Esther WHITEHAND William WHITEHAND James WHITEHAND Sarah PARTRIDGE Susan HOUGHTON Joseph HOUGHTON Ann Chapman INGHAM Joseph BINNS Joseph BINNS Anne EMMOTT Mary Joseph BINNS Sarah BINNS Joseph BINNS George BINNS John Watson (Jack) BINNS Esther BINNS James Francis BINNS Martha BINNS Alice Susan BINNS Emma BINNS Joseph Rebecca Jane (Jenny) BINNS William Charles BINNS Thomas Henry BINNS


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 William WHITEHAND 1813  Susan HOUGHTON 1813

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Joseph BINNS 5 Nov 1837  Mary "Ann" BINNS
 Joseph BINNS
 Sarah BINNS
 Joseph BINNS
 George BINNS
 John Watson (Jack) BINNS
 Esther BINNS
 James Francis BINNS
 Martha BINNS
 Alice Susan BINNS
 Joseph "George" BINNS
 Rebecca Jane (Jenny) BINNS
 William Charles BINNS
 Thomas Henry BINNS


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 5 Apr 1846 Isleham Cambridge. Eng.
Christening 26 Jan 1847 Isleham Eng.
Death 22 May 1897 Creswick. Vic. #4832
Burial 24 May 1897 Creswick. (Photo)




Dearly loved wife of Joseph Binns
Also her Beloved Husband
Reference Number: P403
Sacred to the Memory
Died of erysipelas (rash on leg) after treating son James for same.
Died May 22nd 1897 aged 51 years
Joseph Binns
Died February 8th 1918 Aged 81 years.
Headstone at Creswick Cemetery reads



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Joseph BINNSHusband5 Nov 1837Cowling.Yorkshire, Eng.8 Feb 1918Creswick.Vic. #1135
Brothers & Sisters
Rebecca WHITEHANDSister1852Geelong.Vic.15 Aug 1925Ballarat.Vic. #7951
Ann WHITEHANDSister1850Geelong.Vic.6 Jun 1918Beaufort.Vic. #3831
Susan WHITEHANDSisterJun 1844Isleham. England.16 Jun 1896109 Napier St, Essendon. Vic.
Robert WHITEHANDBrother1843Isleham. England.1843Isleham. England.
Robert WHITEHANDBrotherMay 1841Isleham. England.18 May 1841Isleham. England. (Pneumonia)
Vhine WHITEHANDSisterMar 1839Isleham. England28 Mar 1852Waterholes, (Waun Ponds)
James WHITEHANDBrother9 Sep 1836Isleham. England29 Mar 1907Learmonth.Vic. #5188 (Cerebal Apop.)
George WHITEHANDBrother1833Isleham. England20 May 1904Coghills Ck.Vic. #1040 (Asthma)
Thomas Henry BINNSSon11 Nov 1886Creswick. Vic. #2372 (1887)14 May 1966Reservoir, Vic.Au. #9201
William Charles BINNSSon24 Oct 1884Shirley. Vic. #278202 May 1942Heidleberg, Vic. Au. #3955
Rebecca Jane (Jenny) BINNSDaughter2 Oct 1882Buangor. Vic. #257985 Nov 1961Ringwood. Vic. #23091
Joseph "George" BINNSSon16 Oct 1880Shirley, Beaufort #2524727 Sep 1961Ballarat.Vic. #18291
Emma BINNSDaughter10 Dec 1878Shirley.Beaufort. Vic.1953Geelong West. Vic. #16834
Alice Susan BINNSDaughter10 Dec 1876Buangor. Vic. #2128311 Jun 1956Sandringham. Vic. #15025
Martha BINNSDaughter1875Shirley, Beaufort. Vic.1875Woodnagerac, Beaufort. Vic. #4768 (2 days)
James Francis BINNSSon23 Apr 1873Shirley, Beaufort. Vic. #127873 May 1946Ballarat.Vic. #17861
Esther BINNSDaughter14 Apr 1871Shirley, Beaufort. Vic. #1230515 Dec 1954Ballarat.Vic. #22548
John Watson (Jack) BINNSSon3 Jan 1869Shirley, Beaufort. Vic. #2512830 Jul 1956Ballarat.Vic. #19945
George BINNSSon1869Raglan. Vic. #44981869Vic. #2445
Joseph BINNSSon18681868Burrumbeet. Vic. #09876
Sarah BINNSDaughter17 Sep 1867Shirley, Beaufort. Vic. #200794 Sep 1898Creswick.Vic. #11655
Joseph BINNSSon27 Oct 1866Burrumbeet. Vic. #200191866Burrumbeet. Vic. #9876 (1 day)
Mary "Ann" BINNSDaughter18 Sep 1865Burrumbeet. Vic. #2073123 Jul 1915Dreeite, Beeac.Vic. #7697
Susan HOUGHTONMother1813Isleham, Cambridge. England.15 May 1855Geelong Vic. #3477
William WHITEHANDFather1813Isleham. Eng.30 Oct 1882Ballarat. Benevolant Home. #10710
Alan "Guthrie" DOWGrandson1 Aug 192223 Sep 1998
Lesley Jean DOWGranddaughter1920Beech Forest.Vic. #16530
Royden Joseph BINNSGrandson1920Colac.Vic. #244723 Oct 1987
Eric Peter DOWGrandson26 Jul 1917Colac, Vic. Au. #194934 Jul 2003
Jean Esther BINNSGranddaughter2 Apr 1917Beeac.Vic. #917418 Sep 1984Beaufort.Vic. #21731
William Thomas DOWGrandson1 Aug 1915Beech Forest.Vic. #18548
Elsie Annie BINNSGranddaughter2 Feb 1915Beeac.Vic. #56711 Sep 1994Colac
Robert Blackwood RUSSELLGrandson28 Jun 1913Creswick.Vic. #20989
Rex Joseph DOWGrandson1913Beech Forest.Vic. #1871610 Sep 1995
John Forest (Jack) DOWGrandson16 Oct 1911Beech Forest.Vic. #257369 Jun 2002
William Binns OBE RUSSELLGrandson3 Mar 1911Creswick.Vic. #1067625 Aug 2002
David "Leigh" DOWGrandson9 Jul 1910Beech Forest, Vic. Au. #1663326 Jun 1975Colac.Vic. #22563
Andrew Alexander "Alec" ALLANGrandson26 Mar 1910Creswick.Vic. #1040116 Apr 1982Creswick.Vic. #14869
Marjorie Bessie BINNSGranddaughter22 Feb 1910Beeac. Vic. #567118 Feb 1989Ballarat
Alison Elizabeth ALLANGranddaughter17 Nov 1906Creswick. Vic. #2608514 May 1986Ballarat. Vic. #26085
Richard Allan RUSSELLGrandson11 Mar 1906Creswick Vic. #99641993Aged 87 yrs.
Esther Isabel (Isa) ALLANGranddaughter2 Dec 1904Creswick.Vic. #2510915 Dec 1986Base Hospital, Ballarat
William James (Joseph William) GOADGrandson1895Broomfield.Vic. #986912 May 1940Dean.Vic. #17303
Gertrude Jane GOADGranddaughter1893Broomfield.Vic. #103841971Creswick. Vic. #23625
Esther "Ruby" GOADGranddaughter1891Broomfield.Vic. #97581964Melbourne. Vic. #13033
Betty BINNSGranddaughter
June BINNSGranddaughter
Great grandchildren
David John GERRARDGreat grandson11 Dec 1952Beaufort
Greame George INGLISGreat grandson23 Mar 1952Colac
Bronwyn Alexandra ALLANGreat granddaughter20 Jun 1950Ballarat. Vic17 Sep 1996Birchip. Vic.
Margaret Jean INGLISGreat granddaughter25 Jul 1948Colac
Beverley June GERRARDGreat granddaughter14 Jun 1948Beaufort11 May 2001Wantirna Sth.. Vic.
Alison DOWGreat granddaughter29 Jan 1948
Dorothy Lynette GERRARDGreat granddaughter27 Apr 1946Beaufort. Vic.
