Thomas Charles BAKER


Thomas Charles BAKER Olive MOUSLEY Albert Thomas  Joseph MOUSLEY Anne HEPBURNE Susannah ARMISTEAD James ARMISTEAD Jane LEVER Olive Jean BAKER Ronald Thomas BAKER Betty Susan BAKER Anne May BAKER April Lorraine BAKER


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Olive MOUSLEY 23 Feb 1902  Olive Jean BAKER
 Ronald Thomas BAKER
 Betty Susan BAKER
 Anne May BAKER
 April Lorraine BAKER


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth Vic.




Reference Number: P4328



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Olive MOUSLEYWife23 Feb 1902Deans Marsh. Vic. #24005 Aug 1999NSW
April Lorraine BAKERDaughter1943
Anne May BAKERDaughter22 Feb 1929Narranderra. NSW.
Betty Susan BAKERDaughter17 Apr 1927Barrallen. NSW.
Ronald Thomas BAKERSon2 Dec 1924Windsor NSW
Olive Jean BAKERDaughter23 Feb 1923Ardelthan, NSW.
Susannah ARMISTEADMother-in-law1 Apr 1866Steiglitz.Vic. #1809328 Feb 1934Birregurra.Vic. #12377
Albert Thomas "Tom" MOUSLEYFather-in-law30 Nov 1864Winchelsea.Vic. #220362 Aug 1933Colac.Vic. #15797
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Alice MOUSLEYSister-in-law22 Sep 1906Deans Marsh.Vic. #2617417 Jul 1988Shepparton. Vic.
Daisy MOUSLEYSister-in-law18 Dec 1904Deans Marsh.Vic. #24799 Apr 1968Winchelsea. Vic. #9193
Gertrude Ann MOUSLEYSister-in-law11 Apr 1900Deans Marsh.Vic. #1044120 Jul 1979NSW
Stella Jane MOUSLEYSister-in-law24 Aug 1898Deans Marsh.Vic. #1045519 Jul 1972Geelong. Vic #17548
Cecil James MOUSLEYBrother-in-law28 May 1892Deans Marsh.Vic. #2235511 Sep 1966Colac.Vic. #21484
Emily Henrietta MOUSLEYSister-in-law15 Jan 1891Deans Marsh.Vic. #256723 Mar 1949Birregurra. Vic. #16393
Alfred John MOUSLEYBrother-in-law4 Dec 1890Deans Marsh. Vic. #273512 Oct 1947Colac. Vic. #22360
Albert Henry MOUSLEYBrother-in-law13 May 1888Deans Marsh.Vic. #106851962Parramatta. NSW. #15350
Nephews & Nieces
June Margaret SEIBRIGHTNiece-in-law1938
Margaret STEPHENSONNiece-in-law11 Sep 19361992
Eric Vincent SEIBRIGHTNephew-in-law1935
Susan "Betty" STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1935
Beryl Yvette CLISSOLDNiece-in-law9 Mar 1934Birregurra. Vic.
Marion SEIBRIGHTNiece-in-law1933
Ronald Arthur GOWTYNephew-in-law1933
Maxwell STEPHENSONNephew-in-law7 May 19315 Aug 1979Geelong. Vic. #17906
Kevin MORSENephew-in-law1931
Walter "Leonard" CLISSOLDNephew-in-law27 Oct 1930Birregurra. Vic.
Frank MOUSLEYNephew-in-law1930
James William GOWTYNephew-in-law19304 Aug 1934age 3 yrs
Albert Henry GOWTYNephew-in-law192914 Jun 1976
Dennis William MORSENephew-in-law192924 Mar 1946Lysterfield. Vic. #4551
Greta Margaret MOUSLEYNiece-in-law18 Jul 1928Birregurra. Vic.4 Sep 2008
Allan MORSENephew-in-law1928
Milton SEIBRIGHTNephew-in-law1927
Alfred Ivan (Joe) MOUSLEYNephew-in-law29 Jun 1926Birregurra. Vic.
Alan Leonard (Len) STEPHENSONNephew-in-law1926
Eunice MORSENiece-in-law1926
Leslie James STEPHENSONNephew-in-law20 Nov 1924Winchelsea. Vic.30 Oct 2008Lorne. Vic.
Iris SEIBRIGHTNiece-in-law192423 Jun 1930NSW?????
Henry Clifford MOUSLEYNephew-in-law17 Jul 192331 May 1999
Donald Arthur STEPHENSONNephew-in-law12 Apr 192311 Mar 1988
Rita Emily CLISSOLDNiece-in-law20 Feb 1923Birregurra. Vic.
Sylvia Isabelle CLISSOLDNiece-in-law14 Jun 192211 Dec 2008Heathcote
Thelma MOUSLEYNiece-in-law14 Apr 1922
Dulcie Irene CLISSOLDNiece-in-law25 Jun 1921Birregurra. Vic.
Dulcie Florence STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1921
Mavis Beryl MOUSLEYNiece-in-law6 Nov 1920Birregurra. Vic. #28296
Mavis Joyce STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1920Winchelsea. Vic. #8294
Ada MOUSLEYNiece-in-law1919Birregurra. Vic. #248411919Birregurra. Vic. #16033
Horace Stanley (Jack) CLISSOLDNephew-in-law27 May 1918Birregurra. Vic. #869613 Mar 1987Colac. Vic.
Walter Cecil MOUSLEYNephew-in-law12 Dec 1916Birregurra. Vic. #2690315 Jul 1996
Mary Henrietta CLISSOLDNiece-in-law20 Aug 1915Deans Marsh. Vic. #2078425 Jun 1988
Percy Robert CLISSOLDNephew-in-law20 Aug 1914Deans Marsh. Vic. #2129322 Aug 1914Deans Marsh. Vic. #9336
Reginald James Thomas MOUSLEYNephew-in-law18 May 1914Deans Marsh. Vic. #1196518 Aug 1987
Florence Ann CLISSOLDNiece-in-law16 Aug 1912Deans Marsh. Vic. #1962629 Oct 1992Colac. Vic.
Joy MOUSLEYNiece-in-law
Mary STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1929Winchelsea. Vic #16697