Elizabeth Caroline WALKER


Elizabeth Caroline WALKER William WALKER Emma PRIDDLE George PRIDDLE Ann DAVIS Arthur Henry BEAL Ruth BEAL Myrtle Emma BEAL Ruby Caroline BEAL Henry Arthur BEAL Eileen BEAL


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 William WALKER 1846  Emma PRIDDLE 1849

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Arthur Henry BEAL 1876  Ruth BEAL
 Myrtle Emma BEAL
 Ruby Caroline BEAL
 Henry Arthur BEAL
 Eileen BEAL


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1872 Bellarine. Vic. #21582
Death 19 Nov 1948 Geelong. Vic. #22794
Burial 22 Nov 1948 Geelong East. MET 8 144




Reference Number: P2184



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Arthur Henry BEALHusband1876Bellarine.Vic. #1398825 Mar 1961Geelong. Vic. #4873
Brothers & Sisters
Alice Emily Ann WALKERSister1870Bellarine. Vic. #138793 Oct 1938Moonee Ponds. Vic. #9229
Eileen BEALDaughter1913Portarlington. Vic. #24919
Henry Arthur BEALSon1911Portarlington. Vic. #140921985South Caufield. Vic. #21140
Ruby Caroline BEALDaughter1908Bellarine. Vic. #24498
Myrtle Emma BEALDaughter1906Bellarine. Vic. #15941
Ruth BEALDaughter26 Dec 1904Bellarine. Vic. #709 (1905)10 Dec 2001
Emma PRIDDLEMother1849Somerset. Eng.23 Aug 1935Geelong. Vic. #16185 age 86
William WALKERFather1846Somerset. Eng.2 Aug 1915Portarlington. Vic. #10704 age 69
George PRIDDLEGrandfatherNov 1826South Petherton. Somerset. England17 May 1893East Bellarine. Vic. #4808
Ann DAVISGrandmother24 Feb 1822Liverpool, Lancashire. England.16 Sep 1902Bellarine East. Vic. #8317
Great grandparents
Kezia DUCKGreat grandmother1796South Petherton, Somerset. Eng.Mar 1868South Petherton, Somerset. Eng.
Job PRIDDLEGreat grandfather1794South Petherton, Sommerset. Eng.1 Apr 1872East Lambrook, Somerset. Eng.
Ann VIRGINGreat grandmother
Samson DAVIESGreat grandfather
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
William Davies OSBORNEBrother-in-law1855Geelong. Vic. #481516 Jul 1933Moonee Ponds. Vic. #1933 age 78
Nephews & Nieces
William Walker OSBORNENephew24 Apr 1910Golden Square. Vic. #36408 Apr 2003
Annie Ida OSBORNENiece1902Bendigo. Vic. #7993
Clarice Emma Rebecca OSBORNENiece1901Bendigo. Vic. #8321956Moonee Ponds. Vic. #2621
Uncles & Aunts
Theresa Ann (Thirza) PRIDDLEAunt20 Dec 1858Swan Bay. Vic.1949Kew. Vic. #255 (aged 90 yrs)
George F Cr. PRIDDLEUncle29 Aug 1846South Petherton, Somerset. England1918Queenscliffe. Vic. #6468
Great uncles & Great aunts
Thirza PRIDDLEGreat aunt20 May 1834South Petherton, Somerset. Eng.
Sarah PRIDDLEGreat aunt1831South Pemberton. Somerset. Eng.8 Sep 1860Vic. #8529
Charles PRIDDLEGreat uncle1829South Petherton, Somerset. Eng.
Mary Ann PRIDDLEGreat aunt10 Mar 1825South Petherton, Somerset. Eng.
Edwin PRIDDLEGreat uncle1823East Lambrook, Somerset Eng.
Sarah PRIDDLEGreat aunt1822South Petherton, Somerset. Eng.1831
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Charles Thomas GERRARDUncle-in-law10 Jun 1857Geelong. Vic. #1511625 Mar 1904East Heidleburg. Melbourne. Vic. #2353
Mary Ann HIBBERTAunt-in-law1852Vic.11 Jul 1938Queenscliffe. Vic. #16895 age 86
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
John GULLYGreat uncle-in-law1835
William DAVEYGreat uncle-in-law1825Petherton, Somerset. England.29 Jun 1899Petherton, Somerset. England.
Olive Maude GERRARDFirst cousin (f)1897Bellarine East. Vic. #165411980Cheltenham. Vic. #24803
Linda Jeanette GERRARDFirst cousin (f)1891Bellarine East. Vic. #299631906Heidleberg. Vic. #9417
Leslie George PRIDDLEFirst cousin (m)14 Jun 1888Queenscliffe. Vic. #237123 Oct 1965Geelong. Vic. #22664
Charles Garnet Wolsey GERRARDFirst cousin (m)9 Sep 1886Port Arlington, Bellarine. Vic. #2391417 Jul 1968Merlynston. Vic. #17671