James Gordon INGLISGreat grandson27 Mar 1946Colac
Edward William RUSSELLGreat grandson1946Elsternwick. Vic.
Faye Anne INGLISGreat granddaughter24 Jul 1944Colac
Marion Jean GERRARDGreat granddaughter25 Apr 1944Beaufort
Graham DOWGreat grandson194312 Apr 1995age 52
Marie Isabel ALLANGreat granddaughter10 Apr 1942Ballarat. Vic.
Ian RUSSELLGreat grandson1942Sydney. NSW
Margaret RUSSELLGreat granddaughter1942
Judith DOWGreat granddaughter4 Aug 1941
Joy Elizabeth INGLISGreat granddaughter6 Aug 1940Colac
Gladys DOWGreat granddaughter2 Apr 1940
Donald RUSSELLGreat grandson1940
Marilyn RUSSELLGreat granddaughter1940Sydney. NSW
Heather Marion DOWGreat granddaughter20 Mar 1939
Janet Rosalie RUSSELLGreat granddaughter28 Feb 1939Melbourne. Vic.21 Nov 2011Hanover, Germany.
Alan Walter TAYLORGreat grandson19211930Creswick. Vic. #9188 (aged 9 yrs.)
Ailsa DOWGreat grandson
Alan P DOWGreat grandson
Carole DOWGreat granddaughter
Christine DOWGreat granddaughter
Gwen TAYLORGreat granddaughter
Helen DOWGreat granddaughter
Jeanette DOWGreat granddaughter
Jenny DOWGreat grandson
Julie DOWGreat granddaughter
June DOWGreat granddaughter
Lorraine DOWGreat granddaughter
Marilyn DOWGreat granddaughter
Nancy DOWGreat granddaughter
Neil TAYLORGreat grandson
Second grandchildren
Alexander Burton BAILEYSecond grandson17 Mar 1991
Rhys George BAILEYSecond grandson17 Mar 1991
Alice Katherine RUSSELLSecond grandson1991Melbourne. Vic.
Lachlan Grant INGLISSecond grandson5 Jan 1990Colac
Louis Sebastian RUSSELLSecond grandson1989Melbourne. Vic.
Stuart Dennis BAILEYSecond grandson12 Mar 1988
Patrick Terrence MC.CONVILLESecond grandson11 Apr 1987Mirboo North
Phillipa Megan INGLISSecond granddaughter24 Aug 1985Colac
Emma Lynette HARRISONSecond granddaughter24 Apr 1985Ballarat
Claire Margaret MC.CONVILLESecond granddaughter31 Oct 1983Mirboo North
Joshua Graeme INGLISSecond grandson2 Aug 1982Colac
Donald Wilga RUSSELLSecond grandson1981Melbourne. Vic.
Joanne Maree HARRISONSecond granddaughter19 Nov 1980Ballarat
Karl Andrew BAILEYSecond grandson25 Jan 1980
Hayley Maree INGLISSecond granddaughter19 Dec 1979Colac
Marnie Kate INGLISSecond granddaughter19 Nov 1977Colac
Letitia Anne BAILEYSecond granddaughter18 Dec 1976
Dean Matthew GERRARDSecond grandson11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Nathan Stanley MC.CRACKENSecond grandson20 Jul 1975Melton
Narelle Louise CARNESSecond granddaughter9 Mar 1975Beaufort
William Jonothan RUSSELLSecond grandson1975Canberra. ACT
Matthew Craig INGLISSecond grandson28 Dec 1974Essendon25 Oct 2000Sunbury, Vic.
Peter Mark GERRARDSecond grandson30 Nov 1974Ballarat
Colin John GERRARDSecond grandson3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Raelene Joy MC.CRACKENSecond granddaughter29 Jul 1973Terang
Geoffrey Wayne CARNESSecond grandson20 Jun 1973Beaufort
Felicity Jane GEARSecond granddaughter4 Jul 1972
Wendy Jean CARNESSecond granddaughter7 Jul 1971Beaufort
Robyn Louise THACKERAYSecond granddaughter3 Mar 1971Colac
Nicola INGLISSecond granddaughter5 Nov 1970Essendon
Kerrie Michelle THACKERAYSecond granddaughter7 Jun 1969Coalc
Paul INGLISSecond grandson3 Dec 1968Colac
Amanda Maree GEARSecond granddaughter22 Jul 1968
Deborah Jean HARRISONSecond granddaughter8 Feb 1968Ballarat
James RUSSELLSecond grandson1968Melbourne. Vic.
Ashley James THACKERAYSecond grandson22 Nov 1966Colac
Andrew Stanley GEARSecond grandson9 Jan 1966
Nicholas RUSSELLSecond grandson1966Melbourne. Vic.
Peter Allan HANSENSecond grandson26 Dec 1965Colac
Jennifer Anne HARRISONSecond granddaughter25 Nov 1965Ballarat
Sandra HARRISONSecond granddaughter25 Nov 1965Ballarat27 Nov 1965Ballarat .Vic. #26332
Michele TANNSecond granddaughter22 Feb 1965
Sally Anne HANSENSecond granddaughter25 Nov 1964Colac. Vic.
Jennifer Joy THACKERAYSecond granddaughter16 Sep 1964Colac
Lachlan Allan GEARSecond grandson29 Aug 1964
Carolyn RUSSELLSecond granddaughter1964Melbourne. Vic.
Russell William THACKERAYSecond grandson12 Aug 1962Colac
Ashleigh LANESecond granddaughter
David LANESecond grandson
Geoff ROOKESecond grandson
Jenny ROOKESecond granddaughter
Mandy TANNSecond granddaughter
Mark GAYLARDSecond grandson
Melanie GAYLARDSecond granddaughter
Third grandchildren
Jude Nathan Donald MC.CRACKENThird grandson27 Jul 2011Melbourne.
Clayton Harrison JEFFEREYThird grandson5 Jan 2010Ballarat Base Hospital.
Reece Georgia HENDERSON DRIFEThird granddaughter6 Oct 2008St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Sarah Grace AINGEThird granddaughter29 Jun 2007Peninsula Private Hospital. Frankston.
Blake Leigh JEFFEREYThird grandson23 Apr 2007Ballarat Base Hosp. Vic
Max William HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandson31 Jan 2007St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDThird grandson9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Zykirra Jasmin THACKERAYThird granddaughter5 Jul 200615 Sep 2006
Ella June MC.CRACKENThird granddaughter7 Apr 2006Mercy Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Frazer Edward CARNESThird grandson2 Jun 2005St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat
Lily Mae CARNESThird granddaughter2 Jun 2005St. John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDThird grandson15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Liana Emma HENDERSON DRIFEThird granddaughter13 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.Aus.
Elizabeth Jean AINGEThird granddaughter2 Apr 2004Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Naomi Clare GERRARDThird granddaughter19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Ethan Chase TURNERThird grandson18 Jan 2004Warragul, Vic.
Jack William CARNESThird grandson13 Aug 2002St.John of God, Ballarat. Vic.
Alex Thomas GERRARDThird grandson27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Harrison Liam TURNERThird grandson21 Apr 2002Warragul. Vic.
Rohan John GERRARDThird grandson18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDThird granddaughter26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Caitlin Lynette GLAREThird granddaughter12 Apr 1998St. John of God, Ballarat.
Nicole Desiree OVERALLThird granddaughter18 Jul 1997Adelaide ??? (Adopted)
Laura Jean GLAREThird granddaughter19 Feb 1996Ballarat
Nicholas David Robert HOBBSThird grandson12 May 1994
Jayde Alisha THACKERAYThird granddaughter5 Oct 1993Colac. Vic.
Chloe Maree INGLISThird granddaughter25 Jun 1993
Jack THACKERAYThird grandson7 May 1993Geelong. Vic.
Mathew Peter Thomas HOBBSThird grandson21 May 1992
Dylan James HAYThird grandson2 Mar 1992Colac. Vic.
Kyle James THACKERAYThird grandson14 Feb 1992Colac. Vic.
Winton Craig OVERALLThird grandson4 Jul 1991Ballarat4 Jul 1991Stillborn
Kailee Skye FOLEYThird granddaughter15 May 1989Colac. Vic.
