Gordon Chester ANSON


Gordon Chester ANSON Mamie SHAW John SHAW Adam SHAW Sarah Ann STOKES Jessie Black HAMILTON Robert HAMILTON Alice Webb RUSSELL Jessie Isabel ANSON Gwenyth Mamie ANSON Valma Jean ANSON Russell ANSON


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Mamie SHAW 9 Oct 1911  Jessie Isabel ANSON
 Gwenyth Mamie ANSON
 Valma Jean ANSON
 Russell ANSON


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1914 Colac. Vic. #30173 (Coleraine ?)
Death 19 Jun 1999 Aged 84 yrs.
Burial Colac (P)




Reference Number: P123



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Mamie SHAWWife9 Oct 1911Camperdown, Vic. #264978 Jan 1993Colac District Hospital
Russell ANSONSon10 Jan 194829 Jul 1968Colac.Vic. #19963
Valma Jean ANSONDaughter26 Sep 1945
Gwenyth Mamie ANSONDaughter19 Apr 1943
Jessie Isabel ANSONDaughter4 Sep 1939
Richard Gordon GENTGrandson1 Nov 1977
Gregory Mc Donald GENTGrandson29 May 1973
Neville Matthew SWAYNGrandson27 Feb 1973
Sally-Ann GENTGranddaughter23 Jul 1970
Murray Russell SWAYNGrandson20 May 1970
Rodney John SWAYNGrandson13 May 1966
Jodie Isabel EVERETTGranddaughter24 Jan 1966Adopted
Allan Geoffrey SWAYNGrandson10 Jan 1964
Gary Douglas EVERETTGrandson6 Aug 1962Adopted
Kim Maxine EVERETTGranddaughter10 Nov 1960Adopted
Great grandchildren
Andrew John TILLGreat grandson31 Mar 1995
Lisa Jeanette SWAYNGreat granddaughter18 Jun 1993
James William TILLGreat grandson20 Jun 1992
Sean Douglas EVERETTGreat grandson8 Aug 1991
Timothy Allan SWAYNGreat grandson13 Mar 1991
Laurie Kathleen EVERETTGreat granddaughter27 Jun 1990
Breanna Rae EVERETTGreat granddaughter29 Jun 1988
Jessie Black HAMILTONMother-in-law8 Jul 1867Sebastapol.Vic. #1816721 Feb 1943Colac.Vic. #15603
John SHAWFather-in-law24 May 1864Carngham.Vic. #736517 Oct 1931Swan Marsh, Vic. #13570
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Bruce Mc Danald GENTSon-in-law9 Jul 1943
Geoffrey Alexander SWAYNSon-in-law22 May 1942
Maxwell James EVERETTSon-in-law15 Feb 1936
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
William Hamilton SHAWBrother-in-law1909Camperdown.Vic. #254439 Feb 1912Pomberneit, Camperdown.Vic. #813
John SHAWBrother-in-law1 Jul 1907Sebastapol, Vic. #22093 May 1990
Mavis Lillian SHAWSister-in-law7 Sep 1905Sebastapol, Vic. #2903328 May 2007
Robert Hamilton SHAWBrother-in-law1904Rokewood. Vic. #57861904Rokewood. Vic. #6457
Adam Hilary SHAWBrother-in-lawJan 1901Rokewood, Vic. #634331 Jul 1915Beeac.Vic. #7698
Gladys Pearl SHAWSister-in-law3 Apr 1899Ballarat.Vic. #758722 Mar 1994
Agnes Russell SHAWSister-in-law12 Dec 1896Ballarat.Vic. #4583 Oct 1957Melbourne, Vic. #12705
Mary Ruby Jane SHAWSister-in-law13 Sep 1894Sebastapol.Vic. #3285326 Sep 1977Sacred Heart Hospital, Coburg. Melbourne. #25209
Ivy Myrtle SHAWSister-in-law28 Oct 1892Ballarat, Vic. #293101 Mar 1983Colac or Geelong. Vic. #06476
Jessie SHAWSister-in-law6 Nov 1890Ballarat.Vic #296728 Jul 1984Mt.Alvernia.Bendigo.Vic. #20084
Margaret Ann SHAWSister-in-law10 Dec 1888Ballarat.Vic.3 Dec 1976Camperdown.Vic. #29979
Alice Russell "Queenie" SHAWSister-in-law18 Apr 1887Sebastapol.Vic #828530 Jul 1928Korrumburra.Vic. #10783
Nephews & Nieces
Alexander (Pete) GERRARDNephew-in-law28 Sep 1932Beeac.Vic.
Valda Dorothy DREWNiece-in-law24 Apr 192715 Feb 2008Sydney. NSW.
Kennedy Douglas PATONNephew-in-law2 Nov 1925Melbourne. Vic.20 Jan 2008Barongarook. aged 82
Mamie Jean DREWNiece-in-law20 Aug 1923Camperdown. Vic.
William Russell FISHERNephew-in-law192226 Sep 1932Bendigo.Vic. #8475
George Alexander PATONNephew-in-law13 Jul 192121 May 1998
Isabel (Belle) PATONNiece-in-law1920Colac. Vic. #2480
Jessie Elizabeth COLENiece-in-law1920Colac.Vic. #2490
Jessie Ruth FISHERNiece-in-law1920Beeac. Vic. #9187
John Morris (Jack) DREWNephew-in-law22 Nov 1919Colac. Vic. #2639727 Dec 2006
Lela PATTERSONNiece-in-law7 Nov 1919Camperdown.Vic. #253404 Nov 2004
