Silas APPLEBY Silas APPLEBY Anna AUSTIN Harriet Ann BROOKMAN William BROOKMAN Charlotte James Austin APPLEBY Unamed female APPLEBY Anna Elizabeth APPLEBY Sarah JARMAN John APPLEBY Emma APPLEBY


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Harriet Ann BROOKMAN 14 Jun 1830  James Austin APPLEBY
 Unamed female APPLEBY
 Anna Elizabeth APPLEBY
 Sarah JARMAN 1829  John APPLEBY


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1821 Baltonsborough Somerset. Eng.
Death 13 Feb 1901 Bellarine.Vic. # 482
Burial Drysdale. Vic. D/COE 2 379 (P)




Reference Number: P179
"Bellarine Historical Society."
Compiled by Russell Millar 2004
A serious accident befell MR SILAS APPLEBY of Murrudoc, near Drysdale on
Thursday afternoon. It appears the unfortunate man was leading a young entire
horse towards his home, and when near Mr. Trethowns residence, the horse, for
some unexplained cause, commenced kicking, and Mr. Appleby recieved a kick in
his side.
1856..Silas was a member of the "Indented Head Farmers Association"membership
5/- a year. He grew onions and farmed at Murradoc. "Balla-Wein" page 198
Harriet died 14-6-1906 at 75? and was buried at Colac.
Post office directories 1912,18. (?someone else?)
Geelong Advertiser 3/10/1874.
What an eventful life wonder how we would have handled it.
In 1865 he married the widow of John Richards- Harriet nee Brookman, she had a
4 year old son William. Silas and Harriet had 3 children. James Austin born
1865. Unnamed female born and died in 1867. and Anna Elizabeth born in 1868.
The patient appears to suffer very acutely, and he now lies in a precarious
Silas died 13-2-1901 at 80 and was buried at Drysdale.
Geelong advertisor Index 1874,75,84.
Silas's brother Albion and his wife Jane (nee Higgins) joined him in Australia
also residing on the Bellarine Penninsula and Buried at Drysdale.
Info..Bellarine Historical Society.
They boarded the Sailing Ship "Ticonderoga", a double decked vessel and sailed
from Liverpool on August 4th 1852, when he arrived in Melbourne on December
22nd 1852 he was on his own, as his wife and 2 children had died and been
buried at sea ( 100 passengers had died at sea in the 90 day voyage, another 80
were to die in Quarantine)
In June 1852 William Harding sold 480 acres in up to 40 acre farms, they were
not all sold, and still had some for sale a year later. (It is uncertain if
Silas brought his 80 acres from William Harding on arrival or later) He was a
farmer with 80 acres and a house at Morruduc in 1887. In that year between 15th
January and ? February he sold 10 ton 2 cwt of onions over the Drysdale
weighbridge to J. Daniel.
Dr Lyttleton was sent for, and found that three ribs were broken, and one in
two places.
Drysdale Courts Index,1868,72,78,79,81 &90.
Noted in Bellarine Rate Books Index 1864 to 1888.
Anna attended the Murroduc State School No. 417 ( A new school building to hold
60 was built in 1882 and closed in about 1931). It is presumed that James also
went to school there too. The teachers in 1873 were Mr. & Mrs Floyd. Mrs Floyd
died in the spring of 1885 at 41 years of age.
Registered on Voters Roll 1887 & 1889 as a farmer witha house and land at
Murradoc & Drysdale. 299,303,471,473,478. Residence at Drysdale. Property value
53 pounds.
1852..Silas Appleby was born to Silas and Anna (Austin) in 1821 at West
Lydford, Somerset England. He had at least one sibling, a brother Albion. He
married Sarah Jarman and had two children John and Emma. In 1852 he left his
village of Bultonsborough and travelled to Liverpool with his wife and children
(John was three and Emma a baby) to travel as assisted emigrants to Australia.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Harriet Ann BROOKMANWife14 Jun 183014 Jun 1906Ondit.Vic. #6695
Sarah JARMANPartner or Wife1829Somerset. England.1852Died on board S.S.Ticonderoga en-route to Aust.
Brothers & Sisters
Albion APPLEBYBrother182515 May 1900Bellarine. Vic. #4541 Aged 75 yrs.
