Margaret DINAN


Margaret DINAN Philip DINAN James DINAN Margaret KELLY Bridget STACKPOOLE (STACKPOLE) Charles MADDEN Charles BEER


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Philip DINAN 1804  Bridget STACKPOOLE (STACKPOLE) 1814

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Charles MADDEN 1833
 Charles BEER 1840


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 26 Nov 1839 Tullaghboy Ireland
Death 1890 Carlton North Vic #1018




Baptised Roman Catholic Chapel Tulla County Clare Ireland on the 26th November
Reference Number: P2956



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Charles BEERHusband1840England9 Mar 1898Melbourne East Vic #3642
Charles MADDENHusband1833Galway Ireland1876
Brothers & Sisters
Elizabeth DINANSister14 Aug 1860Moymore Ireland1940Fremantle WA
Bridget DINANSister14 Oct 1858Clare. Ireland.1 Dec 1935Marybourgh. Vic. #18471
Ellen DINANSister23 Aug 1856Moymore Ireland1887Maryborough Vic 10823
Michael DINANBrother1854Moymore Ireland1932Melbourne. Vic. #408
Annie DINANSister17 Mar 1852Moymore Clare. IrelandAug 1937Northcote. Vic. #7903
William DINANBrother1850Moymore Ireland
Bridget B DINANSister13 Jan 1849Moymore Tulla County Clare Ireland
Patrick DINANBrother1846Moymore Ireland
James DINANBrother8 Sep 1844Moymore Ireland1900Brisbane
John DINANBrother1840Tullaghboy Ireland5 Oct 1908Colac. Vic. #13194
Mary DINANSister15 May 1836Tulla, County Clare, Ireland.19 May 1913Sth.Melbourne. Vic. #No Vic issue
Bridget STACKPOOLE (STACKPOLE)Mother1814Moymore, Tulla. Ireland.1898Tulla Ireland
Philip DINANFather1804Moymore, Tulla. Ireland.1884Tulla. Ireland
James DINANGrandfather1775Tulla County Clare
Margaret KELLYGrandmother1775Tulla County Clare. Ireland
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Frank BREARLEYBrother-in-law1862York England3 Jul 1890East Melbourne Vic #12620
Wilhelmenia Ogston. MC.DOUGALLSister-in-law1862Ogston, Ireland1923Ballarat Vic. #8582
Edmond O.REILLYBrother-in-law1859Ballarat Victoria
John FERGEUSBrother-in-law1859Maryborough. Vic. #1525623 Oct 1904Maryborough. Vic. #13025
Mary HANRAHANSister-in-law7 Jul 1843Tulaghboy Ireland1921Colac. Vic. #5264 age 75
Adam KLEINBrother-in-law1834Hesse D armstadt1917Ballarat East VIc #3630
Heinrich Eberhard THIEMEYERBrother-in-law4 Aug 1825Aurich, Kingdom of Hannover10 Feb 1879Ballarat.Vic. #122
Phillip Henry SEYMOURBrother-in-lawEngland.
Nephews & Nieces
William Maurice DINANNephew1903Warrenheip. Vic. #143641938Heidleberg. Vic. #14364
Edward FERGEUSNephew1902Maryborough. Vic. #119861977Preston. Vic. #13742
Michael James DINANNephew1901Stawell. Vic. #68451902Ballarat. Vic. #4218
Myra Coral FERGEUSNiece1900Maryborough. Vic. #280411901Maryborough. Vic. #6391
Ivey Victoria FERGEUSNiece1899Maryborough. Vic. #12050
Linda Delia FERGEUSNiece1898Maryborough. Vic. #126091898Maryborough. Vic. #17116 1 month
Mary SEYMOURNiece1897Melbourne South. Vic. #210071897Western Australia. #1142
Phillip FERGEUSNephew1897Maryborough. Vic. #4847
Veronica SEYMOURNephew1896Fremantle W.A. #5641897Fremantle W A #782
Elizabeth Ann May SEYMOURNiece1895Brunswick. Vic. #9901R1895Brunswick. Vic. #12329R 6 mths twin
Hazel FERGEUSNiece1895Maryborough. Vic. #226351981Coburg. Vic. #03511
Henry Ernest SEYMOURNephew1895Brunswick. Vic. #9902R1895Brunswick. Vic. #12331R twin
Hetty FERGEUSNephew1894Maryborough Vic #13696
Phillip Henry SEYMOURNephew1893Richmond. Vic. #347001894Richmond.Vic. #3577 2 mths.
