Julius Ernest BECKMAN


Julius Ernest BECKMAN Christina Wilkie CHISHOLM James CHISHOLM Elizabeth R (Betsy) ASPINALL Elijah ASPINALL Elizabeth Margaret RADCLIFFE Mary Elizabeth CROSS


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Christina Wilkie CHISHOLM 1866
 Mary Elizabeth CROSS 1875


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1864 Ballarat. Vic. #12964
Death 4 Jul 1952 Ballarat. Vic. #20203
Burial 7 Jul 1952 Ballarat New. P Block Sec 5 Row 1 Grave 19 No Mem.




Trove...Friday 4 July 1952.
Old Couple's Death
MELBOURNE, July 3.- The bodies of Julius Ernest Beckman, 85, and his wife, Mary
Elizabeth Beckman, 75, pensioners, were found today in one of the Hessell's Old
People's Homes in Gillies Street. The police do not fear foul play.
The man was found lying face-down on the floor and the woman was in bed.
Reference Number: P2534



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Mary Elizabeth CROSSPartner or Wife18754 Jul 1952Ballarat. Vic. #20202 age 77
Christina Wilkie CHISHOLMWife1866Ballarat. Vic. #641521 Apr 1911Ballarat East. Vic. #3754
Elizabeth R (Betsy) ASPINALLMother-in-law1846UK.12 Apr 1914Ballarat. Vic. #4090
James CHISHOLMFather-in-law15 Sep 1897Ballarat. Vic. #7709 (1897)
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Isabella CHISHOLMSister-in-law1872Ballarat. Vic. #138621927Hawthorn. Vic. #5807
James CHISHOLMBrother-in-law1871Ballarat. Vic. #4101926Ballarat East. Vic. #12555
Helen Maine CHISHOLMSister-in-law1868Ballarat. Vic. #136711891Ballarat East. Vic. #8974
Elizabeth Radcliffe CHISHOLMSister-in-law1864Ballarat.Vic. #129895 Dec 1947Hawthorn. Vic. #13179
Nephews & Nieces
Edna Mavis LUMSDENNiece-in-law1904Hawthorn. Vic. #107601978Frankston. Vic. #23388
Elizabeth Isobel THIEMEYERNiece-in-law24 Mar 1902Ballarat East.Vic. #765225 Jul 1976Wendouree.Vic. #19673
Wray Valerie THIEMEYERNiece-in-law24 Mar 1902Ballarat East.Vic. #765322 Aug 1960Williamstown.Vic. #11488
Gracey CHISHOLMNiece-in-law1902Little Bendigo, Ballarat. Vic. #19656
Alma May LUMSDENNiece-in-law1901Hawthorn. Vic. #11693
Helen Maine CHISHOLMNiece-in-law1900Bunninyong. Vic. #1707319 Sep 1966Ballarat. Vic. #21097
Reginald CHISHOLMNephew-in-law1898Ballarat East. Vic. #159871968Kew. Vic. #20193
Charles CHISHOLMNephew-in-law1897???1898Ballarat East. Vic. #480
George CHISHOLMNephew-in-law1896Little Bendigo, Ballarat. Vic. #21262
James CHISHOLMNephew-in-lawApr 1894Ballarat East, Vic. #882318 May 19172nd Eastern General Hosp. Brighton, England.
Myra Cecelia LUMSDENNiece-in-law1894East Ballarat. Vic. #263751974St Kilda. Vic. #19424
Vera Belle LUMSDENNiece-in-law1893Ballarat. Vic. #9507
Emmanuel Theodore THIEMEYERNephew-in-law18 Sep 1892Ballarat East.Vic. #294331894Ballarat East.Vic. #8341
Helen Maine (Nellie) THIEMEYERNiece-in-law18 Sep 1892Ballarat East.Vic. #294328 May 1977Ballarat.Vic. #10365
Heinrich James Eberhard (Rex) THIEMEYERNephew-in-law31 Jul 1889Ballarat East.Vic. #2811417 Aug 1969Melbourne.Vic. #18303
Cyril Roy Chisholm THIEMEYERNephew-in-law1887Ballarat.Vic. #84021957Surrey Hills. Vic. #12599
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Clara Helen BARCLAYGrandniece-in-law14 Aug 1928Ballarat
Keith Maxwell MC.MILLANGrandnephew-in-law4 Jan 192822 Jan 2005
Philip Radcliffe BARCLAYGrandnephew-in-law23 Nov 1922Ballarat9 Jun 2007St. John of God. Ballarat. Vic.
Minnie Elizabeth (Betty) THIEMEYERGrandniece-in-law2 May 1921Quisisanda Private Hospital, Dandenong rd. Windsor.
Henry Leslie BARCLAYGrandnephew-in-law29 Oct 1918Ballarat. Vic. #2457312 Jul 1990Dunedin, New Zealand.
Yutha Maud THIEMEYERGrandniece-in-law1918St.Kilda. Vic. #6955
Alan Lumsden MANNALLGrandnephew-in-law15 Feb 1917Allendale Private Hospital, Glenferrie. Vic. #4281
Harry Holden (Hal) THIEMEYERGrandnephew-in-law29 Apr 1916Prahan. Vic. #150268 Dec 1996
Gwenda Helen MC.MILLANGrandniece-in-law
Ian Canfield BROWNGrandnephew-in-law
Joyce Elizabeth MC.MILLANGrandniece-in-law5 Feb 1999
Max Edward MANNALLGrandnephew-in-law
Rex Canfield BROWNGrandnephew-in-law
Robert CHISHOLMGrandnephew-in-law
Roy Thomas Canfield BROWNGrandnephew-in-law
Shirley CHISHOLMGrandniece-in-law
Wilma Elizabeth BROWNGrandniece-in-law
Wray Valerie MC.MILLANGrandniece-in-law