Anna Elizabeth APPLEBY


Anna Elizabeth APPLEBY Silas APPLEBY Silas APPLEBY Anna AUSTIN Harriet Ann BROOKMAN William BROOKMAN Charlotte Alexander John GERRARD Charles Thomas GERRARD James GERRARD Elizabeth THORNE Janet FALCONER Alexander FALCONER Janet MACKAY Louis Falconer GERRARD Myrtle Charlotte GERRARD John Huie GERRARD Janet GERRARD Jessie Gladys GERRARD Dorothy Anna GERRARD


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Silas APPLEBY 1821  Harriet Ann BROOKMAN 14 Jun 1830

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Alexander John GERRARD 2 Jan 1863  Louis Falconer GERRARD
 Myrtle Charlotte GERRARD
 John Huie GERRARD
 Jessie Gladys GERRARD
 Dorothy Anna GERRARD


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 11 Nov 1868 Bellarine.Vic. #21670
Death 11 Feb 1943 Beeac.Vic. #15292
Burial 13 Feb 1943 Colac




Birthday Surprise :
Those who do not know Mrs. Gerrard personally, will have often read her name
among the list of prize winners at the flower shows. Her preserved fruits,
jams, and delicious jellies look far too tempting, and I've noticed that she
wins nearly all the prizes in this section.
Paper and Date not known.
Mrs. A. Gerrard (a mother and very gracious lady, who is well known throughout
the district, but especially around Beeac), celebrated her birthday on the 11th
of this month, and it was a very happy thought that prompted her children
(grown up though they may be) to give her a surprise party at her home at Ondit
to mark the event. Several toasts were honoured at this jolly family gathering,
and the picture was completed by the lighting of the sixty-nine candles on the
marvellous birthday cake which occupied pride of place on the table.
The ARGUS..Friday 12 February 1943.
GERRARD....On February 11 at Ondit, Annie Elizabeth, beloved wife of Alexander
Gerrard, and devoted mother of Lou, Myrtle, Jack, Janet, Gladys and Dorothy,
aged 74 years.
GERRARD....The Funeral of the late ANNIE ELIZABETH GERRARD will leave her late
residence TOMORROW (Saturday) at 1.45 pm., for the Colac cemetery.
Mother's birthday in every home is, I feel sure, an occasion for special
rejoicing, and, as the years pass on, what a wealth of tender memories are
associated with this happy day.
Reference Number: P162



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Alexander John GERRARDHusband2 Jan 1863Geelong. Vic.7 May 1943Beeac Private Hospital #17092
Brothers & Sisters
Unamed female APPLEBYSister1867Bellarine. Vic.1867Lived 1 hr. Bellarine. Vic. #9865
James Austin APPLEBYBrother13 Sep 1865Indented Head. Vic. #1354418 Sep 1948Private Hospital, Brighton. #10517
William Henry RICHARDSHalf Brother1861Ballarat. Vic. #76361948Cheltenham. Vic. #12706
Emma APPLEBYHalf Sister1851Somerset. England1852Died on board S.S.Ticoderoga en route to Aust.
John APPLEBYHalf Brother1849Somerset, England.1852Died on board S.S.Ticonderoga en-route Aust.
Dorothy Anna GERRARDDaughter23 Feb 1913Colac #25615 May 1994Bendigo. Vic.
Jessie Gladys GERRARDDaughter28 Jan 1906Ondit.Colac. #546821 Nov 1976Geelong. Vic. #28423
Janet GERRARDDaughter15 Sep 1899Ondit.Colac.Vic. #2891725 Apr 1972Beeac.Vic. #10232
John Huie GERRARDSon15 Jun 1897Ondit. Colac. Vic. #217295 Sep 1968Colac.Vic. #26099
Myrtle Charlotte GERRARDDaughter6 Jul 1893Bellarine, Vic. #1936823 Jan 1959Warrion. Vic. #20612
Louis Falconer GERRARDSon29 Feb 1892Drysdale. Vic. #96722 Dec 1971St. Andrews Hospital, Melbourne #3163
Harriet Ann BROOKMANMother14 Jun 183014 Jun 1906Ondit.Vic. #6695
Silas APPLEBYFather1821Baltonsborough, West Lydford, Somerset. Eng.13 Feb 1901Bellarine.Vic. # 482
Jennifer Ruth JALLANDGranddaughter26 Dec 194329 Sep 2009Pheonix, Arizona. U.S.A.