James Austin APPLEBYBrother181810 Mar 1882Wells, Somerset. England. (aged 64)
Anna Elizabeth APPLEBYDaughter11 Nov 1868Bellarine.Vic. #2167011 Feb 1943Beeac.Vic. #15292
Unamed female APPLEBYDaughter1867Bellarine. Vic.1867Lived 1 hr. Bellarine. Vic. #9865
James Austin APPLEBYSon13 Sep 1865Indented Head. Vic. #1354418 Sep 1948Private Hospital, Brighton. #10517
Emma APPLEBYDaughter1851Somerset. England1852Died on board S.S.Ticoderoga en route to Aust.
John APPLEBYSon1849Somerset, England.1852Died on board S.S.Ticonderoga en-route Aust.
Anna AUSTINMother
Silas APPLEBYFather
Dorothy Anna GERRARDGranddaughter23 Feb 1913Colac #25615 May 1994Bendigo. Vic.
Jessie Gladys GERRARDGranddaughter28 Jan 1906Ondit.Colac. #546821 Nov 1976Geelong. Vic. #28423
Roy Charles APPLEBYGrandson27 Jun 1904Krambruk. Apollo Bay, Vic. #1920320 Jun 1993Terang. Vic.
Norman James APPLEBYGrandson29 Dec 1901Krambruk. Apollo Bay, Vic. #39881976Caufield. Vic. #6373
Janet GERRARDGranddaughter15 Sep 1899Ondit.Colac.Vic. #2891725 Apr 1972Beeac.Vic. #10232
Annabel Christina APPLEBYGranddaughter9 Jun 1899Bellarine. Vic. #158051982Portarlington. Vic. #12931
John Huie GERRARDGrandson15 Jun 1897Ondit. Colac. Vic. #217295 Sep 1968Colac.Vic. #26099
Clara Isabel APPLEBYGranddaughter22 Mar 1897Bellarine. Vic. #84731919
Grace Elizabeth APPLEBYGranddaughter25 Jan 1895Bellarine. Vic. #8561979Warragul. Vic. #8376
Myrtle Charlotte GERRARDGranddaughter6 Jul 1893Bellarine, Vic. #1936823 Jan 1959Warrion. Vic. #20612
Leslie Austin APPLEBYGrandson11 Mar 1893Bellarine. Vic. #8781964Parkville . Vic. #3927
Louis Falconer GERRARDGrandson29 Feb 1892Drysdale. Vic. #96722 Dec 1971St. Andrews Hospital, Melbourne #3163
Mabel Janette APPLEBYGranddaughter22 Mar 1891Bellarine. Vic. #91541969Apollo Bay. Vic. #27659
Great grandchildren
Jennifer Ruth JALLANDGreat granddaughter26 Dec 194329 Sep 2009Pheonix, Arizona. U.S.A.
Jessie Elizabeth MILLERGreat granddaughter30 Nov 1939Beeac. Vic.
Helen Rosemary JALLANDGreat granddaughter16 Nov 1938
Russell James MILLERGreat grandson27 Jun 1938Beeac. Vic.
Geoffrey Austin MILLERGreat grandson9 Mar 1934Beeac. Vic.
Dorothy Anna RICHENSGreat granddaughter18 Dec 193326 May 2004Epworth Hospital, Melbourne
Alexander (Pete) GERRARDGreat grandson28 Sep 1932Beeac.Vic.
Douglas Falconer RICHENSGreat grandson18 Jul 1924Colac. Vic.
Alfred John GERRARDGreat grandson31 Jan 1924Colac. Vic.1991Queensland.
Cyril Douglas COSTINGreat grandson21 Mar 1919Penshurst. Vic. #61122 May 2007
John Louis GERRARDGreat grandson22 Jul 1917Beeac.Vic. #176815 Jun 1987Beaufort.Vic.
Keith Leslie COSTINGreat grandson6 Jun 1916Penshurst. Vic. #1481130 Aug 1994
Alice Russell GERRARDGreat granddaughter2 Oct 1915Beeac.Vic. #292946 Mar 1999Frankston.Vic.
