Sarah Ann BAKER


Sarah Ann BAKER Malcolm HAIR Robert HAIR Robert HAIR Margaret TRAIN Catherine MC.KERRAL John MC.KERRAL Euffen ( Euphemia) MC.INTYRE


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Malcolm HAIR 6 Apr 1869


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1867 Moorabool. Vic. #16983
Death 20 Jan 1910 Miles. Qld.




Reference Number: P3093



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Malcolm HAIRHusband6 Apr 1869The Leigh. Vic. #952513 May 1944Miles. Qld.
Catherine MC.KERRALMother-in-law5 Jun 1826Campbeltown, Argyle. Scot.23 Jun 1899Whitton.NSW
Robert HAIRFather-in-law14 Sep 1822Saddell & Skipress. Argyle. Scotland20 Dec 1889Mahonga NSW (Asthma & Brochitis)
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Catherine Isabella HAIRSister-in-law8 Jun 1866Shelford. Vic. #91189 Mar 1944Holbrook. NSW #9460
Female HAIRSister-in-law1865Shelford. Vic. #31371865Shelford. Vic.
Archibald HAIRBrother-in-law1862Shelford. Vic. #216611863Shelford. Vic. #1676
Archibald Russell HAIRBrother-in-law1861Shelford. Vic. #31443 Mar 1862Shelford. Vic. #1875
Catherine HAIRSister-in-law1858The Leigh. Vic. #28691858Shelford. Vic. #2102
Jane HAIRSister-in-law1858The Leigh. Vic. #28701871Shelford.Vic. #3714
Thomas HAIRBrother-in-law1 Sep 1856Grenville. Vic. #1380714 Jul 1949Miles. Qld.
Elizabeth HAIRSister-in-law1855Mt. Mercer. Vic. #805322 Oct 1939Elsternwick. Vic. #10297
Euphemia HAIRSister-in-law1854Warrambeen, Shelford.. Vic. #71025 Aug 1943Geelong. Vic. #19888
Robert HAIRBrother-in-law18 Jan 1852Mt. Mercer. Vic. #961831 Mar 1927Rockhampton. Qld.
Margaret HAIRSister-in-law13 Jun 1850Warrambeen Station, Shelford.. Vic. #890926 Apr 1946Albury. NSW
John HAIRBrother-in-law18 Dec 1848Shelford. Vic. #8882 (1849)17 Jul 1937Miles Hosp. Qld. #002830
Nephews & Nieces
Mary Jane (Molly) HAIRNiece-in-law24 May 1909Bunbury, WA.20 Feb 1992Woodridge, Qld.
Colin Cecil HAIRNephew-in-law11 Sep 1905Coolamon. NSW.1978Brisbane. Qld.
Malcolm Kenneth HAIRNephew-in-law31 Jul 1901Denmark. WA.24 Dec 1961Emerald. Qld.
Thomas Stacy HAIRNephew-in-law13 Jul 1901Narranderra. NSW.23 Dec 1973Chinchilla. Qld.
Rose Anne HAIRNiece-in-law19 Mar 1901Colinroobie, NSW.24 Sep 1984Brisbane, Qld.
William James HAIRNephew-in-law12 Jan 1900Narranderra. NSW.20 Jun 1970Brisbane. Qld.
Mary Ellen HAIRNiece-in-law28 Dec 1898Whitton. NSW27 Dec 1978Qld.
Malcolm "George" HAIRNephew-in-law10 Jun 1898Narranderra, NSW.18 Sep 1975Bundaberg, Qld.
Malcolm HAIRNephew-in-law11 Dec 1896Hay NSW.13 Apr 1960Brisbane. Qld.
Sarah Elizabeth HAIRNiece-in-law3 Nov 1895Narranderra, NSW.8 Jun 1965Redcliffe, Qld.
John HAIRNephew-in-law25 Aug 1893Narranderra. NSW.26 Jan 1981Sydney. NSW.
Daniel James MOONNephew-in-law1893NSW
John HAIRNephew-in-law1893Narranderra, NSW.1895Narranderra, NSW.
Christina HAIRNiece-in-law21 Sep 1892Narranderra. NSW.27 Jan 1971Perth WA
Euphemia MC.INNESNiece-in-law1 Apr 1892Bulgandra, near Mahonga, NSW. #171421 Jul 1995Albury. NSW.