Jessie Elizabeth MILLERGranddaughter30 Nov 1939Beeac. Vic.
Helen Rosemary JALLANDGranddaughter16 Nov 1938
Russell James MILLERGrandson27 Jun 1938Beeac. Vic.
Geoffrey Austin MILLERGrandson9 Mar 1934Beeac. Vic.
Dorothy Anna RICHENSGranddaughter18 Dec 193326 May 2004Epworth Hospital, Melbourne
Alexander (Pete) GERRARDGrandson28 Sep 1932Beeac.Vic.
Douglas Falconer RICHENSGrandson18 Jul 1924Colac. Vic.
Alfred John GERRARDGrandson31 Jan 1924Colac. Vic.1991Queensland.
John Louis GERRARDGrandson22 Jul 1917Beeac.Vic. #176815 Jun 1987Beaufort.Vic.
Alice Russell GERRARDGranddaughter2 Oct 1915Beeac.Vic. #292946 Mar 1999Frankston.Vic.
Great grandchildren
Malcolm James KAYGreat grandson30 Jul 1975
Christine Elizabeth KAYGreat granddaughter12 Feb 1973
Cory John BESSIEGreat grandson26 Oct 1970Woolongong, N.S.W.
Katrina Helen BROOKSGreat granddaughter18 Mar 1968
Nicole BESSIEGreat granddaughter12 Mar 1967Woolongong
Valma Joy GERRARDGreat granddaughter16 Nov 1965
Karen Rosemary BROOKSGreat granddaughter5 Aug 1964
Scott Geoffrey MILLERGreat grandson13 Aug 1963
Robert Louis GERRARDGreat grandson17 Apr 1963
Jeffrey Lawrence BROOKSGreat grandson26 Nov 1961
Marlene Anne MILLERGreat granddaughter1 Jul 1961Colac. Vic.17 Jul 2005Clifton Springs. Geelong
Garry Russell MILLERGreat grandson29 Feb 1960Colac. Vic.
Glenn James MILLERGreat grandson30 May 1958Colac. Vic.
David John GERRARDGreat grandson11 Dec 1952Beaufort
Beverley June GERRARDGreat granddaughter14 Jun 1948Beaufort11 May 2001Wantirna Sth.. Vic.
Dorothy Lynette GERRARDGreat granddaughter27 Apr 1946Beaufort. Vic.
Janice Russell DEBNEYGreat granddaughter10 Feb 1946
Marion Jean GERRARDGreat granddaughter25 Apr 1944Beaufort
Bryan RICHENSGreat grandson
Graeme (Gerry) GERRARDGreat grandson
Judith Linda RICHENSGreat granddaughter
Kaylene GERRARDGreat granddaughter
Louise GERRARDGreat granddaughter
Nola RICHENSGreat granddaughter
Second grandchildren
Madeline Lilyanne RAINESSecond granddaughter7 Mar 2008
Phoebe Carin POWELLSecond granddaughter17 May 2001
Shaun Charles Alexander FREEMANSecond grandson7 Jul 2000Sunbury, Vic.
Jackson Mark POWELLSecond grandson19 Jul 1998
Matthew Dylan BROOKSSecond grandson18 Mar 1997
Cassandra Jordyn BROOKSSecond granddaughter20 Feb 1994
Jessica Jane FREEMANSecond granddaughter27 Jun 1993Sunbury
Clare Louise MILLERSecond granddaughter18 Apr 1993St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Kate RICHENSSecond grandson12 Sep 1991
Elise Elizabeth WESTSecond granddaughter26 Jun 1990St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Brock John WESTSecond grandson25 Mar 1988St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Alicia Jayne MILLERSecond granddaughter30 Oct 1986St John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Christopher Walter WESTSecond grandson20 Jun 1986St. John of God. Geelong. Vic.
