Margaret CAIRNS


Margaret CAIRNS John CAIRNS Mathew CAIRNS Margaret UNKNOWN Jane HENDERSON Unknown HENDERSON Jean UNKNOWN William Henry BATH Henry BATH Elizabeth Ann HODGE Elizabeth Jean BATH William Henry Stanton BATH Margaret William Hodge BATH


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 John CAIRNS 25 Jun 1822  Jane HENDERSON 2 Apr 1824

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 William Henry BATH 1862  Elizabeth Jean BATH
 William Henry Stanton BATH
 Margaret "Edna" BATH
 William Hodge BATH


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 5 Mar 1862 Ballarat Vic. #6081
Death 17 Dec 1939 Castlemaine Vic. #18412
Burial 18 Dec 1939 Ballarat Old. Area DN Grave 3




Reference Number: P633



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
William Henry BATHHusband1862Linton. Vic. #154112 Jul 1913Melbourne East. Vic. #10191
Brothers & Sisters
Isabella CAIRNSSister26 Sep 1869Ballarat, Vic. #2032015 Jan 1870Ballarat, Vic. #171
Alexander David CAIRNSBrother3 Jan 1868Ballarat, Vic. #38829 Aug 1934Wonthaggi, Vic. #17550
Alexander Michael CAIRNSBrother11 Jan 1866Ballarat, Vic. #50412 Feb 1867Ballarat, Vic. #319
George CAIRNSBrother2 Mar 1864Ballarat, Vic. #654121 May 1900Ballarat, Vic. #4361
Robert CAIRNSBrother13 Jan 1860Ballarat, Vic. #23465 Jan 1935Kilmore, Vic. #12812
Charles CAIRNSBrother7 Oct 1857Ballarat, Vic.26 Nov 1934Ballarat.Vic. #17625
David CAIRNSBrother7 Oct 1857Ballarat, Vic.20 Mar 1858Ballarat, Vic. #1624
Thomas CAIRNSBrother17 Aug 1855Richmond, Vic. #700317 Jun 1939Ballarat, Vic. #13996
Matthew CAIRNSBrother20 Apr 1853Moffat, Scot.27 Jan 1903Stawell, Vic. #3561
Elizabeth CAIRNSBrother17 Apr 1851Moffat, Scot.1 Dec 1927Cheltenham, Vic. #13892
Jane CAIRNSSister18 Aug 1849Moffat, Scot.30 Aug 1920Quambatook, Vic. #12305
John B CAIRNSBrother3 Dec 1847Moffat, Scot.1 Nov 1930Wagin, W.A. #101
William Hodge BATHSon1905Broken Hill. NSW. #19631968East? Vic. #23920 age 63
Margaret "Edna" BATHDaughter1900Ballarat.Vic. #1611615 Aug 1986
William Henry Stanton BATHSon1899Ballarat.Vic. #75401899Ballarat.Vic. #4424
Elizabeth Jean BATHDaughter1887Ballarat.Vic. #58422 Jul 1949Castlemaine.Vic. #20327
Jane HENDERSONMother2 Apr 1824Moffat, Scot.26 Nov 1888Ballarat, Vic. #12160
John CAIRNSFather25 Jun 1822Newcasle on Tyne, Eng.24 Mar 1879Quambatook, Vic. #4140
Peter Hodge BATHGrandson19351983Vic. #23725 aged 48
Neil Frank MARTINGrandson25 Jun 1918Newcastle N.S.W.
Betty Joan MARTINGranddaughter18 Jun 1914Possibly NSW1 Jul 1999
Murray Thomas MARTINGrandsonPossibly NSW22 Jan 1983
Norma HEARNGranddaughter
Great grandchildren
Adrian MARTINGreat grandson
Andrew BELLINGHAMGreat grandson
Bruce MACTIERGreat grandson
Colin MARTINGreat grandson
David MARTINGreat grandson
Jennifer MARTINGreat grandson
Meredith MARTINGreat granddaughter
Neil BELLINGHAMGreat grandson
Ross MACTIERGreat grandson
Russell BELLINGHAMGreat grandson
Jean UNKNOWNGrandmotherScot.
Margaret UNKNOWNGrandmotherUK
Mathew CAIRNSGrandfatherUK
Unknown HENDERSONGrandfatherScot.
Henry BATHFather-in-law183711 Sep 1910Broken Hill. NSW #8669 aged 73
Elizabeth Ann HODGEMother-in-law12 1906Ballarat. Vic. #11683 aged 63 yrs
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Wilton Thomas MARTINSon-in-law1883no record1971Castelmaine. Vic. #17594 age 88
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Helena Beatrice BATHSister-in-law1889Allendale. Vic. #411960Caufield. Vic. #30185
Ernest Stanley BATHBrother-in-law1887Allendale Vic. #71581950Ballarat. Vic. #16217
Frederick James BATHBrother-in-law1882Stawell. Vic #124377 May 1928Castlemaine. Vic. #5034
Albert Victor BATHBrother-in-law1881Pleasant Ck. Vic. #46811889Allendale. Vic. #19