Jay WHEELERThird grandson19 Sep 1988Shepparton. Vic.
Ebony Jae FOLEYThird granddaughter17 Jul 1987Colac. Vic.
Matthew THACKERAYThird grandson8 Jul 1987Geelong. Vic.
Shae Nicole FOLEYThird granddaughter2 May 1986Colac. Vic.
Ryan WHEELERThird grandson10 Nov 1985Shepparton. Vic.
Luke THACKERAYThird grandson15 Apr 1985Geelong. Vic.
Casy Ellen HAYThird granddaughter2 Apr 1984Colac. Vic.
Adam DAWESThird grandson
Rebecca DAWESThird granddaughter
Ryan THACKERAYThird grandson
Tahnee DAWESThird granddaughter
Unamed HOBBSThird grandson
Sarah PARTRIDGEGrandmother1790Eng.Mar 1848Isleham, Cambridge. Eng
James WHITEHANDGrandfather1786Elvenden, Suffolk. Eng.9 Jul 1867Isleham, Cambridge. Eng
Ann Chapman INGHAMGrandmother1777Cambridge, Eng.1853Isleham, Eng.
Joseph HOUGHTONGrandfather1775Isleham, Eng.Dec 1822Isleham, Eng.
Great grandparents
Ann REVELGreat grandmother1760Cheveley, Cambridge. Eng.
John PARTRIDGEGreat grandfather1760Cheveley, Cambridge. Eng.
Elizabeth FIRMANGreat grandmother1757Flempton, Suffolk. Eng.Jul 1829
William WHITEHANDGreat grandfather1749Wordwell, Suffolk, Eng.Feb 1839Elvenden, Suffolk. Eng.
Edward HOWTONGreat grandfather
Isabella DRAYTONGreat grandmother
Second great grandparents
Ann COOPERSecond great grandmother1720Eng.
Edward WHITEHANDSecond great grandfatherCambridge. Eng.
Mary PIGGOTTSecond great grandmotherCambridge, Eng. (after 1710)
Mrs. S FIRMANSecond great grandmother
Stephen FIRMANSecond great grandfather
William HOUGHTONSecond great grandfatherCambridge, Eng. (between 1700 - 1720)
Third great grandparents
Ann HOUTENThird great grandmother
Anne WADEThird great grandmother
John WHITEHANDThird great grandfather
Richard COOPERThird great grandfather
Fourth great grandparents
John WHITEHANDFourth great grandfather1660Saffron Walden. Essex. England.2 Feb 1713Saffron Walden. Essex. England.
Mary UNKNOWNFourth great grandmother
Fifth great grandparents
Ann HEMMINGFifth great grandmother
Edward WHITEHANDFifth great grandfather22 Feb 1681Saffron Walden. Essex. England.
6th great grandparents
UNKNOWN6th great grandmother
William WHITEHAND6th great grandfather
Joseph BINNSFather-in-law1810Cowling, Yorkshire. Eng.1880
Anne EMMOTTMother-in-law1809Cowling, Yorkshire. Eng.15 Dec 1858
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Mavis Florence CONNORDaughter-in-law1896Colac. Vic. #18850
Maude Adelaine FISKDaughter-in-law9 Jan 1894Korwegiboora. Vic. #463130 Oct 1968#25852
Elizabeth Sarah "Betsy" TOPPERDaughter-in-law6 May 1881Beaufort.Vic. #711029 Oct 1958Ballarat.Vic. #26199
William George RUSSELLSon-in-law23 Jul 1876Creswick.Vic. #1541610 Apr 1954Sandringham.Vic. #3527
David DOWSon-in-law1874The Leigh. Vic. #1761012 Oct 1942Colac.Vic. #29528
David ALLANSon-in-law24 Mar 1870Creswick.Vic. #81288 Jul 1934Dean.Vic. #16146
William MOUNSEYSon-in-law1862Sebastapol, Ballarat.Vic. #189831942Colac.Vic. #29551
William "Thomas" GOADSon-in-law1861Creswick.Vic. #799215 Oct 1940Ballarat.Vic. #20779
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Elizabeth "Jane" HAYWOODSister-in-law10 Nov 1850Sydney. NSW26 Oct 1914Learmonth Vic. #14590
Mary Martha ROBERTSSister-in-law13 May 1849Mt Blackwood. (No Issue)31 Aug 1933Geelong W.Vic. #16134
William HAYWOODBrother-in-law18 Nov 1846Sydney NSWJul 1908Ballarat. Vic. #8254 aged 60
George HAYWOODBrother-in-law12 Jul 1840Nuneaton, Warwick, Eng.25 Jan 1906Ballarat. Vic. #152 aged 64
George TOPPERBrother-in-law13 Apr 183319 Brown St, Marylebone, Lon. UK.15 Jul 1910Beaufort.Vic. #7843
Nephews & Nieces
Stanley Victor WHITEHANDNephew9 May 1892Coghills Ck. Vic. #2183919 Sep 1973Geelong.Vic. #23223
George Leonard WHITEHANDNephew16 Oct 1891Learmonth. Vic. #3465217 Aug 1968Heidleberg.Vic. #20184
Robert Gilbert (Bert) WHITEHANDNephew11 Jul 1890Coghills Ck. Vic. #2160012 Oct 1917Passchedaele. Belguim.
Vhine Eliza WHITEHANDNiece3 Mar 1890Learmonth. Vic. #145526 Feb 1963Ballarat. Vic. #3053
Elizabeth Ruth HAYWOODNiece1889Ballarat. Vic. #4841944Ballarat.Vic. #16170
John Henry Leslie WHITEHANDNephew28 Feb 1888Coghills Ck. Vic #1016324 Aug 1965Clayton.Vic. #18752
James WHITEHANDNephew11 Oct 1887Learmonth. Vic. #2962727 Jul 1970Ballarat.Vic. #17386
Isabella Jane WHITEHANDNiece4 Jul 1886Coghills Ck. Vic. #1711613 Aug 1930Geelong.Vic. #9614
Benjamin WHITEHANDNephew1886Learmonth. Vic. #4044No Issue
Joseph HAYWOODNephew1886Ballarat.Vic. #765928 Jul 1961Ballarat. Vic. #14823
William WHITEHANDNephew4 Feb 1885Learmonth. Vic # no issue1885Learnonth. Vic. #no Issue
Reuben Justuss (Charlie) WHITEHANDNephew18 Aug 1884Coghills Ck. Vic. #234581 Apr 1944Geelong.Vic. #18485
Thomas" William" WHITEHANDNephew1 Jun 1883Coghills Ck. Vic. #153316 Feb 1953Geelong W.Vic. #16831
Helen WHITEHANDNiece1 Apr 1883Learmonth. Vic. #1057830 Aug 1942Ballarat.Vic. #29003
Charles HAYWOODNephew1883Ballarat.Vic. #1394711 Sep 1946Melbourne. #10511
Unnamed female TOPPERNiece1883Beaufort.Vic. #69911883Beaufort.Vic. #4127A (Lived 1 day)
Elizabeth Sarah "Betsy" TOPPERNiece6 May 1881Beaufort.Vic. #711029 Oct 1958Ballarat.Vic. #26199
Albert Ernest WHITEHANDNephew2 May 1881Coghills Ck. Vic. #824230 Sep 1959Geelong.Vic. #27658
Eunice May HAYWOODNiece1881Happy Valley.Vic. #10011
Eunice May WHITEHANDNiece27 Apr 1880Coghills Ck. Vic. #76468 May 1964Learmonth.Vic. #8847
James WHITEHANDNephew9 Mar 1880Coghills Ck. Vic. #764517 Aug 1956Geelong.Vic. #20878
Alfred HAYWOODNephew1880Happy Valley, Rokewood. Vic. #2308428 Apr 1953Ballarat.Vic. #17866
Susan TOPPERNiece26 Jan 1879Beaufort.Vic. #59310 Jan 1968Beaufort.Vic. #2908
Esther Gordon HAYWOODNiece1879Happy Valley.Vic. #32121886Happy Valley.Vic. #5644
Joseph WHITEHANDNephew18 Jun 1878Coghills Ck. Vic. #1467918 Oct 1949Geelong.Vic. #22994
Mary Anne WHITEHANDNiece13 Jan 1878Coghills Ck. Vic. #15475 Sep 1885Learmonth. Vic. #9140
Rachel WHITEHANDNiece6 Jan 1877Ballarat. Vic. #3726 Jan 1877Ballarat. Vic. #185 (1 day)
John James HAYWOODNephew1877Happy Valley.Vic. #1612420 Jun 1926Ballarat.Vic. #3892
Walter WHITEHANDNephew14 Dec 1876Ballarat. Vic. #397 (1877)21 Sep 1944Geelong.Vic. #20660
Anne TOPPERNiece10 Sep 1876Beaufort.Vic. #1389711 Jul 1963Beaufort.Vic. #13688
Thomas Joseph HAYWOODNephew1876Happy Valley.Vic. #167221920Essendon. Vic. #10054
Frederick WHITEHANDNephew7 Sep 1875Warrenheip. Vic. #264841915No Vic issue (Disappeared ???)
