Alexander BIGGAR


Alexander BIGGAR Jane WHITEHAND James WHITEHAND William WHITEHAND Susan HOUGHTON Elizabeth William HAYWOOD Elizabeth WAGSTAFF Allan Leonard BIGGAR Norman Eric BIGGAR Alexanderina BIGGAR Jean Doris BIGGAR James Alexander BIGGAR


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Jane WHITEHAND 8 Jun 1874  Allan Leonard BIGGAR
 Norman Eric BIGGAR
 Alexanderina BIGGAR
 Jean Doris BIGGAR
 James Alexander BIGGAR


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1875 Coghills Ck. Vic. #14850
Death 16 Feb 1949 East Melbourne.Vic. #1841
Burial 17 Feb 1949 Springvale Crem. Tristania Rose F4 Bed 12 Rose 58




BIGGAR... On February 16, at St. Andrews Private Hospital, Alexander the loved
husband of Isabella Biggar and loved father of Allan, Norman and Jean (Mrs.
Reference Number: P1061
BIGGAR.. The Funeral of the late ALEX BIGGAR of 59 St. Helens road, Hawthorn
East, will leave our funeral palour 21 Camberwell road, Camberwell THIS DAY
(Thursday) at 2pm. for the Springvale Crematorium.
The ARGUS..Thursday 17 February 1949.
Peace perfect peace.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Jane WHITEHANDWife8 Jun 1874Warrenheip. Vic. #1282819 Dec 1926Elizabeth St. Elsternwick.Vic. #13681
James Alexander BIGGARSon1917Shepparton.Vic. #72794 Jan 1917Shepparton.Vic. #2928 (7 Hrs)
Jean Doris BIGGARDaughter17 Sep 1913Shepparton.Vic. #2504125 Oct 1999
Alexanderina BIGGARDaughter1911Shepparton.Vic. #682323 Mar 1911Shepparton.Vic. #3082
Norman Eric BIGGARSon22 Jul 1908Shepparton.Vic. #22678
Allan Leonard BIGGARSon1904Loch.Vic. #11503
Elizabeth "Jane" HAYWOODMother-in-law10 Nov 1850Sydney. NSW26 Oct 1914Learmonth Vic. #14590
James WHITEHANDFather-in-law9 Sep 1836Isleham. England29 Mar 1907Learmonth.Vic. #5188 (Cerebal Apop.)
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Frederick "Alan" BOGGSon-in-law19101977Toora. Vic. #2354
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
George Leonard WHITEHANDBrother-in-law16 Oct 1891Learmonth. Vic. #3465217 Aug 1968Heidleberg.Vic. #20184
Vhine Eliza WHITEHANDSister-in-law3 Mar 1890Learmonth. Vic. #145526 Feb 1963Ballarat. Vic. #3053
James WHITEHANDBrother-in-law11 Oct 1887Learmonth. Vic. #2962727 Jul 1970Ballarat.Vic. #17386
Benjamin WHITEHANDBrother-in-law1886Learmonth. Vic. #4044No Issue
William WHITEHANDBrother-in-law4 Feb 1885Learmonth. Vic # no issue1885Learnonth. Vic. #no Issue
Helen WHITEHANDSister-in-law1 Apr 1883Learmonth. Vic. #1057830 Aug 1942Ballarat.Vic. #29003
Eunice May WHITEHANDSister-in-law27 Apr 1880Coghills Ck. Vic. #76468 May 1964Learmonth.Vic. #8847
Mary Anne WHITEHANDSister-in-law13 Jan 1878Coghills Ck. Vic. #15475 Sep 1885Learmonth. Vic. #9140
Rachel WHITEHANDSister-in-law6 Jan 1877Ballarat. Vic. #3726 Jan 1877Ballarat. Vic. #185 (1 day)
Ruth WHITEHANDSister-in-law16 Jun 1872Lal Lal, Vic. #1453614 Nov 1944Essendon. Vic. #11716
Eliza WHITEHANDSister-in-law27 Jul 1871Bunninyong. Vic. #1462027 Jul 1871Lal Lal. Vic. #5761 (1 day)
Alice WHITEHANDSister-in-law27 Dec 1869Bunninyong. Vic. #1136 (1870)6 Jul 1952Ballarat.Vic. #20113
Vhine WHITEHANDSister-in-law29 Jun 1868Bunninyong. Vic. #14661 (Vine Whitehead)4 Apr 1869Ballarat. Vic. #3271 (10 mths)
Charles WHITEHANDBrother-in-law11 Jun 1867Ballarat. Vic. #1256014 Aug 1925Learmonth.Vic. #10144
Nephews & Nieces
Rosemary WHITEHANDNiece-in-law27 Oct 1939
Marian Leonora WHITEHANDNiece-in-law10 Jan 1929Ballarat. Vic.
Wilma WHITEHANDNiece-in-law26 Aug 1926
Evan James WHITEHANDNephew-in-law9 Jul 1925Learmonth. Vic.9 Jan 1998aged 72.
Bette Elaine WHITEHANDNiece-in-law23 May 1924Ballarat. Vic.
Kathleen WHITEHANDNiece-in-law30 Mar 1924Ballarat. Vic.30 Mar 1924Ballarat. Vic.
Leonard Raymond (Jake) WHITEHANDNephew-in-law22 Jul 1917Essendon. Vic. #20184Apr 2008Perth. WA
Harry Wilfred NUNNNephew-in-law15 May 1916Ballarat. Vic. #885325 Aug 2004Sandringham
Mavis Christina WHITEHANDNiece-in-law26 Feb 1916Essendon. Vic. #3050
Theodore "Leslie" DEANNephew-in-law1915Learmonth. Vic. #3182613 Jan 1997Ballarat. Vic.