Annie May FERGEUSNiece1892Maryborough. Vic. #3442819 Mar 1946Mont Albert. Vic. #2752
Phillip Henry SEYMOURNephew1892Richmond. Vic. #359671892Richmond. Vic. #15394
Adam FERGEUSNephew1891Maryborough. Vic. #34927
Eva FERGEUSNiece1890Maryborough. Vic. #53471958Melbourne. Vic. #14874
George Henry BREARLEYNephew1890Hotham East. Vic. #144031891SY/ Vic. #8162
William FERGEUSNephew1889Maryborough. Vic. #51941952Melbourne. Vic. #8957
William BREARLEYNephew1888Carlton. Vic. #9665
Ruth Ellen FERGEUSNiece1887Maryborough. Vic. #213556 Jun 1970Maryborough. Vic. #12901
Annie Eliza BREARLEYNiece1886Melbourne. Vic. #20257
Thomas FERGEUSNephew1886Maryborough. Vic. #42701964Parkville Vic. #13018
Harriet BREARLEYNiece1885Melbourne. Vic. #11703
John FERGEUSNephew1884Beaufort. Vic. #1458417 Jun 1958Maryborough. Vic. #22920
Michael James DINANNephew18841886Warrnambool. Vic. #3992 age 2 yrs.
George FERGEUSNephew1883Ballarat. Vic. #668017 Jul 1904Maryborough. Vic. #9459
William Charles KLEINNephew1883Ballarat. Vic. #140561884Ballarat. Vic. #3486 age 9 mths
Annie Maria KLEINNiece1882Ballarat. Vic. #67331890Ballarat E. Vic. #238
Cecelia Bridget DINANNiece7 Oct 1881Colac. Vic. #268411936Surrey Hills. Vic. #7659
John Phillip DINANNephew1881Miltown Milbay County Clare Ireland1949146 Balaclava Road Caufield. Vic. #8409 age 68 yrs.
Martha Annie FERGEUSNiece1881Pleasant Creek Vic. #253121962Maryborough. Vic. #20724
Ethel Ellen DINANNiece21 Dec 1878Warrnambool. Vic. #61391963Kew. Vic. #19160
Henriette Mary THIEMEYERNiece30 May 1878Ballarat.Vic. #1317215 Dec 1949Elwood. Vic. #297 (1950)
Ellen Eva (Nellie) KLEINNiece1877Ballarat Vic # 2891967Brighton. Vic. #25674
Agatha Derende DINANNiece12 Aug 1876Warrnambool. Vic. #265431 Oct 1949Colac. Vic. #22749
Charlotte Elizabeth (Lottie) THIEMEYERNiece30 May 1876Ballarat.Vic. #66427 Aug 1970Perth
John Joseph KLEINNephew1875Ballarat. Vic. #208373 Nov 19435 Boronia St. Canterbury. Vic. #11729
Philomene Catherine DINANNiece24 Nov 1874Warrnambool. Vic. #2656931 Mar 1906Camperdown. Vic. #789
Adam Conrad KLEINNephew7 Aug 1874Ballarat. Vic. #1359617 Dec 1962Parkville. Vic. #7
Theodore Maximillian Adam THIEMEYERNephew23 Apr 1873Ballarat.Vic. #71807 Jun 1949Footscray.Vic. #5631
Annie Margaret DINANNiece4 Aug 1871Stawell. Vic. #1867529 Oct 1939Fitzroy. Vic. #7867
Lisette Amelia Augusta THIEMEYERNiece26 Mar 1871Ballarat.Vic. #136772 May 1950Toorak.Vic. #5465
Bedelia Theresa THIEMEYERNiece9 Jul 1869Ballarat.Vic. #1337323 Mar 1938Nth.Fitzroy.Vic. #2507
John Edward DINANNephew15 Sep 1867Ballarat. Vic #195951903Colac Vic. # 13194
Mary Ellen THIEMEYERNiece1867Ballarat.Vic. #195871869#3319
Mary Cecilia DINANNiece16 May 1865Ballarat. Vic. #67211881Warrnambool. Vic. #6236