Mary Ann "Polly" HAYWOODNiece1875Happy Valley, Rokewood. Vic. #164321957Ballarat.Vic. #19084
Elizabeth WHITEHANDNiece16 Aug 1874Warrenheip. Vic. #187412 Jun 1876Warrenheip. Vic. #4302
Jane WHITEHANDNiece8 Jun 1874Warrenheip. Vic. #1282819 Dec 1926Elizabeth St. Elsternwick.Vic. #13681
Thomas James TOPPERNephew26 May 1874Long Gully, Beaufort.Vic. #70958 Sep 1949Beaufort. Vic. #20006
James William HAYWOODNephew1874Happy Valley.Vic. #93071875Happy Valley. Vic. #2572
Arthur WHITEHANDNephew1 Jul 1873Warrenheip. Vic. #2085715 Oct 1942Horsham. Vic. #29932
George WHITEHANDNephew7 Jul 1872Lal Lal. Vic. #145342 Sep 1931Ballarat.Vic. #7788
Ruth WHITEHANDNiece16 Jun 1872Lal Lal, Vic. #1453614 Nov 1944Essendon. Vic. #11716
Susan HAYWOODNiece1872Pitfield.Vic. #4590
William HAYWOODNephew1872Happy Valley.Vic. #236771 Jul 1943Heidleburg.Vic. #5697
George TOPPERNephew31 Aug 1871Long Gully, Beaufort.Vic. #1416922 Apr 1963Beaufort.Vic. #7726
Eliza WHITEHANDNiece27 Jul 1871Bunninyong. Vic. #1462027 Jul 1871Lal Lal. Vic. #5761 (1 day)
Esther WHITEHANDNiece7 May 1871Bunninyong. Vic. #764410 Jul 1950Ballarat. Vic. #19875
Alice WHITEHANDNiece27 Dec 1869Bunninyong. Vic. #1136 (1870)6 Jul 1952Ballarat.Vic. #20113
Mary Jane "May" HAYWOODNiece31 Oct 1869Pitfield.Vic. #242469 May 1905Ballarat. Vic. #4098
Emma WHITEHANDNiece6 Jul 1869Bunninyong. Vic. #2094628 Oct 1885Coghills Ck. Vic. #11557
Annie WHITEHANDNiece3 Jul 1868Bunninyong. Vic. #1467917 Jan 1956Karracatta WA.
Vhine WHITEHANDNiece29 Jun 1868Bunninyong. Vic. #14661 (Vine Whitehead)4 Apr 1869Ballarat. Vic. #3271 (10 mths)
George Thomas TOPPERNephew1868Beaufort.Vic. #215581868Beaufort.Vic #8047 (Lived 19 days)
Charles WHITEHANDNephew11 Jun 1867Ballarat. Vic. #1256014 Aug 1925Learmonth.Vic. #10144
Ellen Amelia (Nellie) HAYWOODNiece1867Happy Valley. Vic. #2216919 Mar 1945Essendon. Vic. #2817 (1946)
Anna Eliza HAYWOODNiece1865Happy Valley. Vic. #26481937Prahan.Vic. #9244
George Whitehand HAYWOODNephew4 May 1862Warrenheip, Vic. #196121917Kew. Vic. #12834
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Rosemary WHITEHANDGrandniece27 Oct 1939
Stanley "Bruce" WHITEHANDGrandnephew29 Apr 1933Camperdown. Vic.17 Oct 1994
Maxwell John WHITEHANDGrandnephew21 Sep 1931Cobden. Vic.15 Jul 2007
Margot Jessie WHITEHANDGrandniece30 Apr 1930
Marian Leonora WHITEHANDGrandniece10 Jan 1929Ballarat. Vic.
Eric George WHITEHANDGrandnephew18 Nov 1928Dandenong. Vic.
Paula Theresa WHITEHANDGrandniece20 Jul 1927Geelong. Vic.
Kenneth Albert WHITEHANDGrandnephew15 Feb 1927Geelong. Vic.1978Geelong. Vic. #17104 aged 51 yrs
Wilma WHITEHANDGrandniece26 Aug 1926
Evan James WHITEHANDGrandnephew9 Jul 1925Learmonth. Vic.9 Jan 1998aged 72.
Bette Elaine WHITEHANDGrandniece23 May 1924Ballarat. Vic.
Kathleen WHITEHANDGrandniece30 Mar 1924Ballarat. Vic.30 Mar 1924Ballarat. Vic.
Muriel "Jean" WHITEHANDGrandniece1924Geelong.
Russell George WHITEHANDGrandnephew17 Feb 1923Geelong. Vic.3 Jul 1996Geelong. Vic.
Cyril Joseph WHITEHANDGrandnephew8 Apr 1922Geelong. Vic.22 Feb 1997Geelong. Vic.
Clive Leslie WHITEHANDGrandnephew1922??2 May 1941Geelong. Vic. #17313 aged 19 yrs
Nancy Merle WHITEHANDGrandniece1921Geelong.
John Henry WHITEHANDGrandnephew1920Geeong. Vic. #22297Oct 1925
Kenneth WHITEHANDGrandnephew1920Rainbow. Vic. #254281920Rainbow. Vic. #12039
Gilbert Lloyd WHITEHANDGrandnephew22 Oct 1919Geelong. Vic. #2769119 Nov 1979Geelong. Vic. #28142
Lillian "Joyce" WHITEHANDGrandniece1919Rainbow. Vic. #14322
Emily COOMBSGrandniece1918No issue.1977Ballarat. Vic. #26884
Gladys Mary WHITEHANDGrandniece2 Oct 1917Avalon. Vic. #30238
Leonard Raymond (Jake) WHITEHANDGrandnephew22 Jul 1917Essendon. Vic. #20184Apr 2008Perth. WA
Jean Esther BINNSGrandniece2 Apr 1917Beeac.Vic. #917418 Sep 1984Beaufort.Vic. #21731
James Alexander BIGGARGrandnephew1917Shepparton.Vic. #72794 Jan 1917Shepparton.Vic. #2928 (7 Hrs)
Harry Wilfred NUNNGrandnephew15 May 1916Ballarat. Vic. #885325 Aug 2004Sandringham
Leslie Victor WHITEHANDGrandnephew11 Mar 1916Geelong. Vic. #3970 (1917)21 Oct 1995Geelong. Vic.
Mavis Christina WHITEHANDGrandniece26 Feb 1916Essendon. Vic. #3050
Alan Cuthbert WHITEHANDGrandnephew1916Geelong. Vic. #2116628 Dec 1941Prahan. Vic. #13042
Royal Ivan Charles HAYWOODGrandnephew28 Jun 1915Gisborne. Vic. #220242003
Gwenetha Alva WHITEHANDGrandniece1 May 1915Geelong. Vic. #129201915Geelong. Vic. #5207
Elsie Annie BINNSGrandniece2 Feb 1915Beeac.Vic. #56711 Sep 1994Colac
Annie Ethelina HAYWOODGrandniece1915Sunshine.Vic. #7787
Theodore "Leslie" DEANGrandnephew1915Learmonth. Vic. #3182613 Jan 1997Ballarat. Vic.