Emma Lynette HARRISONSecond granddaughter24 Apr 1985Ballarat
Joanne Maree HARRISONSecond granddaughter19 Nov 1980Ballarat
Dean Matthew GERRARDSecond grandson11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Nathan Stanley MC.CRACKENSecond grandson20 Jul 1975Melton
Narelle Louise CARNESSecond granddaughter9 Mar 1975Beaufort
Peter Mark GERRARDSecond grandson30 Nov 1974Ballarat
David Ian LEWISSecond grandson6 Nov 1973
Colin John GERRARDSecond grandson3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Raelene Joy MC.CRACKENSecond granddaughter29 Jul 1973Terang
Geoffrey Wayne CARNESSecond grandson20 Jun 1973Beaufort
Glen Andrew LEWISSecond grandson2 Nov 1972
Wendy Jean CARNESSecond granddaughter7 Jul 1971Beaufort
Deborah Jean HARRISONSecond granddaughter8 Feb 1968Ballarat
Russell John LEWISSecond grandson6 Oct 1967
Jennifer Anne HARRISONSecond granddaughter25 Nov 1965Ballarat
Sandra HARRISONSecond granddaughter25 Nov 1965Ballarat27 Nov 1965Ballarat .Vic. #26332
Kade RICHENSSecond grandson
Luke RICHENSSecond grandson
Third grandchildren
Jude Nathan Donald MC.CRACKENThird grandson27 Jul 2011Melbourne.
Clayton Harrison JEFFEREYThird grandson5 Jan 2010Ballarat Base Hospital.
Reece Georgia HENDERSON DRIFEThird granddaughter6 Oct 2008St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Sarah Grace AINGEThird granddaughter29 Jun 2007Peninsula Private Hospital. Frankston.
Blake Leigh JEFFEREYThird grandson23 Apr 2007Ballarat Base Hosp. Vic
Max William HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandson31 Jan 2007St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDThird grandson9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Ella June MC.CRACKENThird granddaughter7 Apr 2006Mercy Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Frazer Edward CARNESThird grandson2 Jun 2005St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat
Lily Mae CARNESThird granddaughter2 Jun 2005St. John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDThird grandson15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Liana Emma HENDERSON DRIFEThird granddaughter13 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.Aus.
Elizabeth Jean AINGEThird granddaughter2 Apr 2004Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Naomi Clare GERRARDThird granddaughter19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Ethan Chase TURNERThird grandson18 Jan 2004Warragul, Vic.
Jack William CARNESThird grandson13 Aug 2002St.John of God, Ballarat. Vic.
Alex Thomas GERRARDThird grandson27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Harrison Liam TURNERThird grandson21 Apr 2002Warragul. Vic.
Rohan John GERRARDThird grandson18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDThird granddaughter26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Caitlin Lynette GLAREThird granddaughter12 Apr 1998St. John of God, Ballarat.
Nicole Desiree OVERALLThird granddaughter18 Jul 1997Adelaide ??? (Adopted)
Laura Jean GLAREThird granddaughter19 Feb 1996Ballarat
Winton Craig OVERALLThird grandson4 Jul 1991Ballarat4 Jul 1991Stillborn
Anna AUSTINGrandmother
Silas APPLEBYGrandfather
William BROOKMANGrandfather
Janet FALCONERMother-in-law1832London St, Glasgow, Scotland18 Sep 1867Garden St. Geelong #8327
Charles Thomas GERRARDFather-in-law12 Sep 1826Brighton, Sussex, Eng.18 Apr 1900Ondit.Vic. #6760
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Roger Frank JALLANDSon-in-law29 Jan 1906Bendigo.Vic. #83116 Feb 1999Bendigo. Vic.
Arol Jonas MILLERSon-in-law3 Jan 1905Ondit. Vic. #528313 Jan 1988Geelong
Eleanor Elizabeth SAUNDERSDaughter-in-law25 Apr 1902Heywood. Vic. #110372 Nov 1984Colac. Vic. #25998
Mary Ruby Jane SHAWDaughter-in-law13 Sep 1894Sebastapol.Vic. #3285326 Sep 1977Sacred Heart Hospital, Coburg. Melbourne. #25209
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
John Huie (Hugh) GERRARDBrother-in-law25 Mar 1865Kilgour St. Geelong, Vic. #87362 Nov 1892Frankston. Vic. #13884
Jessica Falconer GERRARDSister-in-law27 Jul 1860Geelong4 Aug 1955Croydon. Vic. #21522
Charles Thomas GERRARDBrother-in-law10 Jun 1857Geelong. Vic. #1511625 Mar 1904East Heidleburg. Melbourne. Vic. #2353
James Falconer GERRARDBrother-in-law11 May 1855Ashby, Geelong West. Vic. #794727 Mar 1927Newcastle. NSW. #1786
Nephews & Nieces
Roy Charles APPLEBYNephew27 Jun 1904Krambruk. Apollo Bay, Vic. #1920320 Jun 1993Terang. Vic.