Bertie PRIDDLEFirst cousin (m)15 Aug 1885Bellarine. Vic. #1513941 Jun 1962Moorabbin. Vic. #10621
Annie Isabel GERRARDFirst cousin (f)30 Apr 1884Bellarine. Vic. #728920 Apr 1974Mornington.Vic. #9056
Lawrence Joseph PRIDDLEFirst cousin (m)1883Bellarine. Vic. #215225 Jan 1932Queenscliffe. Vic #3291
Frederick George GERRARDFirst cousin (m)25 Apr 1882Bellarine. Vic. #7073May 1959Croxton. Vic. #5592
Elizabeth Hibbert PRIDDLEFirst cousin (f)5 Jun 1881Bellarine. Vic. #717324 Dec 1947Footscray. Vic. #220 (1948)
Harold Ernest PRIDDLEFirst cousin (m)9 Dec 1878Drysdale. Vic. #648 (1879)1967Croydon. Vic. #3190
Elsie Theresa Margaret (Sass) PRIDDLEFirst cousin (f)25 Nov 1875Portarlington. Vic. #675 (1876)14 Aug 1943Elwood. Vic. #8447
William Henry Victor PRIDDLEFirst cousin (m)1873Bellarine. Vic. #1461727 Jul 1945Queenscliffe. Vic. #21181
Emily Laetitia PRIDDLEFirst cousin (f)1870Bellarine. Vic. #138851948Melbourne. Vic. #5468
1st cousins once removed up
George DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (m)1 Aug 1868
Samuel DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (m)3 Mar 1866
Alfred DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (m)3 Dec 1862
Frederick James DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (m)18 Apr 18602 Dec 1955
William James GULLY1st cousin once removed up (m)1860Conawarre. Vic. #143988 Sep 1860Vic. #8530
Emma DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (f)20 Apr 1858
Kezia Louise GULLY1st cousin once removed up (f)1858Chilwell. Vic. #1250019 Mar 1860Chilwell. Vic. #2308 19 months.
George DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (m)14 Jul 1856
Stephen DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (m)16 Jul 1848
Mary Elizabeth DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (f)1 May 1848
Selena DAVEY1st cousin once removed up (f)1846Petherton, Somerset. England.15 Jun 1927Geurnsey. England
1st cousins once removed
Patricia MILNE1st cousin once removed (f)1926
Keith Alexander GERRARD1st cousin once removed (m)10 Jul 1925Thornbury. Vic.Jul 1965Healesville. Vic. #14512 age 39
Vernon Thomas. name changed to Billy. GERRARD1st cousin once removed (m)11 Apr 1924Fitzroy. Vic.Died pre 2006 about 2003.
Lorna Jeanette GERRARD1st cousin once removed (f)7 Jul 1922Melbourne. Vic.1 Nov 2006McLeod Hospice House of Florence. South Carolina.
Noel Richard Garnet GERRARD1st cousin once removed (m)4 Dec 1920Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #31142Still alive 2011
Dorothy Ida GERRARD1st cousin once removed (f)1920Fitzroy. Vic. #3307
Dr. Gordon Gerrard MILNE1st cousin once removed (m)2 Jul 1914Nth Carlton. Vic. #203166 Feb 2001Cairns. Qld.
Newlyn Hibbert MASON1st cousin once removed (m)20 Nov 1913Queenscliffe. Vic #34453
Frederick Stewart GERRARD1st cousin once removed (m)12 Feb 1912Fitzroy Nth. Vic. #693Oct 1979Heidleberg. Vic. #26519
James Frederick MILNE1st cousin once removed (m)1909Carlton Nth. Vic. #17684Feb 1923Carlton. Vic. #812 (Meningitis)
Annie Linda "Nancy" MILNE1st cousin once removed (f)1908Carlton Nth. Vic. #99901981Mornington. Vic. #02872
Sadie Letita THOMAS1st cousin once removed (f)1905Coburg. Vic. #17197
Lindsay THOMAS1st cousin once removed (m)1900Beechworth. Vic. #76222 Jul 1965St Kilda. Vic. #16368
John Edward George (Jack) SCRIVEN1st cousin once removed (m)1899Hawthorn. Vic. #191451984Elwood. Vic. #14996
Mona Millicent THOMAS1st cousin once removed (f)1894Queenscliffe. Vic. #6357
1st cousins twice removed
Dianne Susan MILNE1st cousin twice removed (f)1951
Michael Houghton MILNE1st cousin twice removed (m)1947
Carl Gerrard EDWARDS1st cousin twice removed (m)
Ione EDWARDS1st cousin twice removed (f)
Paul Thomas EDWARDS1st cousin twice removed (m)Sendai, Japan.
Sharon GERRARD1st cousin twice removed (m)