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 Mary Ann WRIGHT  Susan BARNES





Reference Number: P1444



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Mary Ann WRIGHTPartner or Wife
Susan BARNESDaughter1854Foxton. Cambridgeshire Eng.13 May 1923Illabarook. Vic. #6232
Susan Rebecca MC.CALLUMGranddaughter1898Blue Mountain.Blackwood. Vic. #8836NSW
Euphemia Agnes (Dot) MC.CALLUMGranddaughter27 Oct 1891Kyneton. Vic. #3456412 Jun 1984Traralgon. Vic. #24764
Daniel Robert MC.CALLUMGrandson1888Cressy. Vic. #1959718 Jan 1973Colac. Vic. #2990
James MC.CALLUMGrandson1885Cressy. Vic. #9192
Sarah (Sally) MC.CALLUMGranddaughter24 Jan 1882"Sheepwash" Cressy. Vic. #2224224 Aug 1974Heidleberg. Vic. #24008
Archibald MC.CALLUMGrandson1880Ondit. Vic. #1773030 Dec 1931Yea. Vic. #17039
Mary MC.CALLUMGranddaughter23 Jan 1878Cressy. Vic. #19001955Melbourne. Vic. #11935 Diabetes
Great grandchildren
Barbara Joan BROCKGreat granddaughter13 Aug 1933Sea Lake. Vic.
Edgar Arhibald BROCKGreat grandson11 Mar 1925
Noel Myrtle BROCKGreat granddaughter25 Dec 1921Mt. Egerton. Vic.
Margaret Cella BROCKGreat granddaughter2 Feb 1920Illabarook. Vic. #4539
Donald Digby BROCKGreat grandson19 Jun 1918Sea Lake. Vic. #1484112 Sep 1966Ballarat. Vic. #20533
Robert SAMPSONGreat grandson13 May 1918Melbourne. Vic #9546 as McCallum
Ian Ashwell MC.CALLUMGreat grandson1917Colac. Vic. #1101
Mona Iris MC.CALLUMGreat granddaughter1914Colac. Vic. #116111967Upwey. Vic. #9024
Jack MC.CALLUMGreat grandson1913St. Kilda. Vic. #168971971Melbourne. Vic. #26735
Archibald "Douglas" (Dan) MC.CALLUMGreat grandson23 Aug 1910Colac. Vic. #184211985Croydon. Vic. #08565
Dorothy Jean MC.CALLUMGreat granddaughter1909Yea. Vic. #74601952Parkville. Vic. #6984
Rita May MC.LEANGreat granddaughter11 Aug 1907Prahan. Vic. #21537
Margaret Ann (Madge) MC.CALLUMGreat granddaughter1907Yea. Vic. #3141828 Jan 1957Ormond. Vic. #1276
Stanley Rupert MC.LEANGreat grandson12 Nov 1905Blue Mountain. Vic. #9491970South Yarra. Vic. #6662
Harold Archibald UTBERGreat grandson1903Blue Mountain. Vic. #234571973Parkville Vic. #3362
Vera Irene MC.LEANGreat granddaughter17 Sep 1902Blue Mountain. Vic. #18 Sep 1992Alfred Hospital. Melbourne. Vic.
Alfred Barnard UTBERGreat grandson23 Feb 1902Blue Mountain. Vic. #95922 Feb 1977Prahran. Vic. #5659 Diabetes
Edna MC.CALLUMGreat granddaughter
Second grandchildren
Kenneth Murray SAMPSONSecond grandson15 Dec 1962
Rodney John HOGANSecond grandson16 Feb 1958Melbourne. Vic.
Lee SAMPSONSecond grandson1 Nov 1957Sydney NSW.
Margot SAMPSONSecond granddaughter5 Jul 1955Sydney. NSW
Ian Robert SAMPSONSecond grandson3 Jan 1953Wollongong. NSW
Lynette Joan HOGANSecond granddaughter4 Apr 1952Melbourne. Vic.
Judith Barbara BROCKSecond granddaughter8 Dec 1947Fitzroy Nth. Vic.
John David TEMPLETONSecond grandson14 Jul 1947
Robert Digby BROCKSecond grandson24 May 1946Fitzroy Nth. Vic.
Raymond John TEMPLETONSecond grandson5 Jul 1945Nth Fitzroy. Viv.8 Jul 1945Nth Fitzroy. Vic #6737
Beverly Margaret JOYCESecond granddaughter26 Apr 1945Nth. Fitzroy.
Martin Robert UTBERSecond grandson28 Aug 1944
Margery Ellen BROCKSecond granddaughter30 Apr 1944Fitzroy Nth. Vic.
Janice TULLSecond granddaughter1 Sep 1937
Peter Barnard UTBERSecond grandson13 Nov 1936Melbourne. Vic..
Harold Albert UTBERSecond grandson28 Jul 1934Melbourne. Vic.
Norman Douglas MC.CALLUMSecond grandson3 May 192919 Aug 1986
Anne BROCKSecond granddaughter
Colin MC.CALLUMSecond grandson
Douglas BROCKSecond grandson
Graham MC.CALLUMSecond grandson
Ian MC.CALLUMSecond grandson
John (Jack) MC.CALLUMSecond grandson
Lindsay Warren JOYCESecond grandson1983#29081 aged 30 asthma
Neil TULLSecond grandson
Neville MC.CALLUMSecond grandson
William Albert JOYCESecond grandson
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Archibald MC.CALLUMSon-in-law30 Oct 1849Campelltown. Scotland.30 Sep 1935Yea.Vic. #17334
William John BROCKGrandson-in-law2 Dec 1896Areegra. Sheep Hills. Vic. #6439 (1897) (Brooks)18 Mar 1979Traralgon. Vic. #6417
Mary Victoria May LOUGHRONGranddaughter-in-law1893Winchelsea. Vic. #180965 Feb 1969Colac. Vic #6700
Agnes Maria TRATFORDGranddaughter-in-law1890Violet Town. Vic. #283301920Melbourne East. Vic. #6862
Margaret Douglas SMITHGranddaughter-in-law1886Yea. Vic. #73773 Mar 1947Melbourne. Vic. #3126
Robert Purves MC.LEANGrandson-in-law1883Daylesford. Vic. #????1962Emerald. Vic. #
Ashwell Robert UTBERGrandson-in-law1872Trentham. Vic. #737720 Feb 1917Trentham. Vic. #3204 Pneumonia