John Theodore THIEMEYERNephew1865Ballarat.Vic. #1299327 Nov 1885Ballarat.Vic. #10943
William Philip DINANNephew14 Jul 1863Ballarat. Vic. #121851936Cheltenham. Vic. #6478
Henry Charles THIEMEYERNephew1863Ballarat.Vic. #60098 Jul 1872Ballarat.Vic. #6108
Ann Margaret THIEMEYERNiece7 May 1861Ballarat.Vic. #765324 Dec 1950Brunswick, Vic. #64
Emanuel William Philip Leopold (Manny) THIEMEYERNephew2 Dec 1859Ballarat.Vic. #214323 Oct 1919Ballarat.Vic. #15741
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Douglas John COONGrandnephew3 Jul 1931Surrey Hill, Vic3 Jul 1931Surrey Hills Vic. #11841
Gregory Elwyn COONGrandnephew31 Aug 1923Raleigh St, Windsor. Vic.
Frederick William FERGEUSGrandnephew192320 Dec 1942Kew. Vic. #378 (1943) age 20
Eileen Angus BAKERGrandniece1920Sth. Melbourne. Vic. #5440
Tessie Doreen ROBERTSGrandniece1920Prahan. Vic. #6622
George Frederick DINANGrandnephew31 Oct 1919Hawthorn. Vic. #280472 May 2009Ballarat. Vic aged 90
Norman Edward FERGEUSGrandnephew1919Maryborough. Vic. #50461978Lowe? Vic. #28558
John Edward FERGEUSGrandnephew5 Jun 1918Maryborough. Vic. #1298016 Sep 2005
Gerte Rosanna BAKERGrandniece1917Sth. Melbourne. Vic. #30809
Leonard FERGEUSGrandnephew28 Jan 1916Maryborough. Vic. #517617 Apr 1998
Dallis Ivy ROBERTSGrandniece1916Prahan. Vic. #32691
Kevin MURPHYGrandnephew1916Ballarat. Vic. #3211218 Apr 1999Williamstown. Vic.
Mary Frances BAKERGrandniece1916Sth. Melbourne. Vic. #31672
Nancy Hazel SEERSGrandniece1916Maryborough. Vic. #18145
Ian Anthony Despard BAKERGrandnephew1915Sth. Melbourne. Vic. #234437 Feb 1932Colac. Vic. #1201
Roy Perkins SEERSGrandnephew1915Maryborough. Vic. #32137
Ronald Edward FERGEUSGrandnephew1914Maryborough. Vic. #331341914Maryborough. Vic. #14763B
Maisie Olive THIEMEYERGrandniece9 Sep 1913Healesville.Vic. #2274422 May 1988
Doris Edna "Dorrie" DINANGrandniece1911Yan Yean. Vic. #7977
John Robert (Mick) FERGEUSGrandnephew191119 Dec 1976Maryborough. Vic. #30354 age 65
Maximillian Emanuel THIEMEYERGrandnephew21 May 1909St.Kilda. Vic. #2310310 Feb 1988
Gerte Lynda May FERGEUSGrandnephew1909Maryborough. Vic. #28967
Bruce Dinan THIEMEYERGrandnephew1908Healesville.Vic. #39821909Warnambool.Vic. #3483
Mary "Eileen" DINANGrandniece1908Collingwood. Vic. #26197R1982Melbourne. Vic. #15868
John Joseph MURPHYGrandnephew27 Jan 1906Ballarat East. Vic. #4901961Parkville. Vic. #10808
Francis James DINANGrandnephew1906Richmond. Vic. #294531963Seaford. Vic. #5388 aged 55
Leslie John DINANGrandnephew1905Bunninyong. Vic. #87231969Heidleberg. Vic. #8129
Otto Keith HORNEMANNGrandnephew9 Jul 1904Carlton Nth.Vic. #166851975Brighton. Vic. #9519
Norman Alick THIEMEYERGrandnephew20 May 1904Healesville.Vic. #1867127 Jan 1993