John Edward "Eddie" WHITEHANDGrandnephew20 Nov 1914Geelong. Vic. #317368 Mar 1989Geelong. Vic.
Joseph Edgar WHITEHANDGrandnephewAug 1914Avalon. Vic. #2369124 Jan 1915Avalon. Vic. #1953
William Leonard NUNNGrandnephew26 Jun 1914Ballarat. Vic. #1850917 Dec 1995Brisbane, Qld.
Joseph Robert (Bob) HAYWOODGrandnephew1914#113151986
Thelma Gladys WHITEHANDGrandniece1914Geelong. Vic. #13168
Jean Doris BIGGARGrandniece17 Sep 1913Shepparton.Vic. #2504125 Oct 1999
Zelma Irene WHITEHANDGrandniece24 May 1913Avalon. Vic. #140032002Leongatha. Vic.
Mavis Nellie DEANGrandniece1913Learmonth. Vic. #512618 Mar 2005Q.E.G.C. Ballarat.
Esther May WHITEHANDGrandniece12 Feb 1912Geelong. Vic. #385824 Aug 1990Geelong. Vic.
Jean Isabel WHITEHANDGrandniece1912Geelong. Vic. #121711992
Ronald Kenneth WHITEHANDGrandnephew1912Murchison. Vic. #575417 Dec 1995Perth. WA.
Evelyn Mary NUNNGrandniece20 Dec 1911Ballarat. Vic. #370 (1912)1 Sep 1996Mt Eliza. Vic.
Harold George WHITEHANDGrandnephew10 Dec 1911Avalon. Vic. #4866 (1912)22 Jun 1985Geelong. Vic. #14743
Alexanderina BIGGARGrandniece1911Shepparton.Vic. #682323 Mar 1911Shepparton.Vic. #3082
Alice MEDWELLGrandniece1911Learmonth.Vic. #2978523 Oct 1911Learmonth.Vic. #13622
William Ernest HAYWOODGrandnephew1911Gisborne. Vic. #203501911Gisborne. Vic. #9145
Alice Christabel BOSHERGrandniece6 Jun 1910Ballarat.Vic. #163428 Mar 2001Queenscliffe. Vic.
Marjorie Bessie BINNSGrandniece22 Feb 1910Beeac. Vic. #567118 Feb 1989Ballarat
Colin WHITEHANDGrandnephew1910Sheparton. Vic. #657128 Nov 1994Wodonga. Vic.
Ellen Grace Elsie (Helen) COOMBSGrandniece1910Coghills Creek. Vic. #183541937Ballarat. Vic. #17464
James George WHITEHANDGrandnephew1910Ballarat East. Vic. #2467220 May 1916Geelong. Vic. #6042
William George Leonard HAYWOODGrandnephew1910Warrenheip.Vic. #155798 Nov 1989Beaufort. Vic.
John Edward (Jack) WHITEHANDGrandnephew31 Dec 1909Avalon. Vic. #4521 (1910)1 Oct 1993Caufield. Vic
Clarice Jane NUNNGrandniece21 Nov 1909Ballarat. Vic. #2449614 Jun 1997Thomastown, Melbourne. Vic.
Daisy May COOMBSGrandniece1909Coghills Creek. Vic. #22411923Birchip. Vic. #13672
Dorothy Evelyn WHITEHANDGrandniece1909Lismore. Vic. #20607
Phyllis Edna WOODSGrandniece1909Essendon. Vic.
Thomas William HAYWOODGrandnephew1909Gisborne. Vic. #1602
Rhoda Blanche WHITEHANDGrandniece10 Sep 1908Lara. Vic. #2820418 Jan 1982Geelong. Vic. #01571
Norman Eric BIGGARGrandnephew22 Jul 1908Shepparton.Vic. #22678
Ruth Olive NUNNGrandniece6 Jun 1908Ballarat. Vic. #4027 Jul 1998Berwick. Vic.
Eric COOMBSGrandnephew1908Coghills Creek. Vic. #No issue.#No issue.
Doris Margaret Henrietta WHITEHANDGrandniece18 Sep 1907Ballarat.Vic. #2373121 Feb 1977Q.E.G.C. Ballarat.Vic. #4655
Walter BROWNGrandnephew22 May 1907Kalgoorlie. W.A.23 Jan 1987Perth. WA
Alan Carl James DEANGrandnephew1907Learmonth. Vic. #2816223 May 1982Ballarat. Vic. #20462
Harold Herbert HAYWOODGrandnephew1907Sunbury. Vic. #650216 Jul 1985Footscray. Vic. #17303
Lillian Pearl HAYWOODGrandniece1907Northcote. Vic. #1310112 Apr 1972Prahan. Vic. #7665
James Henry NUNNGrandnephew28 Dec 1906Ballarat. Vic. #381 (1907)30 Apr 1984Cheltenham. Vic. #09037
Arthur Leonard BOSHERGrandnephew21 Dec 1906Ballarat.Vic. #29213 May 1997Ballarat. Vic.
Eva "Irene" WHITEHANDGrandniece1906Clunes. Vic. #175051983Kew. Vic. #12696
Kenneth WHITEHANDGrandnephew1906No Vic Issue.1906No Vic Issue.
Esther Regina COOMBSGrandniece1905Coghills Creek. Vic. #1720314 Sep 1995
Violet Alvina HAYWOODGrandniece1905Broadmeadows. Vic. #10661990
Allan Leonard BIGGARGrandnephew1904Loch.Vic. #11503
Leslie Joseph COOMBSGrandnephew1903Coghills Creek. Vic. #2468213 Jan 1962Ballarat. Vic. #1917
Charles BROWNGrandnephew20 Apr 1902Kalgoorlie. W.A.
Herbert Leslie WOODSGrandnephew1902Essendon. Vic. #25 May 1981Moonee Ponds. Vic #11525
Vera Jane COOMBSGrandniece1902Coghills Creek. Vic. #945411 Jun 1991
Jessie Dickson PORTEOUSGrandniece1901Richmond. Vic. #221211969St Kilda. Vic. #21332
Lillian Ethel HAYWOODGrandniece1901Essendon. Vic. #26650
Hector Coutts MEDWELLGrandnephew27 Oct 1900Learmonth.Vic. #277597 Dec 1973Ballarat.Vic. #22123
Lawrence Albert WOODSGrandnephew11 Feb 1900Essendon. Vic. #107914 Aug 1974Heidleburg. Vic. #19930
Allan PORTEOUSGrandnephew1900Collingwood. Vic. #256641900Collingwood. Vic. #12457
Annie Elizabeth COOMBSGrandniece1900Coghills Creek. Vic. #1794023 Sep 1983Ballarat. Vic. #22202
Douglas Thomas HAYWOODGrandnephew1900Carlton. Vic. #250461971Lara. Vic. #19652
George BROWNGrandnephew1900Kalgoorlie. W.A.10 Feb 1925Kalgoorlie. W.A.
