asthma & Brochitis)
William CARRUncle-in-law23 Oct 1818Marseilles France9 Feb 1895Rokewood. Vic. #3345
Alexander BOWESUncle-in-law1813Scotland1885Ballarat. Vic. #7545 Aged 72
Margaret MC.FARLANEAunt-in-law1811Argyll. Scotland16 Nov 1870Goulburn. NSW
Thomas SHARPUncle-in-law1811Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.Sep 1874Mt Mercer. Vic. #8940
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
John LOYNACHANGreat uncle-in-law1792Scotland
Mary MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)27 Apr 1877The Leigh. Vic. #99111940Wangaratta. Vic. #16450
Arthur Godwin TITCUMFirst cousin (m)1874Rokewood, Vic. #18620New Zealand
Jane MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)8 Mar 1872The Leigh. Vic. #985518 Sep 1956Wahgunyah.Vic. Corowa NSW #24434
George William TITCUMEFirst cousin (m)1872Rokewood, Vic. #1902922 Jul 1965Birregurra. Vic. #16369
Stephen Alfred TITCUMFirst cousin (m)1870Rokewood. Vic. #467514 Feb 1871Rokewood. Vic. #2286
Malcolm HAIRFirst cousin (m)6 Apr 1869The Leigh. Vic. #952513 May 1944Miles. Qld.
Agnes MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)Apr 1869Shelford. Vic. #320018 May 1890Shelford. Vic. #7996
Jane Florence TITCUMFirst cousin (f)1867Rokewood. Vic. #24196 (FITCUM)12 Jun 1957Colac. Vic. #19471
Alexander Bowes MC.KERRALFirst cousin (m)23 Dec 1866The Leigh. Vic. #2219617 Mar 1941Hamilton. Vic. #17434
Catherine Isabella HAIRFirst cousin (f)8 Jun 1866Shelford. Vic. #91189 Mar 1944Holbrook. NSW #9460
Female HAIRFirst cousin (f)1865Shelford. Vic. #31371865Shelford. Vic.
Lavinia Kate TITCUMFirst cousin (f)1865Rokewood. Vic. #47657 Apr 1947Mildura. Vic. #18847
Euphemia MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)1864Shelford. Vic. #2285016 Jan 1943Geelong West. Vic. #15865
Grace MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)16 May 1863Moonlight Gully, Illabarook. Vic. #152873 Aug 1917Minyip Vic. #9765
John (Jack) MC.KERRALFirst cousin (m)16 May 1863Moonlight Gully, Illabarook. Vic. #1528629 Jan 1929Prahan. Vic. #2883
Mary MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)16 May 1863Moonlight Gully, Illabarook. Vic. #152883 Jan 1947"Bon Spiel" Harkaway Berwick Vic #16370
Dougald (Donald) MC.KERRALFirst cousin (m)29 Jan 1862Shelford. Vic. #313529 Jan 1933Bentleigh. Vic. #796
Archibald HAIRFirst cousin (m)1862Shelford. Vic. #216611863Shelford. Vic. #1676
Christina TITCUMFirst cousin (f)1862Rokewood. Vic. #471324 Nov 1947Alphington. Vic. #13040
Archibald Russell HAIRFirst cousin (m)1861Shelford. Vic. #31443 Mar 1862Shelford. Vic. #1875
Thomas CARRFirst cousin (m)25 Dec 1860Rokewood. Vic. #3341 (1861)21 Apr 1937Ballarat. Vic. #13625
Malcolm SHARPFirst cousin (m)10 Feb 1860Mt.Mercer. Vic. #341523 Apr 1926Ballarat. Vic. #3791
John TITCUMFirst cousin (m)1860No Issue12 Nov 1874Lake? Vic. #11795 (aged 14 yrs.)