John Phillip "Charlie" DINANGrandnephew1904Carlton. Vic. #242071974Heidleberg. Vic. #8459 aged 69
Michael "Gerard" QUINNGrandnephew1904Cobden. Vic. #247331964Dandenong. Vic. #26060
Mary "Agatha" QUINNGrandniece1903Cobden. Vic. #21961984Kew. Vic. #10294
Carol Beta HORNEMANNGrandniece1 Sep 1902Richmond.Vic. #28981
Elizabeth Isobel THIEMEYERGrandniece24 Mar 1902Ballarat East.Vic. #765225 Jul 1976Wendouree.Vic. #19673
Wray Valerie THIEMEYERGrandniece24 Mar 1902Ballarat East.Vic. #765322 Aug 1960Williamstown.Vic. #11488
Beryl Emelia HORNEMANNGrandniece26 Jul 1901Richmond. Vic. #2205531 Aug 1901Richmond. Vic. #11486
Kathleen Margaret (Kit) DINANGrandniece1901Warrenheip. Vic. #232891971Prahan. Vic. #22776 aged 71
Mildred Philomena QUINNGrandniece1898Cobden. Vic. #17739
Myrtle Agnes TAYLORGrandniece6 Aug 1897Melbourne Sth. Vic. #211175 Nov 1966Fitzroy. Vic. #24591
John Martin (Jack) QUINNGrandnephew1897Cobden. Vic. #18116
Eric James Charles TAYLORGrandnephew1896Melbourne Sth. Vic. #133951900Allans Flat. Vic. #11326
Violet Annie MC.DUFFGrandniece1896Ballarat. Vic. #168261897Ballarat. Vic. #246
Edward William Joseph MC.DUFFGrandnephew18 Sep 1894Bwick? Vic. #2619124 Oct 1983West Heidleberg. Vic. #24424
Mary Lizette TAYLORGrandniece1894Port Melbourne. Vic. #147881977Sale. Vic. #16754
Emmanuel Theodore THIEMEYERGrandnephew18 Sep 1892Ballarat East.Vic. #294331894Ballarat East.Vic. #8341
Helen Maine (Nellie) THIEMEYERGrandniece18 Sep 1892Ballarat East.Vic. #294328 May 1977Ballarat.Vic. #10365
Bedelia Lizette Mary MC.DUFFGrandniece1892Ballarat. Vic. #293311900Ballarat. Vic. #11498
Theodore Norman MC.DUFFGrandnephew1891Ballarat. Vic. #87061891Ballarat. Vic. #13262
Heinrich James Eberhard (Rex) THIEMEYERGrandnephew31 Jul 1889Ballarat East.Vic. #2811417 Aug 1969Melbourne.Vic. #18303
Chas Lancelot MC.DUFFGrandnephew1889Beaufort. Vic. #186191889Beaufort. Vic. #15149
Ernest Eberhard MC.DUFFGrandnephew1888Beaufort. Vic. #1768020 Jan 1976Heidleburg. Vic. #3194
Lottie Irene May (Charlotte) MC.DUFFGrandniece19 Dec 1887Beaufort. Vic. #6589 Oct 1981Williamstown. Vic. #23106
Cyril Roy Chisholm THIEMEYERGrandnephew1887Ballarat.Vic. #84021957Surrey Hills. Vic. #12599
Clarice Mabel MC.DUFFGrandniece9 Mar 1885Beaufort. Vic. #771930 May 1978Gree? Vic. #12027
William "Emanuel" MC.DUFFGrandnephew1883Beaufort. Vic. #141799 May 1969Ballarat. Vic. #9588
Henrietta Louisa MC.DUFFGrandniece1882Ballarat. Vic. #67181883Ballarat East.Vic. #280
Alan MAIRGrandnephew
Bruce DINANGrandnephew
Francis Kevin MAIRGrandnephew
Ivy May HORNEMANNGrandniece
John William MAIRGrandnephew
Mavis ROXBURGHGrandniece
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Patricia Mary THIEMEYERGreat grandniece24 Feb 1948Kia Ora, Regent, Melbourne.