Norman James APPLEBYNephew29 Dec 1901Krambruk. Apollo Bay, Vic. #39881976Caufield. Vic. #6373
Annabel Christina APPLEBYNiece9 Jun 1899Bellarine. Vic. #158051982Portarlington. Vic. #12931
Clara Isabel APPLEBYNiece22 Mar 1897Bellarine. Vic. #84731919
Olive Maude GERRARDNiece-in-law1897Bellarine East. Vic. #165411980Cheltenham. Vic. #24803
Grace Elizabeth APPLEBYNiece25 Jan 1895Bellarine. Vic. #8561979Warragul. Vic. #8376
John Leslie SELLARSNephew-in-law1894Queensland. #B0554273 Jun 1917
Leslie Austin APPLEBYNephew11 Mar 1893Bellarine. Vic. #8781964Parkville . Vic. #3927
Mabel Janette APPLEBYNiece22 Mar 1891Bellarine. Vic. #91541969Apollo Bay. Vic. #27659
Linda Jeanette GERRARDNiece-in-law1891Bellarine East. Vic. #299631906Heidleberg. Vic. #9417
Doris Falconer SELLARSNiece-in-law2 Feb 1889Nth. Rockhampton, Qld. #C0118221 Dec 1914The Range, Toowoomba. Qld.
Reginald Arthur SELLARSNephew-in-law7 Dec 1887Clermont, Qld. #C002018 (1888)23 Oct 1976
Charles Garnet Wolsey GERRARDNephew-in-law9 Sep 1886Port Arlington, Bellarine. Vic. #2391417 Jul 1968Merlynston. Vic. #17671
Harry "Roy" Gerrard SELLARSNephew-in-law12 Jun 1886Clermont, Qld. #C00163711 Dec 1958453 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Vic. #5601 (1959)
Charles Thomas GERRARDNephew-in-law17 Nov 1885Melville St. Junction, Newcastle.N.S.W. #276498 Oct 1958New Zealand. #32108 74yrs.
Annie Isabel GERRARDNiece-in-law30 Apr 1884Bellarine. Vic. #728920 Apr 1974Mornington.Vic. #9056
Frederick George GERRARDNephew-in-law25 Apr 1882Bellarine. Vic. #7073May 1959Croxton. Vic. #5592
James Alexander GERRARDNephew-in-law18 Feb 1881Cooks Hill, Newcastle. N.S.W. #2333315 Mar 1941New Zealand. #17409 59yrs.
Jessie Florence GERRARDNiece-in-law20 Dec 1878Corlette St. Newcastle. N.S.W. #27649 (1879)1949Sydney. NSW. #23890
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Patricia MILNEGrandniece-in-law1926
Keith Alexander GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law10 Jul 1925Thornbury. Vic.Jul 1965Healesville. Vic. #14512 age 39
Vernon Thomas. name changed to Billy. GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law11 Apr 1924Fitzroy. Vic.Died pre 2006 about 2003.
Leslie Gerard (Ra) SELLARSGrandnephew-in-law28 Apr 1923Bunderberg. Qld.
Lorna Jeanette GERRARDGrandniece-in-law7 Jul 1922Melbourne. Vic.1 Nov 2006McLeod Hospice House of Florence. South Carolina.
Noel Richard Garnet GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law4 Dec 1920Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #31142Still alive 2011
Reginald William SELLARSGrandnephew-in-law12 Aug 1920
Dorothy Ida GERRARDGrandniece-in-law1920Fitzroy. Vic. #3307
Cyril Douglas COSTINGrandnephew21 Mar 1919Penshurst. Vic. #61122 May 2007
Jessie Elizabeth Falconer SELLARSGrandniece-in-law15 Jul 1918Brisbane. Qld.10 Apr 19882 McCubbin St, Ivanhoe. Victoria.
Keith Leslie COSTINGrandnephew6 Jun 1916Penshurst. Vic. #1481130 Aug 1994
Edward Sturdee COSTINGrandnephew27 Feb 1915Colac. Vic. #254522 Sep 2004
Dr. Gordon Gerrard MILNEGrandnephew-in-law2 Jul 1914Nth Carlton. Vic. #203166 Feb 2001Cairns. Qld.
