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Henry BATH Elizabeth Ann HODGE William Henry BATH Henry BATH Elenda Emma BATH Alinda Emma BATH Mary Elizabeth BATH Simon BATH John Joseph BATH Joseph Edward BATH Sabina Frances BATH Sydney Herbert BATH Adelaide Constance BATH Ethelind Maud BATH Albert Victor BATH Frederick James BATH Ernest Stanley BATH Helena Beatrice BATH


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Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Elizabeth Ann HODGE  William Henry BATH
 Henry BATH
 Elenda Emma BATH
 Alinda Emma BATH
 Mary Elizabeth BATH
 Simon BATH
 John Joseph BATH
 Joseph Edward BATH
 Sabina Frances BATH
 Sydney Herbert BATH
 Adelaide Constance BATH
 Ethelind Maud BATH
 Albert Victor BATH
 Frederick James BATH
 Ernest Stanley BATH
 Helena Beatrice BATH


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1837
Death 11 Sep 1910 Broken Hill. NSW #8669 aged 73
Burial Ballarat Old. Area F1 Grave 3 (P)




Broken Hill..September 12
Reference Number: P3178
Father William Mother Sarah.
A painfully sudden death occurred at the Railway Station last night, just as
the express was preparing to leave for Adelaide. Mr. Henry Bath, a well known
resident of Ballarat, who had been on a visit to his son,Mr. W Bath, of
Railwaytown, was stepping on board the train when he suddenly collapsed and
died immediately. Death was due to heart failure.
The ADVERTISER SA Tuesday 13 September 1910.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Elizabeth Ann HODGEWife12 1906Ballarat. Vic. #11683 aged 63 yrs
Helena Beatrice BATHDaughter1889Allendale. Vic. #411960Caufield. Vic. #30185
Ernest Stanley BATHSon1887Allendale Vic. #71581950Ballarat. Vic. #16217
Frederick James BATHSon1882Stawell. Vic #124377 May 1928Castlemaine. Vic. #5034
Albert Victor BATHSon1881Pleasant Ck. Vic. #46811889Allendale. Vic. #19
Ethelind Maud BATHSon1878Pleasant Ck. Vic. #111031879Stawell. Vic #8776
Adelaide Constance BATHDaughter1877Pleasant Ck. Vic. #24120
Sydney Herbert BATHSon1876Stawell. Vic #112491877Stawell. Vic #2578
Sabina Frances BATHDaughter1875Stawell. Vic #45571915Buninyong. Vic. #8116
Joseph Edward BATHSon1873Sebastapol. Vic. #57201953Ferntree Gully. Vic. #20646
John Joseph BATHSon1871Sebastapol. Vic. #12196
Simon BATHSon1870Sebastapol. Vic. #1168716 Nov 1944Ballarat. Vic. #2190
Mary Elizabeth BATHDaughter1868Sebastapol. Vic. #26313Aged 2 yrs
Alinda Emma BATHDaughter1867Sebastapol. Vic. #246141867Sebastapol. Vic. #11478 aged 3 months
Elenda Emma BATHDaughter1866Linton. Vic. #91551866Linton. Vic. #10842
Henry BATHSon1865Linton. Vic. #318317 Sep 1936Ballarat. Vic. #16693
William Henry BATHSon1862Linton. Vic. #154112 Jul 1913Melbourne East. Vic. #10191
William Hodge BATHGrandson1905Broken Hill. NSW. #19631968East? Vic. #23920 age 63
Margaret "Edna" BATHGranddaughter1900Ballarat.Vic. #1611615 Aug 1986
William Henry Stanton BATHGrandson1899Ballarat.Vic. #75401899Ballarat.Vic. #4424
Elizabeth Jean BATHGranddaughter1887Ballarat.Vic. #58422 Jul 1949Castlemaine.Vic. #20327
Great grandchildren
Peter Hodge BATHGreat grandson19351983Vic. #23725 aged 48
Neil Frank MARTINGreat grandson25 Jun 1918Newcastle N.S.W.
Betty Joan MARTINGreat granddaughter18 Jun 1914Possibly NSW1 Jul 1999
Murray Thomas MARTINGreat grandsonPossibly NSW22 Jan 1983
Norma HEARNGreat granddaughter
Second grandchildren
Adrian MARTINSecond grandson
Andrew BELLINGHAMSecond grandson
Bruce MACTIERSecond grandson
Colin MARTINSecond grandson
David MARTINSecond grandson
Jennifer MARTINSecond grandson
Meredith MARTINSecond granddaughter
Neil BELLINGHAMSecond grandson
Ross MACTIERSecond grandson
Russell BELLINGHAMSecond grandson
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
William John WHYKESSon-in-law1874Ballarat. Vic. #13826
Jessie WALKERDaughter-in-law1868Ross Creek. Vic. #2585311 Sep 1945Ballarat. Vic. #19797 age 76
Margaret CAIRNSDaughter-in-law5 Mar 1862Ballarat, Vic. #608117 Dec 1939Castlemaine, Vic. #18412
Wilton Thomas MARTINGrandson-in-law1883no record1971Castelmaine. Vic. #17594 age 88