Ethelind Maud BATHBrother-in-law1878Pleasant Ck. Vic. #111031879Stawell. Vic #8776
Adelaide Constance BATHSister-in-law1877Pleasant Ck. Vic. #24120
Sydney Herbert BATHBrother-in-law1876Stawell. Vic #112491877Stawell. Vic #2578
Sabina Frances BATHSister-in-law1875Stawell. Vic #45571915Buninyong. Vic. #8116
Joseph Edward BATHBrother-in-law1873Sebastapol. Vic. #57201953Ferntree Gully. Vic. #20646
John Joseph BATHBrother-in-law1871Sebastapol. Vic. #12196
Simon BATHBrother-in-law1870Sebastapol. Vic. #1168716 Nov 1944Ballarat. Vic. #2190
Mary Elizabeth BATHSister-in-law1868Sebastapol. Vic. #26313Aged 2 yrs
Alinda Emma BATHSister-in-law1867Sebastapol. Vic. #246141867Sebastapol. Vic. #11478 aged 3 months
Elenda Emma BATHSister-in-law1866Linton. Vic. #91551866Linton. Vic. #10842
Henry BATHBrother-in-law1865Linton. Vic. #318317 Sep 1936Ballarat. Vic. #16693
Jane MC.KENZIESister-in-law1859Ballarat W. Vic. #1310215 Dec 1943Ballarat. Vic. #21497
Flora CAMERONSister-in-law1857Hamilton. Vic. #1929Sunshine. Vic. #3328 age69
Anne Elizabeth PICKUPSister-in-law22 Feb 1851Overseas1921Katanning. WA. #46
Margaret Mary "Maggie" MC.DONALDSister-in-law1849Sydney. NSW. #V 18492467 66 or # V 1849416 1381948Cheltenham. Vic. #302 age 98
Heriot BROWNBrother-in-law1845Fifeshire.6 Jul 1920Quambatook. Vic. #12032 age79
Nephews & Nieces
Winifred "Myrtle" CAIRNSNiece1899Charlton.Vic. #19609 Jan 1970Caufield. Vic. #876
Doris Jean CAIRNSNiece4 Jul 1895Ballarat.Vic. #179364 Jul 1968Ballarat.Vic. #14990
Robert Cameron CAIRNSNephew1895Charlton.Vic. #2807729 Nov 1965Sunshine.Vic. #26421
Florence May CAIRNSNiece1893Charlton. Vic. #21010 (CAVINS)14 Mar 1969Moorabbin. Vic. #5277
Alexander CAIRNSNephew1890Glenloth.Vic. #13431
Matthew CAIRNSNephew1889Stawell.Vic. #167161950South Melbourne.Vic. #2822 (1951)
Margaret Irvine BROWNNiece1888Wycherproof.Vic. #34545
Margaret Robina CAIRNSNiece1888Glenloth.Vic. #209101958Box Hill.Vic. #7316
Margaret Mary CAIRNSNiece1886Stawell. Vic. #140641910Melbourne East. Vic. #6236
Alison Margaret BROWNNiece1885Jeruk.Vic. #26373A1886Jeruk.Vic. #1948 (9 mths)
Elizabeth Flora CAIRNSNiece1885Jeruk.Vic. #1870028 Nov 1886Jeruk.Vic. #15153
Elizabeth Janet BROWNNiece1885Jeruk.Vic. #26373
George David CAIRNSNephew1885Ballarat.Vic. #73675 Oct 1945Sth. Guildford. WA #2219
John Norman CAIRNSNephew1884Stawell.Vic. #130511887Stawell.Vic. #4413
George Heriot BROWNNephew1883Charlton.Vic. #15751959Box Hill.Vic. #12749
David BROWNNephew18801890Charlton.Vic. #11136 10 yrs
Mathew Robert CAIRNSNephew1880Ballarat East.Vic. #28610 Jul 1961Piesseville. WA #1946
Thomas John Cairns BROWNNephew18801 Aug 1954Kilsyth.Vic. #21748
John Alexander (David) CAIRNSNephew1878Ballarat.Vic. #2886 Oct 1878Ballarat.Vic. #10400 (8 mths)
John James CAIRNSNephewFeb 1876Ballarat.Vic. #28918 Feb 1876Ballarat.Vic. #154 (14 days)
James Heriot BROWNNephew1876Ballarat.Vic. #44726 May 1955Ballarat.Vic. #12749
Jane BROWNNiece1874Ballarat.Vic. #6853
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
David Joseph RIZZOLIGrandnephew25 Mar 1934Sale. Vic.
Jean Mary RIZZOLIGrandniece24 Jan 1932Sale. Vic.
Kenneth Leslie RIZZOLIGrandnephew23 Apr 1930Sale. Vic.8 Feb 1990Ballarat
James Robert BRITNELLGrandnephew19291929Balwyn. Vic. #288
Alexander Charles RIZZOLIGrandnephew19 Feb 1928Sale20 Dec 1991Ballarat
Mervyn CLONEYGrandnephew7 Mar 192021 Oct 1999
Dorothy Ellen BROWNGrandniece1911Ballarat East.Vic. #8465
Madge Stella BROWNGrandniece1909Ballarat East.Vic. #7959
Francis Heriot BROWNGrandnephew11 Sep 1902Ballarat East.Vic. #235775 Oct 1978Ballarat. Vic. #22994
Ivy Jean Vic. BROWNGrandniece1901Ballarat East. Vic. #549
Harriet James BROWNGrandnephew1900Ballarat East.Vic. #555Aged 1 day.
Alison Ann BROWNGrandniece1898Ballarat East.Vic. #160288 Jul 1978Ballarat. Vic #16025