Malcolm MC.KERRALFirst cousin (m)1859Shelford. Vic. #???Nov 1932Moonee Ponds Vic. #3470
Mary Jane CARRFirst cousin (f)16 Jun 1858Gellibrand. Vic. # no issue9 Aug 1940Ballarat East. Vic. #18772
Jessie Anderson MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)4 Apr 1858Warrambine. Vic. #No issue26 Aug 1948Bunninyong. Vic. #19865
Catherine HAIRFirst cousin (f)1858The Leigh. Vic. #28691858Shelford. Vic. #2102
Euphemia (Queenie) TITCUMFirst cousin (f)1858Rokewood. Vic. #no issue7 Dec 1936Kyneton. Vic. #19598
Jane HAIRFirst cousin (f)1858The Leigh. Vic. #28701871Shelford.Vic. #3714
Margaret MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)1857Shelford. Vic. #267711 Nov 1931Lismore. Vic. #14878
Margaret SHARPFirst cousin (f)1857Grenville. Vic. #26731944Melbourne. Vic. #12159
Thomas HAIRFirst cousin (m)1 Sep 1856Grenville. Vic. #1380714 Jul 1949Miles. Qld.
Euphemia (Phoebe) McIntyre MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)2 Apr 1856Geelong.Vic. #51588 Jan 1914Rokewood. Vic. #3342
Elizabeth TITCUMFirst cousin (f)1856Warrenheip. Vic. #45827 Feb 1876Rokewood. Vic. #3155
Daniel CARRFirst cousin (m)1 Nov 1855Pinchgut. Dereel. Vic. #no issue1 Jun 1886Break O Day. Rokewood. Vic. #4496
Elizabeth HAIRFirst cousin (f)1855Mt. Mercer. Vic. #805322 Oct 1939Elsternwick. Vic. #10297
Daniel MC.KERRALFirst cousin (m)13 Dec 1854Shelford Victoria. #no issue17 May 1942Mortlake Victoria #25663
Isabella McGregor MC.KERRALFirst cousin (f)27 Mar 1854Mt Mercer. Vic. #No issue2 Feb 1910San Remo. Vic. #3327
Euphemia HAIRFirst cousin (f)1854Warrambeen, Shelford.. Vic. #71025 Aug 1943Geelong. Vic. #19888
Thomas SHARPFirst cousin (m)1854Grenville. Vic. #696713 Aug 1872Mt.Mercer. Vic. #7865
Isabella McKenzie CARRFirst cousin (f)7 Nov 1853Mt Mercer. Vic. #no issueJun 1919St. Leonards. Sydney. NSW #11215
John MC.KERRALFirst cousin (m)28 Apr 1853Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.10 Jan 1926South Melbourne Vic. #2382
John MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (m)21 Apr 1853Goulburn. N.S.W.19 Jul 1922Goulburn. N.S.W. #10768
Alexander CARRFirst cousin (m)7 Jul 1852Campbeltown. Scotland.1853Campbeltown. Scotland.
Robert HAIRFirst cousin (m)18 Jan 1852Mt. Mercer. Vic. #961831 Mar 1927Rockhampton. Qld.
Daniel SHARPFirst cousin (m)7 Jan 1851Campbeltown. Scotland.1933Abbotsford. Melbourne. Vic. #6275
Malcolm CARRFirst cousin (m)16 Jul 1850Campbeltown. Scotland.15 Apr 1927Rokewood. Vic. #7542
Margaret HAIRFirst cousin (f)13 Jun 1850Warrambeen Station, Shelford.. Vic. #890926 Apr 1946Albury. NSW
Margaret MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (f)27 Mar 1850Goulburn. N.S.W.11 Mar 1933Goulburn. N.S.W. #4680
John HAIRFirst cousin (m)18 Dec 1848Shelford. Vic. #8882 (1849)17 Jul 1937Miles Hosp. Qld. #002830
William CARRFirst cousin (m)7 Jul 1848Campbeltown. Scotland.30 Nov 1922Corindhap. Vic. #12722
Ann MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (f)2 May 1848Goulburn. N.S.W. #V1848944 49Infancy
John McKerral SHARPFirst cousin (m)29 Feb 1848Campbeltown. Scotland.26 Nov 1909Geelong. Vic. #12550
James BOWESFirst cousin (m)1848Campbeltown. Scotland.1851Campbeltown. Scotland.
