Elizabeth Mary INNOCENT


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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 George INNOCENT  Clara Mabel WILLIAMS

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Albion Richard "Dick" MBE. APPLEBY 19 Jul 1905  Rita APPLEBY
 James "Jim" APPLEBY


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 5 Jul 1904 Pyramid Hill. Vic. #20766
Death 30 Jun 1996 Freemasons Centenial House. Prahan. Vic.
Burial 3 Jul 1996 Pyramid Hill. (P)




With the arrival of her grandchildren, life took on new pleasures for Bess. She
was always knitting jumpers and socks for the children and spent many happy
hours with them on her knee reading stories. She always had time to spend with
the grandchildren and on regular school holiday the kitchen was turned upside
down as she patiently allowed then to help with the cooking. She was a
legendary scone maker and although her skills seemed to miss a generation, it
was Grandson Simon who became the champion scone maker. We would have to ask
his wife Janine if he still uses those skills!
Bess was Secretary of the Ladies Guild, Red Cross, C.W.A. and Ladies Bowls,
even though a major back operation for a spinal tumor curtailed her bowling
career. She worked towards the establishment of the Infant Welfare Centre and
loved the hours she spent helping weighing babies to assist the nurse.
Bess was educated locally before going to Melbourne to complete her education
at the Methodist Ladies College in Hawthorn.
It was Bess's devotion to Dick and her distress at his illness and sudden
stroke that led her to having a burst blood vessel in the brain five days
later. Her life hung in the balance for several weeks but she continued to
fight for a further thirteen years.
18 months after their marriage in All Saints Cathedral Bendigo, saw the birth
of their son Jim followed by the birth of a daughter Rita who lived only 5 days
and then the birth of their daughter Gresta.
Sadly Jim & Jill's children Elizabeth and Allen did not have the opportunities
to get to know their Grandma so well as they lived overseas for some time and
were also much younger.
It was a family joke that Dick never forgot a face but had trouble remembering
names and it was always Bess who greeted people by name thus giving Dick the
time he needed. After Dick retired from the Business, he served as a Shire
Councillor and had one term as Shire President. Bess had many embarrassing
moments during this time as he was getting quite deaf and she found herself
yelling people's names in his ear as they approached.
Elizabeth Mary (Bess) Appleby: 05-07-04 - 30-06-96
Bess took great pride in her family and watched them grow up and finally leave
home. Jim to began his career with the Snowy Mountains Authority and Gresta as
a teacher, both continuing their careers to this day.
Pyramid Hill was her home and now together with Dick always will be and her
spirit returns to God, who gave it.
Reference Number: P1070
As we pause today to celebrate the life of this wonderful lady, let us also
give thanks to the staff of the Bush Nursing Hospital who looked after Bess
with kindness and compassion for so many years and also give thanks to the
people of Pyramid Hill who have given such strong support to the hospital and
its patients. When Bess moved to Freemasons Homes- Centennial House in Prahan,
she received the very best of nursing care and her family was able to visit
regularly but to her it was never home.
For all the time they lived at Pyramid Hill, which would be most of their
lives. Bess and Dick Appleby supported St. Thomas Church. (Story about Dick and
the Bell).
Bessy Innocent's life was completely changed by the arrival of the new
Secretary at the store, Dick Appleby and they were married in 1940. Thus began
a long and very happy union which saw them celebrate 40 years of marriage at a
happy family weekend in Bright not long before Dick took ill.
Apple Pie was another speciality of Bess's and she always made sure there was
one ready for her son- in- law Bob. To this day he still judges apple pie on a
scale of -nearly-not quite- nowhere near - as good as Grandma's.
Fruit cake was another of Bess's specialities and she always baked a fruit cake
for family occasions. Carina would not eat fruit cake and so Bess always made
sure there was a chocolate cake with no cream for her to eat.
Bess was a devoted wife to Dick- always by his side. Both were very community
minded people and when Dick was honoured with a Queen's birthday M.B.E. for
service to the community, he was delighted but always acknowledged the support
and help he had received from Bess and he felt the award was hers as well.
Bess was the 2nd of 7 children born to George and Clara Innocent of Central
Mologa. George and Clare were very respected members of the local community.
George was a farmer and a Councillor of the Shire of Gordon.
She returned home and began her employment in the office of the Pyramid Hill
Co- Operative Society's Store.
Bess Appleby was born on the 5th July 1904 - for those of you who can do quick
maths she would have been 92 this Friday.
On the occasion of Nathan's fourth birthday, Grandma decorated his birthday
cake as a clock with the hands pointing to four o clock. Nathan with all the
determination of a four year old insisted the cake could not be cut until four
o'clock. As the family were leaving to go for a birthday picnic at Torrumbarry
Weir, Bess organized all the adults to put their watches on one hour so that
they could have the celebration at "four o clock" and still be home before the
Autumn evening turned chilly.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Albion Richard "Dick" MBE. APPLEBYPartner or Husband19 Jul 1905Bellarine. Vic. #1550417 Mar 1984Bush Nursing Hospital. Pyramid Hill. Vic. #06129
James "Jim" APPLEBYSon1941
Gresta APPLEBYDaughter
Rita APPLEBYDaughter12 Aug 1942Pyramid Hill. Vic. #28290
Clara Mabel WILLIAMSMother29 Sep 1967Pyramid Hill. Vic. #23469 aged 90
George INNOCENTFather6 Jul 1942Pyramid Hill. Vic. #28289 aged 66