Edward Sturdee COSTINGreat grandson27 Feb 1915Colac. Vic. #254522 Sep 2004
Clara Isabella COSTINGreat granddaughter1913Colac. Vic. #1130727 Oct 1981
Second grandchildren
Malcolm James KAYSecond grandson30 Jul 1975
Christine Elizabeth KAYSecond granddaughter12 Feb 1973
Cory John BESSIESecond grandson26 Oct 1970Woolongong, N.S.W.
Katrina Helen BROOKSSecond granddaughter18 Mar 1968
Nicole BESSIESecond granddaughter12 Mar 1967Woolongong
Valma Joy GERRARDSecond granddaughter16 Nov 1965
Karen Rosemary BROOKSSecond granddaughter5 Aug 1964
Scott Geoffrey MILLERSecond grandson13 Aug 1963
Robert Louis GERRARDSecond grandson17 Apr 1963
Jeffrey Lawrence BROOKSSecond grandson26 Nov 1961
Marlene Anne MILLERSecond granddaughter1 Jul 1961Colac. Vic.17 Jul 2005Clifton Springs. Geelong
Garry Russell MILLERSecond grandson29 Feb 1960Colac. Vic.
Glenn James MILLERSecond grandson30 May 1958Colac. Vic.
David John GERRARDSecond grandson11 Dec 1952Beaufort
Beverley June GERRARDSecond granddaughter14 Jun 1948Beaufort11 May 2001Wantirna Sth.. Vic.
Dorothy Lynette GERRARDSecond granddaughter27 Apr 1946Beaufort. Vic.
Janice Russell DEBNEYSecond granddaughter10 Feb 1946
Marion Jean GERRARDSecond granddaughter25 Apr 1944Beaufort
Bryan RICHENSSecond grandson
Graeme (Gerry) GERRARDSecond grandson
John BERRYSecond grandson
Judith Linda RICHENSSecond granddaughter
Kaylene GERRARDSecond granddaughter
Louise GERRARDSecond granddaughter
Maybelline BERRYSecond granddaughter
Nola RICHENSSecond granddaughter
Third grandchildren
Madeline Lilyanne RAINESThird granddaughter7 Mar 2008
Phoebe Carin POWELLThird granddaughter17 May 2001
Shaun Charles Alexander FREEMANThird grandson7 Jul 2000Sunbury, Vic.
Jackson Mark POWELLThird grandson19 Jul 1998
Matthew Dylan BROOKSThird grandson18 Mar 1997
Cassandra Jordyn BROOKSThird granddaughter20 Feb 1994
Jessica Jane FREEMANThird granddaughter27 Jun 1993Sunbury
Clare Louise MILLERThird granddaughter18 Apr 1993St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Kate RICHENSThird grandson12 Sep 1991
Elise Elizabeth WESTThird granddaughter26 Jun 1990St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Brock John WESTThird grandson25 Mar 1988St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Alicia Jayne MILLERThird granddaughter30 Oct 1986St John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Christopher Walter WESTThird grandson20 Jun 1986St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Emma Lynette HARRISONThird granddaughter24 Apr 1985Ballarat
Joanne Maree HARRISONThird granddaughter19 Nov 1980Ballarat
Dean Matthew GERRARDThird grandson11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Nathan Stanley MC.CRACKENThird grandson20 Jul 1975Melton
Narelle Louise CARNESThird granddaughter9 Mar 1975Beaufort
Peter Mark GERRARDThird grandson30 Nov 1974Ballarat
David Ian LEWISThird grandson6 Nov 1973
Colin John GERRARDThird grandson3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Raelene Joy MC.CRACKENThird granddaughter29 Jul 1973Terang
Geoffrey Wayne CARNESThird grandson20 Jun 1973Beaufort
Glen Andrew LEWISThird grandson2 Nov 1972
Wendy Jean CARNESThird granddaughter7 Jul 1971Beaufort
Deborah Jean HARRISONThird granddaughter8 Feb 1968Ballarat
Russell John LEWISThird grandson6 Oct 1967
Jennifer Anne HARRISONThird granddaughter25 Nov 1965Ballarat
Sandra HARRISONThird granddaughter25 Nov 1965Ballarat27 Nov 1965Ballarat .Vic. #26332
Kade RICHENSThird grandson
Luke RICHENSThird grandson
Fourth grandchildren
Jude Nathan Donald MC.CRACKENFourth grandson27 Jul 2011Melbourne.