Mary Ann SHARPFirst cousin (f)30 Nov 1845Campbelltown, Argyll. Scot.1918Castlemaine. Vic. #12155
John CARRFirst cousin (m)7 Mar 1845Greenock. Scotland.21 Jun 1862Rokewood. Vic. #7431
Daniel MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (m)15 Mar 1844Goulburn. N.S.W. #18444609 4712 Aug 1905Goulburn. N.S.W. #8825
James CARRFirst cousin (m)29 Oct 1843Greenock. Scotland.2 Oct 1886Port Augusta. SA.
John MC.EAHRANFirst cousin (m)1843Campbeltown. Scotland.26 Oct 1868Mt. Mercer. Vic. #???
Euphemia MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (f)2 May 1842Windsor. NSW15 May 1913Goulburn. N.S.W. #9270
Euphemia CARRFirst cousin (f)24 Mar 1842Greenock. Scotland.1853Scotland. ???
Janet MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (f)6 Feb 1840Campbeltown, Argyle. Scotland.10 Dec 1907Kogarah. NSW. #14123
Christina MC.KERRELLFirst cousin (f)1 Jul 1836Campbelltown. Argyle. Scotland.15 May 1911Goulburn. N.S.W. #5604
1st cousins once removed
Mary Jane (Molly) HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)24 May 1909Bunbury, WA.20 Feb 1992Woodridge, Qld.
Daniel Clifford Keith SHARP1st cousin once removed (m)14 Oct 1908Coringhap. Vic. #26256
Colin Cecil HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)11 Sep 1905Coolamon. NSW.1978Brisbane. Qld.
Ivy Evelyn SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1905Coringhap. Vic. #23711924Ballarat. Vic. #12866
Malcolm Kenneth HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)31 Jul 1901Denmark. WA.24 Dec 1961Emerald. Qld.
Thomas Stacy HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)13 Jul 1901Narranderra. NSW.23 Dec 1973Chinchilla. Qld.
Alexander John Everett MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)10 Jul 1901Branxholme. Vic. #1000X191714 Mar 1928Hamilton. Vic. #5836
Rose Anne HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)19 Mar 1901Colinroobie, NSW.24 Sep 1984Brisbane, Qld.
Elizabeth Margaret MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)1901Beaufort. Vic. #16399
Evelyn May MORLEY1st cousin once removed (f)1901Wahgunyah Vic #30578
Sylvia Victoria SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1901Illabarook. Vic. #2768820 Aug 1969Pura? Vic. #18824 (1970)
Isobel Lillian Grace LECHTE1st cousin once removed (f)8 Feb 1900Caufield. Vic. #984428 Dec 1966Armidale. Vic. #1100 (1967)
Jessie "Gladys" GILLETT1st cousin once removed (f)27 Jan 1900Mt Mercer, Vic. #111517 Oct 1985Ballarat. Vic.
William James HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)12 Jan 1900Narranderra. NSW.20 Jun 1970Brisbane. Qld.
Jean Marian MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)7 Jun 1899Branxholme. Vic. #2455429 Nov 1990Melbourne. Vic.
Euphemia MORLEY1st cousin once removed (f)1899Wahgunyah Vic #1899Wahgunyah Vic #11504
Georgena SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1899Break O Day, Vic. #162261901Illabarook. Vic. #14104
Mary Ellen HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)28 Dec 1898Whitton. NSW27 Dec 1978Qld.
Malcolm "George" HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)10 Jun 1898Narranderra, NSW.18 Sep 1975Bundaberg, Qld.
Charles MORLEY1st cousin once removed (m)1898Wahgunyah Vic #148641899Wahgunyah Vic #3930
William Ernest Walter LECHTE1st cousin once removed (m)7 Nov 1897Caufield. Vic. #2059 (1898)13 Dec 1975Perth WA.
Mary DUNN1st cousin once removed (f)1897Cressy. Vic. #26341977Mildura. Vic. #28277 age 81
William Gregory SHARP1st cousin once removed (m)1897Break O Day, Vic. #115023 Nov 1915Cairo. Measles and Meningitis while on service.
Malcolm HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)11 Dec 1896Hay NSW.13 Apr 1960Brisbane. Qld.