Euphemia HAIRNiece-in-law25 Aug 1891Albury NSW.1 Aug 1962Miles Qld.
Margaret Catherine HAIRNiece-in-law13 Jun 1891Junee, NSW.26 Mar 1966Perth. WA.
Elizabeth HAIRNiece-in-law23 Jul 1890Narranderra. NSW.
Thomas Malcolm MC.INNESNephew-in-law17 Jan 1890NSW. #1351525 Apr 1973Wagga Wagga, NSW. #49535
Thomas Malcolm (Tyson) MOONNephew-in-law1890Narrandera. NSW4 Feb 1943Alfred Hospital, Prahran. Vic. #1253
William Gagie HAIRNephew-in-law10 Mar 1889Albury. NSW3 Dec 1950Qld.
Robert HAIRNephew-in-law21 Oct 1888Deepwater. NSW19 Jan 1978Brisbane. Qld.
John Hair MOONNephew-in-law5 Jul 1888Albury. NSW.19 Jul 1956Dalby. Qld.
Robert William. (Nugget) HAIRNephew-in-law1888Narrandera. NSW31 May 1941Kilcoy. Qld. #001314
John Charles MC.INNESNephew-in-law25 Mar 1887Albury, NSW. # 1374419 Feb 1930Caufield. Vic. #838
Catherine (Kate) HAIRNiece-in-law7 Jan 1887NSW5 Aug 1966Qld.
Thomas White HAIRNephew-in-law4 Jul 1886Albury NSW.22 Sep 1953Towoomba. Qld.
William Henry MOONNephew-in-law8 Jan 1886Henty. NSW16 Dec 1950Leeton. NSW
Margaret C HAIRNiece-in-law1886Wagga Wagga NSW1886Wagga Wagga, NSW
John MC.INNESNephew-in-law20 Jun 1885NSW. #1767217 Jul 1885Albury. NSW. #6684
Alexander HAIRNephew-in-law8 Apr 1885Mahonga. NSW9 Jul 1976Miles. Qld.
Robert Hair MOONNephew-in-law1 Dec 1884Albury. NSW.Sydney. NSW.
Euphemia HAIRNiece-in-law4 Aug 1884Napoleons. Vic. #19165
Annie MC.INNESNiece-in-law15 Jul 1883NSW. #1074924 Jul 1953"Dalkeith", 839 David St. Albury. NSW. #22187 Suicide
Robert HAIRNephew-in-law11 Jun 1883Mahonga. NSW12 Feb 1955Toowoomba Qld.
Catherine McKerral (Kit) MOONNiece-in-law1883Albury. NSW.1962Melbourne. Vic. #16237
Margaret Catherine (Maggie) HAIRNiece-in-law12 Sep 1882Ballarat. Vic. #13751
Mary Jane Mitchell HAIRNiece-in-law23 Apr 1881Albury. NSW
Alexander MOONNephew-in-law1881Albury. NSW.1881Albury. NSW.
Catherine MC.INNESNiece-in-law5 Nov 1880Durham Lead. Vic. #88311 Nov 1971Albury, NSW. #65877
Elizabeth Catherine (Bessie) HAIRNiece-in-law1880Melbourne. Vic. # N/R3 Sep 1963Deep.Melbourne. Vic. #5172
Robert MC.INNESNephew-in-law22 Jul 1879Durham Lead. Vic. #194016 Dec 1972
Catherine McKerral HAIRNiece-in-law29 Apr 1879Corowa. NSW18 May 1963Braemer Hosp. Fremantle. WA.
Margaret MC.INNESNiece-in-law24 Jul 1878Durham Lead. Vic. #1533024 Jan 1879Durham Lead. Vic. #1068
Annie MC.INNESNiece-in-law6 Aug 1877Durham Lead. Vic. #21802R20 Jun 1883Albury NSW #5113 Diptheria
Jane MC.INNESNiece-in-law17 Nov 1875Durham Lead. Vic. #210930 Sep 1956
Mary MC.INNESNiece-in-law24 May 1874Durham Lead. Vic. #1534228 Apr 1945Albury NSW
Catherine GAGIENiece-in-law1873Rokewood. Vic. #26411915Hagley. Tas.
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Daphne Joyce COLINGGrandniece-in-law13 May 1919Nth. Dulacca, Qld
Olive "Rose" COLINGGrandniece-in-law6 Nov 1917Miles. Qld. #129123 Aug 2003Brighton, Qld.
Daisy Adeline Pearl COLINGGrandniece-in-law4 Dec 1916North Dulacca, Qld. #793 (1917)4 Feb 1995Prince Charles Hosp. Chermside. Qld.