Henry Frederick Gerrard (Harry) SELLARSGrandnephew-in-law13 Jun 1914Queensland. #B03672231 Dec 1931Prahan. Vic. #3120 (1932)
Gordon Falconer Gearing LEEGrandnephew-in-law9 Nov 1913Queensland. #C014560
Clara Isabella COSTINGrandniece1913Colac. Vic. #1130727 Oct 1981
Frederick Stewart GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law12 Feb 1912Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #693Oct 1979Heidleberg. Vic. #26519
Leonard Gerrard SELLARSGrandnephew-in-law12 Sep 1911Kangaroo Point, Queensland. #B02664222 Jul 1943Stradishall, England.
James Alexander GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law1909N.Z. #973013 Aug 1948N.Z. #19353
James Frederick MILNEGrandnephew-in-law1909Carlton Nth. Vic. #17684Feb 1923Carlton. Vic. #812 (Meningitis)
Annie Linda "Nancy" MILNEGrandniece-in-law1908Carlton Nth. Vic. #99901981Mornington. Vic. #02872
Jessie Adeline GERRARDGrandniece-in-law1908NZ. #15737
Winefred Alester (Winifred Alice) GERRARDGrandniece-in-law20 Dec 1906NZ #2103 (1907)17 Jun 1982N.Z. #34269
James A J BENTICKGrandnephew-in-law1904Sydney. NSW. #95071968Newtown. NSW. #15483
Frances Matilda M BENTICKGrandniece-in-law1901Sydney NSW. #4031961Marrackville. NSW. #10886
William Joseph Charles BENTICKGrandnephew-in-law25 Feb 1899Sydney. NSW. #6741969Liverpool NSW. #31697
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
John BERRYGreat grandnephew
Maybelline BERRYGreat grandniece
Uncles & Aunts
Albion APPLEBYUncle182515 May 1900Bellarine. Vic. #4541 Aged 75 yrs.
James Austin APPLEBYUncle181810 Mar 1882Wells, Somerset. England. (aged 64)
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Jane HIGGINSAunt-in-law1831?5 May 1914Portarlington.Vic. #7058
Silas Thomas APPLEBYFirst cousin (m)23 Jan 1865Indented Heads. Vic. #8221950Thornbury. Vic. #13373
1st cousins once removed
Austin Purchase APPLEBY1st cousin once removed (m)18 May 1911Portarlington. Vic. #2282321 Jun 1988
Wilhelmena Edith (Minnie) APPLEBY1st cousin once removed (f)25 Jun 1909Portarlington. Vic. #2196429 Jun 1999
Silas Thomas APPLEBY1st cousin once removed (m)1908Bellarine East. Vic. #166721975Fern. Vic. #13578
Albion Richard "Dick" MBE. APPLEBY1st cousin once removed (m)19 Jul 1905Bellarine. Vic. #1550417 Mar 1984Bush Nursing Hospital. Pyramid Hill. Vic. #06129
1st cousins twice removed
James "Jim" APPLEBY1st cousin twice removed (m)1941
Gresta APPLEBY1st cousin twice removed (f)
Norman APPLEBY1st cousin twice removed (m)
Rita APPLEBY1st cousin twice removed (f)12 Aug 1942Pyramid Hill. Vic. #28290
Helen Gwendoline WILLIAMSGranddaughter-in-law8 Aug 1940
Marlene Phyllis PAECKGranddaughter-in-law13 Jan 1940Geelong. Vic.
Catherine Elizabeth MAHONEYGranddaughter-in-law5 Oct 1939Colac. Vic.
Terrence KAYGrandson-in-law1 Mar 1937
June Nola KESSNERGranddaughter-in-law3 Dec 19342 Aug 1991Melbourne. Vic
Neil Lawrence BROOKSGrandson-in-law17 Sep 1934
Oliver Victor (David) DEBNEYGrandson-in-law1 Feb 1920Flemington. Vic. #347318 Jan 1999Rosebud.
Jean Esther BINNSGranddaughter-in-law2 Apr 1917Beeac.Vic. #917418 Sep 1984Beaufort.Vic. #21731
Albert "Victor" CASSELLSGrandson-in-law
Giovanni (John) BESSIEGrandson-in-law
Hazel May SAUNDERSGranddaughter-in-law
Jerry GRUNDYGrandson-in-law