Charles Victor GILLETT1st cousin once removed (m)25 Aug 1896Break of Day, Vic. #1757221 Jul 1897Vic. #10417
Rosetta Clara COLLINS1st cousin once removed (f)1896Winchelsea. Vic. #244517 Jun 1939Winchelsea. Vic. #15530
Thomas Rokewood CARR1st cousin once removed (m)1896Rokewood. Vic. #3076315 Feb 1987aged 92
Robert Lewis GILLETT1st cousin once removed (m)19 Dec 1895Break O Day. Vic #974327 Apr 1969Sebastapol. Vic. #9324
Sarah Elizabeth HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)3 Nov 1895Narranderra, NSW.8 Jun 1965Redcliffe, Qld.
George William John LECHTE1st cousin once removed (m)8 Jun 1895Caufield. Vic. #194398 Jul 1948Gardenvale. Vic. #7153
Agnes Manning MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)1895Branxholme. Vic. #97411977Box Hill. Vic. #1014
Daniel MORLEY1st cousin once removed (m)1895Wahgunyah Vic #333291895Wahgunyah Vic #15449
Sarah May "Sadie" CARR1st cousin once removed (f)1895Rokewood. Vic. #156501982Ballarat. Vic. #01397
Agnes Elizabeth \ Elsepth MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)1894Beaufort. Vic. #902121 Oct 1984Kew. Vic. #2499
Alexander McKerral DUNN1st cousin once removed (m)1894Lismore. Vic. #4792R7 Jan 1935
Dougald Alexander DUNN1st cousin once removed (m)18947 Jan 1935Camperdown. Vic. #12385 age 41
Gertrude Ellen SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1894Rokewood. Vic. #6683
John MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)19 Dec 1893Warrambine. Vic. #52866 Oct 1956Caufield. Vic. #12979
John HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)25 Aug 1893Narranderra. NSW.26 Jan 1981Sydney. NSW.
Charles Rivers ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)1893Yea. Vic. #3657110 Jan 1903Benalla. Vic.
Daniel James MOON1st cousin once removed (m)1893NSW
John HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)1893Narranderra, NSW.1895Narranderra, NSW.
Ruby Jeanne "Jean" CARR1st cousin once removed (f)1893Rokewood. Vic. #261416 Sep 1989
William MORLEY1st cousin once removed (m)1893Wahgunyah Vic #176081919Corowa. #19866
Christina HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)21 Sep 1892Narranderra. NSW.27 Jan 1971Perth WA
Euphemia MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)1 Apr 1892Bulgandra, near Mahonga, NSW. #171421 Jul 1995Albury. NSW.
Arthur Henry GILLETT1st cousin once removed (m)21 Jan 1892Break O Day. Vic. #132615 Apr 1969Sebastapol. Vic. #8233
Agnes SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1892Lethbridge. Vic. #3412618 Jan 1974Geelong. Vic. #2185
Catherine Bertha Muriel LECHTE1st cousin once removed (f)1892Caufield. Vic. #311091960Bentleigh. Vic. #32679
Daniel McKerral COLLINS1st cousin once removed (m)1892Winchelsea. Vic. #3761616 Nov 1931Winchelsea. Vic. #16951
John "Victor" MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)1892Ballarat East. Vic. #294901967Ballarat. Vic. #4909 aged 74
Stanley Thompson ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)1892Yea. Vic. #92831936Werribee. Vic. #20265
Susan SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)5 Oct 1891Rokewood. Vic. #3683723 Feb 1934Warragul. Vic. #13473
Euphemia HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)25 Aug 1891Albury NSW.1 Aug 1962Miles Qld.
Margaret Catherine HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)13 Jun 1891Junee, NSW.26 Mar 1966Perth. WA.
Amelia Seward DUNN1st cousin once removed (f)1891Lismore. Vic. #1433817 Nov 1964Lismore. Vic. #25990
Jane MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)1891The Leigh. Vic. #45891960Thornbury. Vic. #12671
Mary Jane MORLEY1st cousin once removed (f)1891Wahgunyah Vic #28341
Elizabeth HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)23 Jul 1890Narranderra. NSW.
Thomas Malcolm MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (m)17 Jan 1890NSW. #1351525 Apr 1973Wagga Wagga, NSW. #49535
Jessie Beatrice Euphemia LECHTE1st cousin once removed (f)10 Jan 1890Caufield. Vic. #111991971Aus.