William Leonard NUNNNephew-in-law26 Jun 1914Ballarat. Vic. #1850917 Dec 1995Brisbane, Qld.
Mavis Nellie DEANNiece-in-law1913Learmonth. Vic. #512618 Mar 2005Q.E.G.C. Ballarat.
Ronald Kenneth WHITEHANDNephew-in-law1912Murchison. Vic. #575417 Dec 1995Perth. WA.
Evelyn Mary NUNNNiece-in-law20 Dec 1911Ballarat. Vic. #370 (1912)1 Sep 1996Mt Eliza. Vic.
Alice MEDWELLNiece-in-law1911Learmonth.Vic. #2978523 Oct 1911Learmonth.Vic. #13622
Alice Christabel BOSHERNiece-in-law6 Jun 1910Ballarat.Vic. #163428 Mar 2001Queenscliffe. Vic.
Colin WHITEHANDNephew-in-law1910Sheparton. Vic. #657128 Nov 1994Wodonga. Vic.
Clarice Jane NUNNNiece-in-law21 Nov 1909Ballarat. Vic. #2449614 Jun 1997Thomastown, Melbourne. Vic.
Ruth Olive NUNNNiece-in-law6 Jun 1908Ballarat. Vic. #4027 Jul 1998Berwick. Vic.
Alan Carl James DEANNephew-in-law1907Learmonth. Vic. #2816223 May 1982Ballarat. Vic. #20462
James Henry NUNNNephew-in-law28 Dec 1906Ballarat. Vic. #381 (1907)30 Apr 1984Cheltenham. Vic. #09037
Arthur Leonard BOSHERNephew-in-law21 Dec 1906Ballarat.Vic. #29213 May 1997Ballarat. Vic.
Hector Coutts MEDWELLNephew-in-law27 Oct 1900Learmonth.Vic. #277597 Dec 1973Ballarat.Vic. #22123
Vhine MEDWELLNiece-in-law1898Learmonth.Vic. #200548 Feb 1971Ballarat. Vic. #11044
Claude Haywood MEDWELLNephew-in-law1895Learmnoth.Vic. #222757 May 1919Learmonth.Vic. #7689
Gilbert Leslie MEDWELLNephew-in-law1892Learmonth.Vic. #248035 May 1919Learmonth.Vic. #7686
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Alison Ruth NUNNGrandniece-in-law7 May 1958Broken Hill. NSW
Gregory Neil GOVANGrandnephew-in-law31 Dec 1951
Helen Mary NUNNGrandniece-in-law7 Oct 1951Broken Hill NSW
William WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law1950
Roger WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-lawNov 1948Nov 19483 days
Beverley GOVANGrandniece-in-law21 Aug 1948
Douglas BOSHERGrandnephew-in-law3 Dec 1945
Lesley Ruth SOUTERGrandniece-in-law12 Jan 1945Hastings. Vic.
Edward MUNTZGrandnephew-in-law8 Jan 1945Bright. Vic.
John Colin WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law1945
Lynette BOSHERGrandniece-in-law6 Oct 1943
Janet Mary CADWALLADERGrandniece-in-law27 Apr 1943Essendon. Vic.
Margaret Helen MUNTZGrandniece-in-law2 Jan 1943Community Hospital, Wangaratta.
Margaret BOSHERGrandniece-in-law1943
William Donald SOUTERGrandnephew-in-law13 Feb 1942Essendon. Vic
Elizabeth Mary MC.CONNELLGrandniece-in-law26 Oct 1940Queenstown. Tas.
Shirley Anne MC.CONNELLGrandniece-in-law15 Dec 1938Queenstown. Tas.
Elaine Margaret MEDWELLGrandniece-in-law23 Dec 1937Vic.
Margaret Ruth MC.CONNELLGrandniece-in-law27 Jan 1937Queenstown, Tas.
Colin Thomas WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law30 Aug 193627 Aug 2005
Gilbert John MEDWELLGrandnephew-in-law1 Jul 1935Vic.21 Dec 1988Vic.
Richard Graeme LOADERGrandnephew-in-law19359 Aug 2011James Thomas Court, Ballarat. Vic.
Lorna May MEDWELLGrandnephew-in-law1 Nov 1929Learmonth. Vic.
Alison Inverta LOADERGrandniece-in-law3 Oct 19241 Jul 1994
Ivy "Merle" MEDWELLGrandniece-in-law1916Learmonth. Vic. #48342000Ballarat. Vic
Angela NUNNGrandniece-in-law
Barbara MARSHALLGrandniece-in-law
Barry DEANGrandnephew-in-law
Charles DEANGrandnephew-in-law
Cheryl Anne WHITEHANDGrandniece-in-law
Evelyn DEANGrandniece-in-law
Gary MARSHALLGrandnephew-in-law
Geoffrey Evan WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law
Helen DEANGrandniece-in-law
Irene WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law
James "Norrie" MUNTZGrandniece-in-law
Joshua MEYERGrandnephew-in-law
Joy DEANGrandniece-in-law
Leonard DEANGrandnephew-in-law
Lynette DEANGrandniece-in-law
Marion LOADERGrandnephew-in-law
Marion MARSHALLGrandniece-in-law
Marlene WHITEHANDGrandniece-in-law
Mavis LOADERGrandniece-in-law
Neil Kenneth WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law
Rebecca MEYERGrandniece-in-law
Rodney Phillip WHITEHANDGrandnephew-in-law
Sandra WHITEHANDGrandniece-in-law
Susan MARSHALLGrandnephew-in-law
Susan NUNNGrandniece-in-law
Winifred LOADERGrandniece-in-law11 Feb 2008Beaufort. Vic