Clayton Harrison JEFFEREYFourth grandson5 Jan 2010Ballarat Base Hospital.
Reece Georgia HENDERSON DRIFEFourth granddaughter6 Oct 2008St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Sarah Grace AINGEFourth granddaughter29 Jun 2007Peninsula Private Hospital. Frankston.
Blake Leigh JEFFEREYFourth grandson23 Apr 2007Ballarat Base Hosp. Vic
Max William HENDERSON DRIFEFourth grandson31 Jan 2007St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDFourth grandson9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Ella June MC.CRACKENFourth granddaughter7 Apr 2006Mercy Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Frazer Edward CARNESFourth grandson2 Jun 2005St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat
Lily Mae CARNESFourth granddaughter2 Jun 2005St. John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDFourth grandson15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Liana Emma HENDERSON DRIFEFourth granddaughter13 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.Aus.
Elizabeth Jean AINGEFourth granddaughter2 Apr 2004Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Naomi Clare GERRARDFourth granddaughter19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Ethan Chase TURNERFourth grandson18 Jan 2004Warragul, Vic.
Jack William CARNESFourth grandson13 Aug 2002St.John of God, Ballarat. Vic.
Alex Thomas GERRARDFourth grandson27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Harrison Liam TURNERFourth grandson21 Apr 2002Warragul. Vic.
Rohan John GERRARDFourth grandson18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDFourth granddaughter26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Caitlin Lynette GLAREFourth granddaughter12 Apr 1998St. John of God, Ballarat.
Nicole Desiree OVERALLFourth granddaughter18 Jul 1997Adelaide ??? (Adopted)
Laura Jean GLAREFourth granddaughter19 Feb 1996Ballarat
Winton Craig OVERALLFourth grandson4 Jul 1991Ballarat4 Jul 1991Stillborn
William BROOKMANFather-in-law
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Alexander John GERRARDSon-in-law2 Jan 1863Geelong. Vic.7 May 1943Beeac Private Hospital #17092
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Jane HIGGINSSister-in-law1831?5 May 1914Portarlington.Vic. #7058
Nephews & Nieces
Silas Thomas APPLEBYNephew23 Jan 1865Indented Heads. Vic. #8221950Thornbury. Vic. #13373
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Austin Purchase APPLEBYGrandnephew18 May 1911Portarlington. Vic. #2282321 Jun 1988
Wilhelmena Edith (Minnie) APPLEBYGrandniece25 Jun 1909Portarlington. Vic. #2196429 Jun 1999
Silas Thomas APPLEBYGrandnephew1908Bellarine East. Vic. #166721975Fern. Vic. #13578
Albion Richard "Dick" MBE. APPLEBYGrandnephew19 Jul 1905Bellarine. Vic. #1550417 Mar 1984Bush Nursing Hospital. Pyramid Hill. Vic. #06129
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
James "Jim" APPLEBYGreat grandnephew1941
Gresta APPLEBYGreat grandniece
Norman APPLEBYGreat grandnephew
Rita APPLEBYGreat grandniece12 Aug 1942Pyramid Hill. Vic. #28290
Roger Frank JALLANDGrandson-in-law29 Jan 1906Bendigo.Vic. #83116 Feb 1999Bendigo. Vic.
Arol Jonas MILLERGrandson-in-law3 Jan 1905Ondit. Vic. #528313 Jan 1988Geelong
Eleanor Elizabeth SAUNDERSGranddaughter-in-law25 Apr 1902Heywood. Vic. #110372 Nov 1984Colac. Vic. #25998
Mary Ruby Jane SHAWGranddaughter-in-law13 Sep 1894Sebastapol.Vic. #3285326 Sep 1977Sacred Heart Hospital, Coburg. Melbourne. #25209
Jessie Edith ROBERTSONGranddaughter-in-law23 Jun 1891Shepparton. Vic. #275391984M.tal. Vic. #3691
William Dunlop CLARKGrandson-in-law1891Garvoc. Vic. #34721958Portarlington. Vic. #23116
Walter Taylor CLARKGrandson-in-law1887Garvoc. Vic. #199261957Warragul. Vic. #23216
Leslie Bellinger COSTINGrandson-in-law12 Jul 1885Collingwood. Vic. #167261965Geelong. Vic. #27325