Thomas Malcolm (Tyson) MOON1st cousin once removed (m)1890Narrandera. NSW4 Feb 1943Alfred Hospital, Prahran. Vic. #1253
William SHARP1st cousin once removed (m)1890Break O Day, Vic. #200351890Break O Day, Vic. #10725
Albert Leigh. GILLETT1st cousin once removed (m)28 Nov 1889Break of day, Vic. #286951 Oct 1979Parkville, Melbourne. Vic. #23889
William Gagie HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)10 Mar 1889Albury. NSW3 Dec 1950Qld.
Agnes DUNN1st cousin once removed (f)1889Lismore. Vic. #49941964Heidleberg. Vic. #11106
Janet Lumsden MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)1889Carngham. Vic. #296091978Fran? Vic. #2582
Lavinia Margaret ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (f)1889Yea. Vic. #264211969Footscray. Vic. #2831
Robert HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)21 Oct 1888Deepwater. NSW19 Jan 1978Brisbane. Qld.
John Hair MOON1st cousin once removed (m)5 Jul 1888Albury. NSW.19 Jul 1956Dalby. Qld.
Claudius "Magor" CARR1st cousin once removed (m)6 Apr 1888Rokewood. Vic. #1520410 Apr 1942Albury. NSW.. #6938
Daniel Thomas SHARP1st cousin once removed (m)1888Break O Day, Vic. #178781890Break O Day, Vic. #10724
Jane McKerral COLLINS1st cousin once removed (f)1888The Leigh. Vic. #21942
Robert William. (Nugget) HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)1888Narrandera. NSW31 May 1941Kilcoy. Qld. #001314
Violet Daisy May CARR1st cousin once removed (f)1888Break O Day. Vic. #88907 Apr 1889Break O Day. Vic. #6226
William (Willie) John GILLETT1st cousin once removed (m)8 Nov 1887Warrembine, Rokewood. Vic. #315876 Aug 1915Killed at the Dardanelles. Aged 26 yrs.
Jeannie MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (f)8 May 1887Rokewood. Vic. #1456126 Feb 1935Ormond. Vic. #1696
John Charles MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (m)25 Mar 1887Albury, NSW. # 1374419 Feb 1930Caufield. Vic. #838
Catherine (Kate) HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)7 Jan 1887NSW5 Aug 1966Qld.
Andrew MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)1887Carngham. Vic. #269661971Prahran. Vic. #16219
Effie M GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1887Goulburn. NSW. #14424
John McKerral DUNN1st cousin once removed (m)1887Lismore. Vic. #447520 Jun 1963Colac. Vic. #12025
William Malcolm HART1st cousin once removed (m)1887Kyneton.Vic. #433810 Jun 1919Killed in Action..France
Daniel Gordon CARR1st cousin once removed (m)10 Jul 1886Rokewood. Vic. #215853 Oct 1970Ballarat. Vic. #23506
Thomas White HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)4 Jul 1886Albury NSW.22 Sep 1953Towoomba. Qld.
William Arthur ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)17 Feb 1886Batesford. Vic. #79451971Heidleberg. Vic. #18123
William Henry MOON1st cousin once removed (m)8 Jan 1886Henty. NSW16 Dec 1950Leeton. NSW
Donald Lewis MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)1886Rokewood. Vic. #215831955Camberwell. Vic. #18263
Jean McLaren SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1886Rokewood. Vic. #2926129 Sep 1946Geelong. Vic. #20934
Malcolm SHARP1st cousin once removed (m)1886Rokewood. Vic. #134131941Ballarat. Vic. #20662
Margaret C HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)1886Wagga Wagga NSW1886Wagga Wagga, NSW
Rose Anna Jane MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)1886Colac. Vic. #171321979Box Hill. Vic. #10889
John MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (m)20 Jun 1885NSW. #1767217 Jul 1885Albury. NSW. #6684
Jeannie MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)9 May 1885Rokewood VIctoria1885Rokewood Victoria lived 6 months
Alexander HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)8 Apr 1885Mahonga. NSW9 Jul 1976Miles. Qld.