Jean Marie THIEMEYERGreat grandniece13 Sep 1942Kia Ora Private Hospital, Regent, Melbourne.
Kelvin MURPHYGreat grandnephew1940
Carmel MURPHYGreat grandniece1938
Eileen MURPHYGreat grandniece1936
Brian Thomas PARLONGreat grandnephew19291931Fitzroy. Vic. #9333 age 2
Clara Helen BARCLAYGreat grandniece14 Aug 1928Ballarat
Keith Maxwell MC.MILLANGreat grandnephew4 Jan 192822 Jan 2005
Patricia Margaret MC.DUFFGreat grandniece5 Apr 192425 Mar 2008
John Raymond ROBINSONGreat grandnephew19241925Carlton. Vic. #795 age 1
Roy Thomas MC.DUFFGreat grandnephew1924
Philip Radcliffe BARCLAYGreat grandnephew23 Nov 1922Ballarat9 Jun 2007St. John of God. Ballarat. Vic.
Nancy Irene ROBINSONGreat grandniece22 Dec 192116 Apr 2007
Henry Ernest MC.DUFFGreat grandnephew14 Aug 1921Kew. Vic.1994
Minnie Elizabeth (Betty) THIEMEYERGreat grandniece2 May 1921Quisisanda Private Hospital, Dandenong rd. Windsor.
William Leonard ROBINSONGreat grandnephew1919Newport. Vic. #29674
Henry Leslie BARCLAYGreat grandnephew29 Oct 1918Ballarat. Vic. #2457312 Jul 1990Dunedin, New Zealand.
Kenneth Francis MC.DONALLGreat grandnephew1918Carlton Nth.Vic. #260381982Stra? Vic. #24273
Yutha Maud THIEMEYERGreat grandniece1918St.Kilda. Vic. #6955
Beryl Margarute ROBINSONGreat grandniece1917Newport. Vic. #311541982Ararat. Vic. #14377
Harry Holden (Hal) THIEMEYERGreat grandnephew29 Apr 1916Prahan. Vic. #150268 Dec 1996
George MC.DUFFGreat grandnephew1911Sebastapol. Vic. #319771911Sebastapol. Vic. #14763
Mary (May) MC.DUFFGreat grandniece1908Ballarat East. Vic. #85601908Ballarat East. Vic. #4678
James MC.DUFFGreat grandnephew1907Ballarat East. Vic. #77881907Ballarat East. Vic. #
Adrienne MAIRGreat grandniece
Ann Elizabeth THIEMEYERGreat grandniece
Anton HORNEMANNGreat grandnephew
Betty Rosalie PARLONGreat grandniece
David Thiemeyer HARDYGreat grandnephew18 Dec 1992
Delia Mary JENSENGreat grandniece
Denise Lesley PARLONGreat grandniece
Eric Matthew JENSENGreat grandnephew
Fleur THIEMEYERGreat grandniece
Frank MAIRGreat grandnephew
Gregory Alan MAIRGreat grandnephew
Gwenda Helen MC.MILLANGreat grandniece
Ian Canfield BROWNGreat grandnephew
Janet MAIRGreat grandniece
Jaqueline Margaretta MAIRGreat grandniece
Jim JENSENGreat grandnephew
Joyce Elizabeth MC.MILLANGreat grandniece5 Feb 1999
Patricia Maree PARLONGreat grandniece
Peter Emil JENSENGreat grandnephew
Peter Francis MAIRGreat grandnephew
Peter HARDYGreat grandnephew
Raie Pauline PARLONGreat grandniece
Rex Canfield BROWNGreat grandnephew
Roy Thomas Canfield BROWNGreat grandnephew
Sue Carol THIEMEYERGreat grandniece
Theresa Anna JENSENGreat grandniece
William Francis MAIRGreat grandnephew
Wilma Elizabeth BROWNGreat grandniece
Wray Valerie MC.MILLANGreat grandniece
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Timothy Owen BULLSecond grandnephew9 Dec 1966
Julie Ann ROBBSecond grandniece10 Mar 1963Melbourne. Vic
Keith John EGANSecond grandnephew19621962Melbourne. Vic. #211
Ian Leslie RIZZOLISecond grandnephew16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Jennifer Doris RIZZOLISecond grandniece16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Helen Lesley BARCLAYSecond grandniece4 Dec 1959Ballarat. Vic.