Peter Stanley COOMBSGrandnephew1899#No Issue.9 May 1928Ballarat. Vic. #4274 aged 29 years
Thomas Gordon Stanley PORTEOUSGrandnephew25 Dec 1898Birchip. Vic. #75241957Cheltenham. Vic. #5366
Thelma Edith Nellie NUNNGrandniece25 Oct 1898Coburg. Vic. #254295 Aug 1952Sandringham. Vic. #9140
Vhine MEDWELLGrandniece1898Learmonth.Vic. #200548 Feb 1971Ballarat. Vic. #11044
George William COOMBSGrandnephew1897Quambatook. Vic. #3068027 Dec 1920Learmonth. Vic. #15087
Ida Olive WOODSGrandniece1897Essendon. Vic. #2786520 Dec 1983Healsville. Vic. #00959 (1984)
Benjamin Brown PORTEOUSGrandnephew1896W chip. Vic. #78531974Wind. Vic. #9715
Mary Evaline Isabel COOMBSGrandniece1896Coghills Creek. Vic. #1882522 May 1978Ballarat. Vic. #10977
Reginald Ernest William NUNNGrandnephew13 Oct 1895Essendon. Vic. #289708 Feb 1958Port Melbourne. Vic. #1596
Claude Haywood MEDWELLGrandnephew1895Learmnoth.Vic. #222757 May 1919Learmonth.Vic. #7689
George Clarence WOODSGrandnephew1895Essendon. Vic. #3201
Grace Victoria May NUNNGrandniece1894Hawthorn. Vic. #2128921 Mar 1979Ballarat. Vic. #8731
Maggie May PORTEOUSGrandniece1894Geelong. Vic. #36931979Wind. Vic. #16874
Ruth Susan WOODSGrandniece1893Essendon. Vic. #573111 Apr 1894Essendon. Vic. #31298
Edith HAYWOODGrandniece1892Brunswick. Vic. #1466Jul 1979Preston. Vic. #16187
Gilbert Leslie MEDWELLGrandnephew1892Learmonth.Vic. #248035 May 1919Learmonth.Vic. #7686
Albert Henry Thomas SMITHGrandnephew1891Brunswick. Vic. #11571 Apr 1954Perth. WA
Robert Stanley WOODSGrandnephew1891Ballarat. Vic. #203401972Essendon. Vic. #26433
Annie PORTEOUSGrandniece1890Geelong. Vic. #134201960Melbourne. Vic. #3982
Ethel May HAYWOODGrandniece1890Box Hill. Vic. #1001218 Apr 1891Brunswick. Vic. #16187
Isabella Muriel PORTEOUSGrandniece1890no issue.27 Aug 1961Melbourne. Vic. #15928
Horace Sydney HAYWOODGrandnephew1889Essendon. Vic. #27911900Essendon. Vic. #1562
Mabel Rivena WOODSGrandniece1889Essendon. Vic. #212331977Park? Vic. #16054
Gavan James PORTEOUSGrandnephew1888Preston. Vic. #12917X1943Preston. Vic. #6108
Herbert Ernest HAYWOODGrandnephew1888Brunswick. Vic. #999
George Francis HAYWOODGrandnephew20 Mar 1886Brunswick. Vic. #825825 Aug 1915Prahan. Vic. #10851
Gavan James Haywood PORTEOUSGrandnephew18861887Northcote. Vic. #11400
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Sandra Lea GOULDGreat grandniece24 Dec 1965Geelong. Vic.
Adrian WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew2 Feb 1965
David John WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew25 Oct 1963
Theresa Frances GOULDGreat grandniece1963Geelong. Vic.
Richard Dean WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew30 Jun 1962
Peter Malcolm MIURGreat grandnephew31 Dec 1961
Gavin Charles WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew30 Jun 1961
Karen WHITEHANDGreat grandniece30 Apr 1961
Clyde Douglas WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew15 Aug 1959
Gayle WHITEHANDGreat grandniece10 Nov 1958
Pamela WHITEHANDGreat grandniece5 Nov 1958
Barry Robert MIURGreat grandnephew7 Aug 1958
Alison Ruth NUNNGreat grandniece7 May 1958Broken Hill. NSW
Allan Wayne SCHMIDTGreat grandnephew7 Feb 1958Geelong. Vic.
Mark John WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew17 Oct 1957
Leigh Maxwell WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew28 Aug 195730 Aug 1957Geelong. Vic. #22068
Richard Anthony GOULDGreat grandnephew28 Jul 1956Geelong. Vic.9 Sep 1975Nambour. Qld. or Geelong.
Lynne Kaye MIURGreat grandniece12 May 1955
Raymond Peter GOULDGreat grandnephew4 Sep 1954Geelong. Vic.
Lynette WHITEHANDGreat grandniece4 Jul 1954
Bernard George GOULDGreat grandnephew24 Sep 1953Geelong. Vic.
Raelene June SCHMIDTGreat grandniece23 Jul 1953Geelong. Vic.
David John GERRARDGreat grandnephew11 Dec 1952Beaufort
Francis James GOULDGreat grandnephew7 May 1952Geelong. Vic.
Greame George INGLISGreat grandnephew23 Mar 1952Colac
Gregory Neil GOVANGreat grandnephew31 Dec 1951
Helen Mary NUNNGreat grandniece7 Oct 1951Broken Hill NSW
Janice WHITEHANDGreat grandniece6 Feb 1951
Ross Cyril WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew29 Jun 1950
Glenda Rae SCHMIDTGreat grandniece11 Jan 1950Geelong. Vic.
William WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew1950
Irene Dawn TREASEGreat grandniece26 Dec 1949
Roger WHITEHANDGreat grandnephewNov 1948Nov 19483 days
Peter TREASEGreat grandnephew12 Sep 1948
Beverley GOVANGreat grandniece21 Aug 1948
Margaret Jean INGLISGreat grandniece25 Jul 1948Colac
Beverley June GERRARDGreat grandniece14 Jun 1948Beaufort11 May 2001Wantirna Sth.. Vic.
Graham Leslie SCHMIDTGreat grandnephew28 Nov 1947Geelong. Vic.
Roslyn Beryl WHITEHANDGreat grandniece31 Jul 1947
Dorothy Jill HENDYGreat grandniece19471966
Dorothy Lynette GERRARDGreat grandniece27 Apr 1946Beaufort. Vic.
James Gordon INGLISGreat grandnephew27 Mar 1946Colac
Lyle Joseph WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew19 Feb 194628 May 1968Kew Cottages.
Cheryl J HENDYGreat grandniece1946
Douglas BOSHERGreat grandnephew3 Dec 1945
Carole WHITEHANDGreat grandniece8 Aug 1945
Yvonne TREASEGreat grandniece19 May 1945
Lesley Ruth SOUTERGreat grandniece12 Jan 1945Hastings. Vic.
Edward MUNTZGreat grandnephew8 Jan 1945Bright. Vic.
John Colin WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew1945
Margaret Joan WHITEHANDGreat grandniece13 Nov 194430 Jan 1945(SIDS)
Faye Anne INGLISGreat grandniece24 Jul 1944Colac
Barbara Dawn SCHMIDTGreat grandniece23 Jul 1944Geelong. Vic.
Marion Jean GERRARDGreat grandniece25 Apr 1944Beaufort
Harold Lloyd TREASEGreat grandnephew7 Jan 1944
Lynette BOSHERGreat grandniece6 Oct 1943
Janet Mary CADWALLADERGreat grandniece27 Apr 1943Essendon. Vic.
Margaret Helen MUNTZGreat grandniece2 Jan 1943Community Hospital, Wangaratta.
Margaret BOSHERGreat grandniece1943
Lorraine TREASEGreat grandniece6 Oct 1942
William Donald SOUTERGreat grandnephew13 Feb 1942Essendon. Vic
Valerie Nola SCHMIDTGreat grandniece4 Jan 1942Geelong. Vic.
Ian William HAYWOODGreat grandnephew1942Beaufort16 Oct 1972Beaufort.
Elizabeth Mary MC.CONNELLGreat grandniece26 Oct 1940Queenstown. Tas.
Graeme David TREASEGreat grandnephew10 Aug 1940
Joy Elizabeth INGLISGreat grandniece6 Aug 1940Colac
Robert Arthur WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew3 Apr 194024 Feb 1994
Neil Vincent TREASEGreat grandnephew10 Jun 1939
John James WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew17 Jan 1939
Shirley Anne MC.CONNELLGreat grandniece15 Dec 1938Queenstown. Tas.
Leonard Joseph TREASEGreat grandnephew14 Mar 1938
Elaine Margaret MEDWELLGreat grandniece23 Dec 1937Vic.
Miriam Ethel WHITEHANDGreat grandniece5 Dec 1937
Margaret Ruth MC.CONNELLGreat grandniece27 Jan 1937Queenstown, Tas.
Colin Thomas WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew30 Aug 193627 Aug 2005
Elizabeth WHITEHANDGreat grandniece24 May 193624 May 1936
Gilbert John MEDWELLGreat grandnephew1 Jul 1935Vic.21 Dec 1988Vic.