George Dougald MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)1885Colac. Vic. #16751889Ballarat. Vic. #6006
Hilda Annie RODDICK1st cousin once removed (f)1885Prahan. Vic. #126951974Brig? Vic. #7869
Robert Hair MOON1st cousin once removed (m)1 Dec 1884Albury. NSW.Sydney. NSW.
Euphemia HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)4 Aug 1884Napoleons. Vic. #19165
Ellen SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1884Rokewood. Vic. #273711944Geelong Vic. #16776
Ellen Sophia HART1st cousin once removed (f)1884Kyneton. Vic. #105071948Melbourne. Vic. #11841
Frances Logan CARR1st cousin once removed (f)1884Rokewood. Vic. #2737219 Jan 1972Lismore. Vic. #2280
Margaret DUNN1st cousin once removed (f)1884Lismore. Vic. #182271973Clayton. Vic. #9535
Thomas MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)7 Dec 1883Rokewood. Vic. #2598720 Mar 1958Elwood. Vic. #3000
Annie MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)15 Jul 1883NSW. #1074924 Jul 1953"Dalkeith", 839 David St. Albury. NSW. #22187 Suicide
Robert HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)11 Jun 1883Mahonga. NSW12 Feb 1955Toowoomba Qld.
Catherine McKerral (Kit) MOON1st cousin once removed (f)1883Albury. NSW.1962Melbourne. Vic. #16237
John "Ernest" ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)1883Batesford. Vic. #141411926Caufield. Vic. #8741
Margaret Ada RODDICK1st cousin once removed (f)1883Prahan. Vic. #256131965Sandringham. Vic. #25425
Robert Daniel MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)1883Colac. Vic. #153591960Melbourne. Vic. #6620
Margaret Catherine (Maggie) HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)12 Sep 1882Ballarat. Vic. #13751
Daniel Eric DUNN1st cousin once removed (m)1882Camperdown. Vic. #1426814 Apr 1977Camperdown. Vic. #9056 age 94.
Donald McLaren SHARP1st cousin once removed (m)1882Rokewood. Vic. #11651
Lily Charity CARR1st cousin once removed (f)1882Break O Day. Vic #21070
James Stephen ANDERSON1st cousin once removed (m)4 Jun 1881Geelong. Vic. #167241964Heidleberg. Vic. #21820
Mary Jane Mitchell HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)23 Apr 1881Albury. NSW
Agnes HART1st cousin once removed (f)1881Kyneton.Vic. #176471913Caufield. Vic. #8698
Alexander MOON1st cousin once removed (m)1881Albury. NSW.1881Albury. NSW.
James Malcolm CARR1st cousin once removed (m)1881Break O Day. Vic. #1432629 Jul 1956Ballarat. Vic. #19942
James Septimus GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1881Goulburn. NSW. #100072 Jun 1918Killed in action in France
Daniel MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)23 Nov 1880Rokewood. Vic. #2477519 Jun 1944Mahonga Station NSW
Catherine MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)5 Nov 1880Durham Lead. Vic. #88311 Nov 1971Albury, NSW. #65877
Elizabeth Catherine (Bessie) HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)1880Melbourne. Vic. # N/R3 Sep 1963Deep.Melbourne. Vic. #5172
Euphemia DUNN1st cousin once removed (f)1880Camperdown. Vic. #2084613 Jul 1924Lismore. Vic. #10564 age 44
Mary SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1880Rokewood. Vic. #112641950Richmond. Vic. #12633
Percival "Lindsay" GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1880Goulburn. NSW. #144651965Hamilton. NSW. #31136
Robert MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (m)22 Jul 1879Durham Lead. Vic. #194016 Dec 1972
Catherine McKerral HAIR1st cousin once removed (f)29 Apr 1879Corowa. NSW18 May 1963Braemer Hosp. Fremantle. WA.
