Lillian M BAKER


Lillian M BAKER Albert Henry MOUSLEY Albert Thomas  Joseph MOUSLEY Anne HEPBURNE Susannah ARMISTEAD James ARMISTEAD Jane LEVER Joy MOUSLEY


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Albert Henry MOUSLEY 13 May 1888  Joy MOUSLEY





Reference Number: P3362



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Albert Henry MOUSLEYHusband13 May 1888Deans Marsh.Vic. #106851962Parramatta. NSW. #15350
Joy MOUSLEYDaughter
Susannah ARMISTEADMother-in-law1 Apr 1866Steiglitz.Vic. #1809328 Feb 1934Birregurra.Vic. #12377
Albert Thomas "Tom" MOUSLEYFather-in-law30 Nov 1864Winchelsea.Vic. #220362 Aug 1933Colac.Vic. #15797
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Alice MOUSLEYSister-in-law22 Sep 1906Deans Marsh.Vic. #2617417 Jul 1988Shepparton. Vic.
Daisy MOUSLEYSister-in-law18 Dec 1904Deans Marsh.Vic. #24799 Apr 1968Winchelsea. Vic. #9193
Olive MOUSLEYSister-in-law23 Feb 1902Deans Marsh. Vic. #24005 Aug 1999NSW
Gertrude Ann MOUSLEYSister-in-law11 Apr 1900Deans Marsh.Vic. #1044120 Jul 1979NSW
Stella Jane MOUSLEYSister-in-law24 Aug 1898Deans Marsh.Vic. #1045519 Jul 1972Geelong. Vic #17548
Cecil James MOUSLEYBrother-in-law28 May 1892Deans Marsh.Vic. #2235511 Sep 1966Colac.Vic. #21484
Emily Henrietta MOUSLEYSister-in-law15 Jan 1891Deans Marsh.Vic. #256723 Mar 1949Birregurra. Vic. #16393
Alfred John MOUSLEYBrother-in-law4 Dec 1890Deans Marsh. Vic. #273512 Oct 1947Colac. Vic. #22360
Nephews & Nieces
April Lorraine BAKERNiece-in-law1943
June Margaret SEIBRIGHTNiece-in-law1938
Margaret STEPHENSONNiece-in-law11 Sep 19361992
Eric Vincent SEIBRIGHTNephew-in-law1935
Susan "Betty" STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1935
Beryl Yvette CLISSOLDNiece-in-law9 Mar 1934Birregurra. Vic.
Marion SEIBRIGHTNiece-in-law1933
Ronald Arthur GOWTYNephew-in-law1933
Maxwell STEPHENSONNephew-in-law7 May 19315 Aug 1979Geelong. Vic. #17906
Kevin MORSENephew-in-law1931
Walter "Leonard" CLISSOLDNephew-in-law27 Oct 1930Birregurra. Vic.
Frank MOUSLEYNephew-in-law1930
James William GOWTYNephew-in-law19304 Aug 1934age 3 yrs
Anne May BAKERNiece-in-law22 Feb 1929Narranderra. NSW.
Albert Henry GOWTYNephew-in-law192914 Jun 1976
Dennis William MORSENephew-in-law192924 Mar 1946Lysterfield. Vic. #4551
Greta Margaret MOUSLEYNiece-in-law18 Jul 1928Birregurra. Vic.4 Sep 2008
Allan MORSENephew-in-law1928
Betty Susan BAKERNiece-in-law17 Apr 1927Barrallen. NSW.
Milton SEIBRIGHTNephew-in-law1927
Alfred Ivan (Joe) MOUSLEYNephew-in-law29 Jun 1926Birregurra. Vic.
Alan Leonard (Len) STEPHENSONNephew-in-law1926
Eunice MORSENiece-in-law1926
Ronald Thomas BAKERNephew-in-law2 Dec 1924Windsor NSW
Leslie James STEPHENSONNephew-in-law20 Nov 1924Winchelsea. Vic.30 Oct 2008Lorne. Vic.
Iris SEIBRIGHTNiece-in-law192423 Jun 1930NSW?????
Henry Clifford MOUSLEYNephew-in-law17 Jul 192331 May 1999
Donald Arthur STEPHENSONNephew-in-law12 Apr 192311 Mar 1988
Olive Jean BAKERNiece-in-law23 Feb 1923Ardelthan, NSW.
Rita Emily CLISSOLDNiece-in-law20 Feb 1923Birregurra. Vic.
Sylvia Isabelle CLISSOLDNiece-in-law14 Jun 192211 Dec 2008Heathcote
Thelma MOUSLEYNiece-in-law14 Apr 1922
Dulcie Irene CLISSOLDNiece-in-law25 Jun 1921Birregurra. Vic.
Dulcie Florence STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1921
Mavis Beryl MOUSLEYNiece-in-law6 Nov 1920Birregurra. Vic. #28296
Mavis Joyce STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1920Winchelsea. Vic. #8294
Ada MOUSLEYNiece-in-law1919Birregurra. Vic. #248411919Birregurra. Vic. #16033
Horace Stanley (Jack) CLISSOLDNephew-in-law27 May 1918Birregurra. Vic. #869613 Mar 1987Colac. Vic.
Walter Cecil MOUSLEYNephew-in-law12 Dec 1916Birregurra. Vic. #2690315 Jul 1996
Mary Henrietta CLISSOLDNiece-in-law20 Aug 1915Deans Marsh. Vic. #2078425 Jun 1988
Percy Robert CLISSOLDNephew-in-law20 Aug 1914Deans Marsh. Vic. #2129322 Aug 1914Deans Marsh. Vic. #9336
Reginald James Thomas MOUSLEYNephew-in-law18 May 1914Deans Marsh. Vic. #1196518 Aug 1987
Florence Ann CLISSOLDNiece-in-law16 Aug 1912Deans Marsh. Vic. #1962629 Oct 1992Colac. Vic.
Mary STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1929Winchelsea. Vic #16697