Richard Graeme LOADERGreat grandnephew19359 Aug 2011James Thomas Court, Ballarat. Vic.
Lorraine McLoed NUNNGreat grandniece16 Dec 1933
Margot McLoed NUNNGreat grandniece25 Jan 1931
Barbara Joan VEITCHGreat grandniece1931Ballarat. Vic. #1935Ballarat. Vic. #
John HAYWOODGreat grandnephew10 Dec 1930
Thelma Joan TEMPLETONGreat grandniece19 Dec 1929
Lorna May MEDWELLGreat grandnephew1 Nov 1929Learmonth. Vic.
Helen Grace VEITCHGreat grandniece19291979Ballarat. Vic. #
Yvonne Helen NUNNGreat grandniece14 Apr 1928
Thomas "William" TEMPLETONGreat grandnephew23 Dec 1927
Edna Lillian DODMANGreat grandniece1927Feb 1928Carlton. Vic. #843
George Gilbert ORRGreat grandnephew19261978Terang. Vic. #390 age 52
Nancy McLoed NUNNGreat grandniece10 Dec 1925Ballarat. Vic.
Alison Inverta LOADERGreat grandniece3 Oct 19241 Jul 1994
Hugh Ramsay Gilchrist VEITCHGreat grandnephew13 Jul 1924
Edna May BEDFORDGreat grandniece1924Ballarat. Vic.1924Learmonth. Vic. #2142
Betty McLoed NUNNGreat grandniece17 Apr 1923Ballarat. Vic.
Peggy McLoed NUNNGreat grandnephew4 Sep 1921Ballarat. Vic.
Esme Jean ORRGreat grandnephew1921
Brenda Beverley BUCKLEYGreat grandniece1918Carlton. Vic. #17818
Ivy "Merle" MEDWELLGreat grandniece1916Learmonth. Vic. #48342000Ballarat. Vic
Albert Charles HAYWOODGreat grandnephew1915Carlton. Vic. #1915Prahan. Vic. #
Raymond Charles SMITHGreat grandnephew20 Jun 1914Ballarat East.14 Nov 1993age 79
Ernest Henry Thomas HAYWOODGreat grandnephew1913Collingwood. Vic.
Thomas Gordon HAYWOODGreat grandnephew1913Carlton. Vic. #1914Fitzroy Sth. Vic.
Arthur George HAYWOODGreat grandnephew1912Carlton. Vic. #1980
Adrian HAYWOODGreat grandnephew
Alex WOODSGreat grandnephew
Angela NUNNGreat grandniece
Ann MORRISGreat grandniece
Barbara MARSHALLGreat grandniece
Barry DEANGreat grandnephew
Barry WOODSGreat grandnephew
Beryl WOODSGreat grandniece
Charles DEANGreat grandnephew
Cheryl Anne WHITEHANDGreat grandniece
Colin Russell WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Donald ORRGreat grandnephew
Dorothy Evelyn ORRGreat grandniece
Evelyn DEANGreat grandniece
Fred COOMBSGreat grandnephew
Gary MARSHALLGreat grandnephew
Geoffrey Evan WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Graeme GILBERTGreat grandnephew
Helen DEANGreat grandniece
Helen LANGDONGreat grandniece
Hilda WOODSGreat grandniece
Ian David HENDYGreat grandnephew
Irene WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
James "Norrie" MUNTZGreat grandniece
James DIXONGreat grandnephew
James ORRGreat grandnephew
Janet MORRISGreat grandniece
Jean DIXONGreat grandniece
Jennifer WOODSGreat grandniece
Jim COOMBSGreat grandnephew
John DIXONGreat grandnephew
John WOODSGreat grandnephew
Joshua MEYERGreat grandnephew
Joy DEANGreat grandniece
Joy MORRISGreat grandniece
Kaye HAYWOODGreat grandniece
Kenneth Ernest WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Leonard DEANGreat grandnephew
Lesley WOODSGreat grandnephew
Leslie COOMBSGreat grandnephew
Lindsay WOODSGreat grandnephew
Lois ORRGreat grandniece
Lois WHITEHANDGreat grandniece
Lorna WOODSGreat grandniece
Lynette DEANGreat grandniece
Marcia WHITEHANDGreat grandniece
Margaret VEITCHGreat grandniece
Marion LOADERGreat grandnephew
Marion MARSHALLGreat grandniece
Marlene WHITEHANDGreat grandniece
Mavis LOADERGreat grandniece
Minnie DIXONGreat grandniece
Myra Jeanette WHITEHANDGreat grandniece
Neil Kenneth WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Norman VEITCHGreat grandnephew
Peter COOMBSGreat grandnephew
Peter Geoffrey WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Peter HAYWOODGreat grandnephew
Peter Kenneth WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Ralph DIXONGreat grandnephew
Rebecca MEYERGreat grandniece
Reginald WOODSGreat grandnephew
Rita DIXONGreat grandniece
Robert GILBERTGreat grandnephew
Robert WOODSGreat grandnephew
Robin HAYWOODGreat grandniece
Robyn MORRISGreat grandniece
Rod SMITHGreat grandnephew
Rodney Phillip WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Roger Hilton WHITEHANDGreat grandnephew
Ronald HUSSEYGreat grandnephew
Russell WOODSGreat grandnephew
Sandra WHITEHANDGreat grandniece
Shirley HOWARDGreat grandniece
Susan MARSHALLGreat grandnephew
Susan NUNNGreat grandniece
Thelma ORRGreat grandniece
Trevor LANGDONGreat grandnephew
Valerie HOWARDGreat grandniece
William SMITHGreat grandnephew
Winifred LOADERGreat grandniece11 Feb 2008Beaufort. Vic
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Lachlan Grant INGLISSecond grandnephew5 Jan 1990Colac
Patrick Terrence MC.CONVILLESecond grandnephew11 Apr 1987Mirboo North
Phillipa Megan INGLISSecond grandniece24 Aug 1985Colac
Emma Lynette HARRISONSecond grandniece24 Apr 1985Ballarat
Claire Margaret MC.CONVILLESecond grandniece31 Oct 1983Mirboo North
Joshua Graeme INGLISSecond grandnephew2 Aug 1982Colac
Joanne Maree HARRISONSecond grandniece19 Nov 1980Ballarat
Hayley Maree INGLISSecond grandniece19 Dec 1979Colac
Marnie Kate INGLISSecond grandniece19 Nov 1977Colac
Dean Matthew GERRARDSecond grandnephew11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Nathan Stanley MC.CRACKENSecond grandnephew20 Jul 1975Melton
Narelle Louise CARNESSecond grandniece9 Mar 1975Beaufort
Matthew Craig INGLISSecond grandnephew28 Dec 1974Essendon25 Oct 2000Sunbury, Vic.
Peter Mark GERRARDSecond grandnephew30 Nov 1974Ballarat
Colin John GERRARDSecond grandnephew3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Raelene Joy MC.CRACKENSecond grandniece29 Jul 1973Terang
Geoffrey Wayne CARNESSecond grandnephew20 Jun 1973Beaufort
Wendy Jean CARNESSecond grandniece7 Jul 1971Beaufort
Robyn Louise THACKERAYSecond grandniece3 Mar 1971Colac
Nicola INGLISSecond grandniece5 Nov 1970Essendon
Kerrie Michelle THACKERAYSecond grandniece7 Jun 1969Coalc
Paul INGLISSecond grandnephew3 Dec 1968Colac
Deborah Jean HARRISONSecond grandniece8 Feb 1968Ballarat
Ashley James THACKERAYSecond grandnephew22 Nov 1966Colac
Peter Allan HANSENSecond grandnephew26 Dec 1965Colac
Jennifer Anne HARRISONSecond grandniece25 Nov 1965Ballarat
Sandra HARRISONSecond grandniece25 Nov 1965Ballarat27 Nov 1965Ballarat .Vic. #26332
Sally Anne HANSENSecond grandniece25 Nov 1964Colac. Vic.