Euphemia HART1st cousin once removed (f)1879Kyneton.Vic. #173261952Packenham. Vic. #21650
Margaret MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)24 Jul 1878Durham Lead. Vic. #1533024 Jan 1879Durham Lead. Vic. #1068
Alexander Thompson MC.KERRAL1st cousin once removed (m)24 Apr 1878Rokewood. Vic. #1129820 May 1963Brighton. Vic. #9924
Annie SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1878Lismore. Vic. #171621971Geelong. Vic. #9721
Peter DUNN1st cousin once removed (m)1878The Leigh. Vic. #239613 Jun 1961Colac. Vic. #11315
Sydney Herbert GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1878Goulburn. NSW. #129671959Goulburn. NSW. #13808
Annie MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)6 Aug 1877Durham Lead. Vic. #21802R20 Jun 1883Albury NSW #5113 Diptheria
Euphemia Melitta GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1877Goulburn. NSW. #1199217 Feb 1879Goulburn. NSW. #5460
George HART1st cousin once removed (m)1877Kyneton.Vic. #232971949Kyneton. Vic. #17013
Jane DUNN1st cousin once removed (f)1877The Leigh. Vic. #35891961Park? Vic. #10198
Margaret SHARP1st cousin once removed (f)1876Ballarat East. Vic. #72051933Geelong. Vic. #12691
Maude Beatrice WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (f)1876Wagga Wagga. NSW. #215151878Wagga Wagga. NSW. #9927
Percy Theodore WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (m)1876Braidwood. ?? NSW. (No register)1918St Leonards. NSW. #13075
Jane MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)17 Nov 1875Durham Lead. Vic. #210930 Sep 1956
Ann HART1st cousin once removed (f)1875Kyneton.Vic. #23696
Arthur Sydney WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (m)1875Wagga Wagga. NSW. #235461918Sydney.NSW. #8693
Ethel GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1875Goulburn. NSW. #1140427 Jul 1875Goulburn. NSW. #6298 1 mth.
William DUNN1st cousin once removed (m)1875The Leigh. Vic. #100452 May 1948Lismore. Vic. #18805
Mary MC.INNES1st cousin once removed (f)24 May 1874Durham Lead. Vic. #1534228 Apr 1945Albury NSW
Amy Sophia Victoria WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (f)1874Wagga. Wagga. NSW. #2059119 Nov 1971Katoomba. NSW. #71197
Albert Edward E WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (m)1873Young. NSW. #212181902St. Leonards. NSW. #2970
Catherine GAGIE1st cousin once removed (f)1873Rokewood. Vic. #26411915Hagley. Tas.
Edith Sophia GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1873Goulburn. NSW. #1097716 Mar 1882Goulburn. NSW. #5405
Sarah HART1st cousin once removed (f)1873Kyneton.Vic. #175621944Caufield. Vic. #2472
Daniel "Theodore" GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1872Goulburn. NSW. #982914 Nov 1894Goulburn. NSW. #5638
Margaret Sophia HART1st cousin once removed (f)1871Kyneton.Vic. #171191945Burnley. Vic. #6238
Albert W GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1870Goulburn. NSW. #97751953Hamilton. NSW. #21213
Edward (Edwin Daniel) HART1st cousin once removed (m)1869Kyneton.Vic. #164061872Kyneton.Vic. #7120
Herbert D WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (m)1869Balmain. NSW. #30981892Broken Hill. NSW. #3378
Samuel Ernest GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1868Goulburn. NSW. #952221 Jun 193566yrs
Emily A WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (f)1867Kiama. NSW. #103971871Balmain. NSW. #1604
Maragret Amelia GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1867Goulburn. NSW. #944926 Jun 1883Goulburn. NSW. #5329
Mary Ann HART1st cousin once removed (f)1867Kyneton.Vic. #225437 Nov 1937Kyneton.Vic. #18408
John J GRANT1st cousin once removed (m)1866Goulburn. NSW. #8597
Alice Euphemia GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1865Goulburn. NSW. #885015 Feb 1882Goulburn. NSW. #5386
James Thomas HART1st cousin once removed (m)1865Bunninyong. Vic. #10341934Wonthaggi. Vic. #19309
Margaret Sophia HART1st cousin once removed (f)1865Bunninyong. Vic. #10331865Bunninyong. Vic. #9161
Henry A (Harry) WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (m)1864Braidwood. NSW. #66081928Redfern. NSW. #17924
Mary J GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)1864Goulburn. NSW. #84981891Granville. NSW. #6823
Margaret A WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (f)1862Braidwood. NSW. #5920
William M WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (m)1860Braidwood. NSW. #55391944Petersham. NSW. #12063
Eliza J WEATHERALL1st cousin once removed (f)1859Cooma. NSW #67115 May 1859Queenbeyan. NSW. #4760 4 mths
HAIR1st cousin once removed (m)
Madge TITCUME1st cousin once removed (f)
Mary Ann Easy GRANT1st cousin once removed (f)
Vera TITCUME1st cousin once removed (f)
1st cousins twice removed
Kenneth Edward MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (m)30 Dec 1923Beaufort. Vic.