Helen Joy RIZZOLISecond grandniece27 Apr 1956Ballarat
Robyn Anne RIZZOLISecond grandniece27 Feb 1954Ballarat
Alan John BARCLAYSecond grandnephew20 Jun 1952Ballarat. Vic.
Kaye Lynnette RIZZOLISecond grandniece23 May 1952Ballarat
Marilyn Edith BARCLAYSecond grandniece11 Feb 1948Ballarat. Vic.
Pamela Rae BARCLAYSecond grandniece2 Feb 1948Ballarat. Vic.
David Henry BARCLAYSecond grandnephew3 Sep 1945Ballarat. Vic.
Wendy BARCLAYSecond grandniece20 Mar 1945Ballarat. Vic.
Roger Holden THIEMEYERSecond grandnephew6 Feb 1945Mercy Hospital, Melbourne.
Ann THIEMEYERSecond grandniece4 Sep 1942Mercy Hospital. Melbourne.
Aidan Joel MAIRSecond grandnephew
Alexandra J. DYESecond grandniece
Ann HARDYSecond grandniece
Anthony Francis MC.DONALLSecond grandnephew
Anthony Keith BULLSecond grandnephew
Ben DYESecond grandnephew
Bianca DYESecond grandniece
Carlolyn Patricia RAMSEYSecond grandniece
Christopher John DRAKESecond grandnephew
Chritine Marie JENSENSecond grandniece
Daniel William MAIRSecond grandnephew
David Ian BURNSSecond grandnephew
David Leslie JENSENSecond grandnephew
David William DRAKESecond grandnephew
Debra Joy BROWNSecond grandniece
Debra Mary JENSENSecond grandniece
Dianne Elizabeth BURNSSecond grandniece
Elizabeth Anne DRAKESecond grandniece
Elizabeth Mary BULLSecond grandnephew
Fleur Elizabeth HORNEMANNSecond grandnephew
Francine Maree MAIRSecond grandniece
Gail Barbara JENSENSecond grandniece
Gayle Elizabeth LARKINSSecond grandniece
Gaynor Theresa DRAKESecond grandniece
Gerrard Francis EGANSecond grandnephew
Glen Angus SMITHSecond grandnephew
Helen Patricia LYONSecond grandniece
James Francis MC.DONALLSecond grandnephew
James Maxwell BROWNSecond grandnephew
Janet Mary DRAKESecond grandnephew
Jeffery Matthew EGANSecond grandnephew
Jillian Ann BURNSSecond grandniece
Jody TUTTELBEESecond grandniece
John HARDYSecond grandnephew
John Robert BULLSecond grandnephew
John Walter SNEDDONSecond grandnephew
Judith Maree LYONSecond grandnephew
Kaelene Mary FORRESTSecond grandniece
Karen Lee BROWNSecond grandnephew
Karen Lisette JENSENSecond grandniece
Kaye Patricia ROBINSONSecond grandniece
Kerryn Anne MC.DONALLSecond grandnephew
Kristine Anne ROBINSONSecond grandniece
Kyle Nathan MAIRSecond grandnephew
Lynne Maree MC.DUFFSecond grandniece
Maree Therese MC.DONALLSecond grandniece
Margaret Kathryn HITCHCOCKSecond grandniece
Maureen Theresa BURNSSecond grandniece
Michael Leonard O.BRIENSecond grandnephew
Michael Raymond BULLSecond grandnephew
Michael William BURNSSecond grandnephew
Michelle Francis RAMSEYSecond grandniece
Moira Ann HITCHCOCKSecond grandnephew
Paul John LYONSecond grandnephew
Paul TUTTELBEESecond grandnephew
Peter Charles Edward SNEDDONSecond grandnephew
Peter Joseph BULLSecond grandnephew
Raymond Bernard DRAKESecond grandnephew
Raymond John COLLINSSecond grandnephew
Rodney Paul FORRESTSecond grandnephew
Ronald Clyde SMITHSecond grandnephew
Sharon Therese JENSENSecond grandniece
Stephen Bruce JENSENSecond grandnephew
Stephen Dale REEVESSecond grandnephew