Betty Maree ROBERTSGrandniece
Florence May ROBERTSGrandniece
Kathleen BRITNELLGrandniece
Marjorie BRITNELLGrandniece
Myrtle ROBERTSGrandniece
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Peter Robert RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew15 Sep 1980
David Leslie RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew23 Apr 1973
Timothy Cairns RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew22 Jun 1969
Michael Timothy RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew23 May 1968
Simon Mark RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew27 Sep 1964
Annette GOUDAPPELGreat grandniece8 Oct 1962Ballarat
Andrew John RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew11 Jul 1961
Ian Leslie RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Jennifer Doris RIZZOLIGreat grandniece16 Jan 1961Ballarat
David "Paul" RIZZOLIGreat grandnephew19 Jul 1958
Jenny GOUDAPPELGreat grandniece10 Aug 1957Ballarat
Helen Joy RIZZOLIGreat grandniece27 Apr 1956Ballarat
Graeme GOUDAPPELGreat grandnephew19 Aug 1954Ballarat
Robyn Anne RIZZOLIGreat grandniece27 Feb 1954Ballarat
Kaye Lynnette RIZZOLIGreat grandniece23 May 1952Ballarat
Bill BARNESGreat grandnephew
Enid BARNESGreat grandniece
Jean BARNESGreat grandniece
Lois BARNESGreat grandniece
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Maddison Mai RIZZOLISecond grandniece29 Nov 1999
Caitlin Rose RIZZOLISecond grandniece6 Jun 1998
Lachlan James RIZZOLISecond grandnephew25 Mar 1997
Coby Liam POWELLSecond grandnephew14 Sep 1996
Chelsea Jane RIZZOLISecond grandniece7 Mar 1996
Bryce Alexander WALLISSecond grandnephew8 Nov 1995
Jarryd Leigh RIZZOLISecond grandnephew25 Jan 1995
Todd Alexander RIZZOLISecond grandnephew10 Dec 1994
Kieran Mark RIZZOLISecond grandnephew13 Sep 1993
Leslie Francis WALLISSecond grandnephew22 Jul 1993
Rohan Luke RIZZOLISecond grandnephew5 Mar 1993
Jordan Bram READSecond grandnephew15 Jan 1993
Ashlee Jayde NAYLERSecond grandniece23 Sep 1991
Jerome Sean RIZZOLISecond grandnephew15 May 1991
Kiera Michelle NAYLERSecond grandniece20 Sep 199027 Nov 1990
Leon Dillon READSecond grandnephew23 Dec 1988
Nicole Louise NAYLERSecond grandniece16 Dec 1988
William Rawdon GOUDAPPELSecond grandnephew4 Jul 1987
Aaron John RIZZOLISecond grandnephew17 Mar 1987
Christopher Jose GOUDAPPELSecond grandnephew22 Oct 1985Ballarat
Kelly Erin READSecond grandniece4 Aug 1985
Jana Leslie GOUDAPPELSecond grandniece22 Mar 1984Ballarat30 Jan 1999Ballarat
Jodie Anne THOMSONSecond grandniece16 Dec 1982
Kirsty Lee THOMSONSecond grandniece12 May 1981
Damien Paul PEVERILLSecond grandnephew12 Jul 1979Melbourne. Vic.
Nicole Marie RIZZOLISecond grandniece14 Aug 1978
Christopher John PEVERILLSecond grandnephew4 Mar 1977
Dean Matthew GERRARDSecond grandnephew11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Peter Mark GERRARDSecond grandnephew30 Nov 1974Ballarat
Colin John GERRARDSecond grandnephew3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Rory Francis PEVERILLThird grandnephew29 Sep 2008Melbourne. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDThird grandnephew9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDThird grandnephew15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Naomi Clare GERRARDThird grandniece19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Alex Thomas GERRARDThird grandnephew27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Rohan John GERRARDThird grandnephew18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDThird grandniece26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
James Oliver MACTIERGrandson-in-law22 Dec 1913Castlemaine. Vic. #2121 (1914)
Lillian "Joy" ARTHURGranddaughter-in-law