Jennifer Joy THACKERAYSecond grandniece16 Sep 1964Colac
Russell William THACKERAYSecond grandnephew12 Aug 1962Colac
Andrew WOODSSecond grandnephew
Gary KARSLAKESecond grandnephew
Glenyce KARSLAKESecond grandniece
Gordon LOADERSecond grandnephew
Kerri LOADERSecond grandniece
Kimberley WOODSSecond grandnephew
Meredith LOADERSecond grandniece
Murray LOADERSecond grandnephew
Nola KARSLAKESecond grandniece
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Jude Nathan Donald MC.CRACKENThird grandnephew27 Jul 2011Melbourne.
Clayton Harrison JEFFEREYThird grandnephew5 Jan 2010Ballarat Base Hospital.
Reece Georgia HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandniece6 Oct 2008St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Sarah Grace AINGEThird grandniece29 Jun 2007Peninsula Private Hospital. Frankston.
Blake Leigh JEFFEREYThird grandnephew23 Apr 2007Ballarat Base Hosp. Vic
Max William HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandnephew31 Jan 2007St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDThird grandnephew9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Zykirra Jasmin THACKERAYThird grandniece5 Jul 200615 Sep 2006
Ella June MC.CRACKENThird grandniece7 Apr 2006Mercy Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Frazer Edward CARNESThird grandnephew2 Jun 2005St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat
Lily Mae CARNESThird grandniece2 Jun 2005St. John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDThird grandnephew15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Liana Emma HENDERSON DRIFEThird grandniece13 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.Aus.
Elizabeth Jean AINGEThird grandniece2 Apr 2004Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne. Vic.
Naomi Clare GERRARDThird grandniece19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Ethan Chase TURNERThird grandnephew18 Jan 2004Warragul, Vic.
Jack William CARNESThird grandnephew13 Aug 2002St.John of God, Ballarat. Vic.
Alex Thomas GERRARDThird grandnephew27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Harrison Liam TURNERThird grandnephew21 Apr 2002Warragul. Vic.
Rohan John GERRARDThird grandnephew18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDThird grandniece26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Caitlin Lynette GLAREThird grandniece12 Apr 1998St. John of God, Ballarat.
Nicole Desiree OVERALLThird grandniece18 Jul 1997Adelaide ??? (Adopted)
Laura Jean GLAREThird grandniece19 Feb 1996Ballarat
Jayde Alisha THACKERAYThird grandniece5 Oct 1993Colac. Vic.
Chloe Maree INGLISThird grandniece25 Jun 1993
Jack THACKERAYThird grandnephew7 May 1993Geelong. Vic.
Dylan James HAYThird grandnephew2 Mar 1992Colac. Vic.
Kyle James THACKERAYThird grandnephew14 Feb 1992Colac. Vic.
Winton Craig OVERALLThird grandnephew4 Jul 1991Ballarat4 Jul 1991Stillborn
Kailee Skye FOLEYThird grandniece15 May 1989Colac. Vic.
Jay WHEELERThird grandnephew19 Sep 1988Shepparton. Vic.
Ebony Jae FOLEYThird grandniece17 Jul 1987Colac. Vic.
Matthew THACKERAYThird grandnephew8 Jul 1987Geelong. Vic.
Shae Nicole FOLEYThird grandniece2 May 1986Colac. Vic.
Ryan WHEELERThird grandnephew10 Nov 1985Shepparton. Vic.
Luke THACKERAYThird grandnephew15 Apr 1985Geelong. Vic.
Casy Ellen HAYThird grandniece2 Apr 1984Colac. Vic.
Ryan THACKERAYThird grandnephew
Uncles & Aunts
Rebecca or Sarah WHITEHANDAunt1832
David WHITEHANDUncle1826Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.26 Aug 1894Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.
Robert WHITEHANDUncle182629 Mar 1888Soham. Camb. Eng.
Sarah WHITEHANDAunt1822
Robert WHITEHANDUncle1820Sep 1820Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.
Ann WHITEHANDAunt1816Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.
William WHITEHANDUncle1812Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.8 Dec 1812Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.
James WHITEHANDUncle31 May 1810Isleham. Cambridge. Eng.Mar 1881Ely. Camb. Eng.
Charlotte HOUGHTONAunt
Rebecca HOUGHTONAunt
Thomas HOUGHTONUncle
William HOUGHTONUncle
Great uncles & Great aunts
Amy WHITEHANDGreat aunt
Benjamin HOWTONGreat uncle
Benjamin HOWTONGreat uncle
Edward HOWTONGreat uncle
Edward HOWTONGreat uncle
Elizabeth HOWTONGreat aunt
Elizabeth WHITEHANDGreat aunt
Isabel HOWTONGreat aunt
James WHITEHANDGreat uncle
John HOWTONGreat uncle
John WHITEHANDGreat uncle
Joseph WHITEHANDGreat uncle
Lydia WHITEHANDGreat aunt
Mary WHITEHANDGreat uncle
Mary WHITEHANDGreat uncle
Richard WHITEHANDGreat uncle
Robert WHITEHANDGreat uncle
Sarah WHITEHANDGreat aunt
Stephen WHITEHANDGreat uncle
William HOWTONGreat uncle
Great great (uncles & aunts)
Benjamin HOUGHTONGreat great uncle
Elizabeth HOUGHTONGreat great aunt
Joseph HOUGHTONGreat great uncle
Martha HOUGHTONGreat great aunt
William HOUGHTONGreat great uncle
3xGreat (uncles & aunts)
John WHITEHAND3xGreat uncle
Peter WHITEHAND3xGreat uncle
Samuel WHITEHAND3xGreat uncle
Unknown male WHITEHAND3xGreat uncle
4xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Elizabeth WHITEHAND4xGreat aunt
John WHITEHAND4xGreat uncle
5xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Samuel WHITEHAND5xGreat uncle
6xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Samuel WHITEHAND6xGreat uncle
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Ann CHAMBERSAunt-in-law1826Wood Ditton, Cambridge. Eng.
James HOUGHTONUncle-in-law14 Mar 1814I(sleham. Eng.
Joseph COLLENUncle-in-law
Margaretta TAYLORAunt-in-law
Robert "William" VAILUncle-in-law
Sarah COLLINAunt-in-law
Sarah WHITEHANDFirst cousin (f)1871Isleham, Cambridge. Eng.
Eliza VAILFirst cousin (f)1865Ely, Cambridge. Eng.
Sarah WHITEHANDFirst cousin (f)20 Apr 1851Isleham, Cambridge. England.
Mary HOUGHTONFirst cousin (f)1851England
Rebecca WHITEHANDFirst cousin (f)22 Jul 1849Isleham, Cambridge. Eng.
Sarah HOUGHTONFirst cousin (f)1849England
Robert HOUGHTONFirst cousin (m)1847England
Amey HOUGHTONFirst cousin (f)1844England
William HOUGHTONFirst cousin (m)1842England
Alfred WHITEHANDFirst cousin (m)
Ann WHITEHANDFirst cousin (f)
Arthur WHITEHANDFirst cousin (m)
Arthur WHITEHANDFirst cousin (m)
David WHITEHANDFirst cousin (m)
David WHITEHANDFirst cousin (m)
Robert WHITEHANDFirst cousin (m)
1st cousins once removed
William HOUGHTON1st cousin once removed (m)1878Isleham, Cambridge. Eng.
Ann Rebeckah HOUGHTON1st cousin once removed (f)1875Isleham, Cambridge. Eng.
Mary HOUGHTON1st cousin once removed (f)1873Isleham, Cambridge. Eng.
Sarah HOUGHTON1st cousin once removed (f)1870Isleham, Cambridge. Eng.
John Louis GERRARDGrandson-in-law22 Jul 1917Beeac.Vic. #176815 Jun 1987Beaufort.Vic.
Gordon INGLISGrandson-in-law6 Feb 1916Colac Vic.21 Jul 1985Colac.Vic. #17647
Winifred I Gwenyth (Gwen) JONESGranddaughter-in-law1915Sydney. NSW
Pambla (Pam) Burton HENDERGranddaughter-in-law3 May 1908Daylesford. Vic. #24 Nov 1997Creswick. Vic.
Alexander CAMERONGrandson-in-law1890