Stephen William HITCHCOCKSecond grandnephew
Sue HARDYSecond grandniece
Susan Joy BROWNSecond grandniece
Susan Louise BURNSSecond grandnephew
Tanera MAIRSecond grandniece
Teala Maree COLLINSSecond grandniece
Terence Norman SMITHSecond grandnephew
Terrence Keith LYONSecond grandnephew
Terrence Roy MC.DUFFSecond grandnephew
Timothy Anton HORNEMANNSecond grandnephew
Valerie Dawn BROWNSecond grandniece
Vicki Maree COLLINSSecond grandniece
William Leonard ROBINSONSecond grandnephew
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Chelsea Jane RIZZOLIThird grandniece7 Mar 1996
Todd Alexander RIZZOLIThird grandnephew10 Dec 1994
Ashlee Jayde NAYLERThird grandniece23 Sep 1991
Kiera Michelle NAYLERThird grandniece20 Sep 199027 Nov 1990
Susan Edith SMIRKThird grandniece8 Aug 1989
Luke CAIRNSThird grandnephew14 Jan 1989
Nicole Louise NAYLERThird grandniece16 Dec 1988
Lawrence James SLATTERThird grandnephew25 Jul 1988
Beau CAIRNSThird grandnephew16 Dec 1985
Kirsten Louise SLATTERThird grandniece9 Aug 1984
Jodie Anne THOMSONThird grandniece16 Dec 1982
Cameron David BARCLAYThird grandnephew9 Aug 1981Hastings. Vic.
Kirsty Lee THOMSONThird grandniece12 May 1981
Amy Louise MAIDENThird grandniece25 Apr 1980
Damien Paul PEVERILLThird grandnephew12 Jul 1979Melbourne. Vic.
Brett Matthew BARCLAYThird grandnephew25 Jun 1977
Christopher John PEVERILLThird grandnephew4 Mar 1977
Dean Matthew GERRARDThird grandnephew11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Lara BARCLAYThird grandniece28 Sep 1975Frankston. Vic.
Simon Gareth MAIDENThird grandnephew25 Sep 1975
Peter Mark GERRARDThird grandnephew30 Nov 1974Ballarat
Colin John GERRARDThird grandnephew3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Adam John BARCLAYThird grandnephew5 Jul 1973
Melissa Wendy HALLThird grandniece2 Jul 1969
Andrew Keith HALLThird grandnephew11 Jan 1964
Hanna IRVINGThird grandniece
Justin BARCLAYThird grandnephew
Madeline SLATTERThird grandniece
Marc BARCLAYThird grandnephew
Wendy SMIRKThird grandniece
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Charlie Charity ROBERTSONFourth grandniece27 May 2009Wantirna. Vic.
Rory Francis PEVERILLFourth grandnephew29 Sep 2008Melbourne. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDFourth grandnephew9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Matilda Hope ROBERTSONFourth grandniece1 Aug 2006Wantirne. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDFourth grandnephew15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Naomi Clare GERRARDFourth grandniece19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Darcy Grace ROBERTSONFourth grandniece4 Sep 2003Upper Ferntree Gully. Vic.
Alex Thomas GERRARDFourth grandnephew27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Rohan John GERRARDFourth grandnephew18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDFourth grandniece26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Uncles & Aunts
Anne DINANAunt1821Tulla County. Clare. Ireland