Ronald Keith MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (m)20 Mar 1921Beaufort. Vic.11 Jul 2003
Henry Norman DUNN1st cousin twice removed (m)19217 Nov 1930Colac.Vic. #13250 aged 9 years
Daphne Joyce COLING1st cousin twice removed (f)13 May 1919Nth. Dulacca, Qld
Margaret Betty DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)1919Lismore. Vic. #206871 Mar 1954Colac. Vic. #18394aged 34 yrs
Thomas Charles DUNN1st cousin twice removed (m)1918Lismore. Vic. #2088931 Oct 1973Camperdown. Vic. #26927
Olive "Rose" COLING1st cousin twice removed (f)6 Nov 1917Miles. Qld. #129123 Aug 2003Brighton, Qld.
Gladys Lillian DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)1917Lismore. Vic. #22093
Daisy Adeline Pearl COLING1st cousin twice removed (f)4 Dec 1916North Dulacca, Qld. #793 (1917)4 Feb 1995Prince Charles Hosp. Chermside. Qld.
Shiela MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (f)1916Bendigo. Vic. #923412 Jan 193752 McKinnon Rd. McKinnon. Vic. #305
Dorothy Jean DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)1915Skipton.Vic. #341281991
Henry "Stewart" MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (m)26 Feb 1914South Yarra. Vic. #781521 Apr 1972Parkville. Vic. #8404
Reginald Lewis DUNN1st cousin twice removed (m)1914Lismore. Vic. #5250
Arthur Gordon DUNN1st cousin twice removed (m)23 May 1912Lismore. Vic. #13198
Helen "Jean" MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (f)1912Heyfield. Vic. #4269
Evelyn Myrtle DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)1910Skipton. Vic. #147471992
Daniel John DUNN1st cousin twice removed (m)1908Camperdown. Vic. #17401
Alexander John "Jack" MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (m)1907Heyfield. Vic. #275501947Eltham. Vic. #13212
Amelia May DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)1906Camperdown. Vic. #1338
Margaret "Iris" MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (f)1905Omeo. Vic. #206691972Prahran. Vic. #27157
Peter Augustus DUNN1st cousin twice removed (m)8 Jan 1904Lismore. Vic. #1934213 Nov 1968Colac
Alexander MC.KERRAL1st cousin twice removed (m)1904Benambra. Vic. #154901904Benambra. Vic. #7539
Elizabeth DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)1902Lismore. Vic. #19654
Amy OKE1st cousin twice removed (f)
Clarence CARR1st cousin twice removed (m)
Ivy CARR1st cousin twice removed (f)
Jack OKE1st cousin twice removed (m)
Keevill CARR1st cousin twice removed (m)
Lillian CARR1st cousin twice removed (f)
Lorna Hannah DUNN1st cousin twice removed (f)
Lucy CARR1st cousin twice removed (f)
Marjorie COLLINS1st cousin twice removed (f)
May HARRIS1st cousin twice removed (f)
Mimie HARRIS1st cousin twice removed (f)
Norman COLLINS1st cousin twice removed (m)
Olive OKE1st cousin twice removed (f)
Stella COLLINS1st cousin twice removed (m)
Violet HARRIS1st cousin twice removed (f)
1st cousins 3 times removed
June Elaine WAIN1st cousin 3 times removed (f)19 Dec 1941Brisbane. Qld.
Marcus Lyle AITKENGrandson-in-law1892Broadford. Vic. #108681970Traralgon. Vic. #16627
Herbert WILKINGrandson-in-law1882St. Kilda. Vic. #194551957Camberwell. Vic. #10719
Gabriel Joseph ARBUTHNOTTGrandson-in-law
Jack PARKERGrandson-in-law