Jessie Ada FISHERNiece-in-law1918Beeac. Vic. #166944 Jan 1920Beeac, Vic. #293 ( Aged 1yr. 4 mths.)
John Louis GERRARDNephew-in-law22 Jul 1917Beeac.Vic. #176815 Jun 1987Beaufort.Vic.
Agnes PATTERSONNiece-in-law12 Jul 1917Camperdown, Vic. #1849631 Aug 2008Warnambool Hospital
Jessie Pearl DREWNiece-in-law1917Colac. Vic. #10971
Alma Joyce FISHERNephew-in-law1916Dandenong.Vic. #1980217 Oct 1978Geelong.Vic. #24005
Alice Russell GERRARDNiece-in-law2 Oct 1915Beeac.Vic. #292946 Mar 1999Frankston.Vic.
Ronald Earnest COLENephew-in-law20 Jun 1915Camperdown.Vic. #102288 Nov 1984Colac.Vic. #24643
Jessie Shaw PATTERSONNiece-in-law7 Jun 1915Camperdown. Vic. #102193 Feb 1985Brisbane, Qld.
Albert Edward FISHERNephew-in-law16 Aug 1914Dandenong. Vic. #21231
John Hayden COLENephew-in-law1914Beeac.Vic. #65731914Beeac.Vic. #3057
Gladys COLENiece-in-law191113 Feb 2005
Jean Shaw FISHERNiece-in-law1911Hamilton. Vic. #1197820 Oct 1999
John Theophilus FISHERNephew-in-law4 Mar 1910Port Fairy.Vic. #576510 Oct 1941WW2 Syria.
Bruce CARTERNephew-in-law
Don CARTERNephew-in-law
Dorothy CARTERNiece-in-law
Doug CARTERNephew-in-law
Douglas Kennedy DREWNephew-in-law1935Camperdown. Vic. #12389
Eddie FISHERNephew-in-law
George Edward DREWNephew-in-law1927Camperdown. Vic. #4588
Jan SHAWNiece-in-law
Jessie CARTERNiece-in-law
John (Jack) PATONNephew-in-law
Joy SHAWNiece-in-law
Mal SHAWNephew-in-law
Margaret CARTERNiece-in-law
Margaret SHAWNiece-in-law
Marjorie FISHERNiece-in-law
Neil FISHERNephew-in-law
William COLENephew-in-law31 Jan 2005
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Valma Joy GERRARDGrandniece-in-law16 Nov 1965
Garry Russell PATONGrandnephew-in-law12 Dec 1963
Robert Louis GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law17 Apr 1963
Malcolm Alexander PATONGrandnephew-in-law27 Jun 1957
Anne Rosalie PATONGrandniece-in-law3 Nov 1955
Alan Kennedy PATONGrandnephew-in-law12 May 1954
Margaret Isobel PATONGrandniece-in-law1 Jan 1953
Claire Christine PATONGrandniece-in-law14 Dec 1952
David John GERRARDGrandnephew-in-law11 Dec 1952Beaufort
Maxwell Lindsay WRIGHTGrandnephew-in-law5 Mar 1952Camperdown. Vic.
Ronald William COOKGrandnephew-in-law19 Feb 1952Melbourne. Vic.
Robert William PATONGrandnephew-in-law23 Aug 195119 Jul 1966Bike accident. Pirron Yalock. Vic.
Jill WRIGHTGrandniece-in-law5 Jun 1950Camperdown. Vic.
Douglas George PATONGrandnephew-in-law27 May 1950
Heather Joy PATONGrandniece-in-law2 Oct 1949
Beverley Joy COOKGrandniece-in-law6 Dec 1948Camperdown. Vic.
Beverley June GERRARDGrandniece-in-law14 Jun 1948Beaufort11 May 2001Wantirna Sth.. Vic.
Kenneth George PATONGrandnephew-in-law28 Jun 1947
Lael MC.DONALDGrandniece-in-law15 May 1946Still living 2006
Dorothy Lynette GERRARDGrandniece-in-law27 Apr 1946Beaufort. Vic.
Janice Russell DEBNEYGrandniece-in-law10 Feb 1946
Glenys WRIGHTGrandniece-in-law6 Feb 1946Camperdown. Vic.Still living 2008
Marion Jean GERRARDGrandniece-in-law25 Apr 1944Beaufort
Pamela Mary COOKGrandniece-in-law17 Mar 1944Camperdown. Vic.
Graham James COOKGrandnephew-in-law6 May 1943Camperdown. Vic.
Alan CASTLEMANGrandnephew-in-law
Ann LAKEYGrandniece-in-law
Bronwyn FISHERGrandniece-in-law12 Mar 2005
Christine PATONGrandniece-in-law
Dorothy DREWGrandniece-in-law
Elizabeth PATONGrandniece-in-law
Geoff PATONGrandnephew-in-law
Jan CASTLEMANGrandniece-in-law
Jenny RICHARDSONGrandniece-in-law
Joan DREWGrandniece-in-law
John DREWGrandnephew-in-law
Marion DREWGrandniece-in-law
Maryanne PATONGrandniece-in-law
Robert RICHARDSONGrandnephew-in-law
Unknown Girl CASTLEMANGrandniece-in-law
Susanne Eva KRUEGERGranddaughter-in-law27 Feb 1973
Jeanette Patricia DE KONINGGranddaughter-in-law1 Jan 1965
Darrell John TILLGrandson-in-law1 Dec 1962
Mary Anne FOLEYGranddaughter-in-law3 Apr 1962
Laurence Austin TUPPERGrandson-in-law13 Jan 1949