Eliza BANKS Henry BANKS Hannah BUSH John HILL George HILL Harriet HILL Emma HILL Mary Jane (Ginny) HILL  (SIMPSON) Henry HILL Samuel HOCKEY


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Henry BANKS  Hannah BUSH

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 John HILL 1811  George HILL
 Harriet HILL
 Emma HILL
 Mary Jane (Ginny) HILL (SIMPSON)
 Henry HILL
 Samuel HOCKEY 23 Jan 1811


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 5 Mar 1814 Bradford Wiltshire. Eng.
Death 14 Jul 1886 Rokewood. Vic. #10765
Burial Buried at Rokewood. (as Hockey) (P)




Eliza died 4 months after her husband aged 72 years. Cause of death Old Age.
Married to John Hill in Bradford England aged 18 years. Married to Samuel
Hockey at 67 years of age to Samuel Hockey.
Reference Number: P620
Buried in double grave with Sam Hockey on 16 July 1886 at Rokewood cemetery.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Samuel HOCKEYHusband23 Jan 1811Shepton Mallet Somerset England2 Mar 1886Rokewood. Vic. #3369 aged 70 yrs.
John HILLHusband1811Bradford, Wiltshire. Eng.
Henry HILLSon1850Pre 14 July 1886, (mothers death cert.)
Mary Jane (Ginny) HILL (SIMPSON)Daughter16 Mar 1849Geelong.Vic. #10600 or #3229520 Nov 1933Wallsend, N.S.W.
Emma HILLDaughter14 May 18461899
Harriet HILLDaughter7 Jun 1842At Sea aboard "Orieana"
George HILLSonBradford, Wiltshire. Eng.
Hannah BUSHMother
Henry BANKSFather
James "Frederick" RIZZOLIGrandson1890Wallsend. NSW. #187351955Mayfield. NSW. #6174
Beatrice Ada Maud RIZZOLIGranddaughter1887Wallsend. NSW. #326711970Cessnock. NSW. #43478
Mary May Adelaide RIZZOLIGranddaughter1885Wallsend. NSW. #305501968Wallsend. NSW. #37847
Albert HILL (DARE)Grandson1883Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #26613R
Rose Rebecca May RIZZOLIGranddaughter1883Wallsend. NSW. #1952Wallsend. NSW. #11085
Nancy Emma or Emma Nancy RIZZOLIGranddaughter1881Wallsend. NSW. #25081
Harriet HILL (DARE)Granddaughter1880Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #5179R
George Henry RIZZOLIGrandson1879Wallsend. NSW. #197921938Wallsend. NSW. #15322
Eliza Jane RIZZOLIGranddaughter1877Wallsend. NSW. #175377 Jul 1893
Emma DAREGranddaughter1877Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #252161935Moorabbin. Vic. #7062
Albert Elijah HAWSONGrandson1876Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #4880
Francis (Frank) RIZZOLIGrandson1875Wallsend. NSW. #1936Mayfield. NSW. #15222
Edward DAREGrandson1874Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #2602418 Nov 1928Fitzroy. Vic. #14699
Joseph Domenico RIZZOLIGrandson12 Jul 1873Break O Day, Rokewood, Vic. #1944931 Jul 1938Illabarook, Vic. #16918
William Cowall HAWSONGrandson1873Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #58911922
Henry DAREGrandson1872Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #265521874Vic. #5623
George HAWSONGrandson1871Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #1987520 Sep 1871Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #7402 ( aged 5 wks.)
Alfred Henry HAWSONGrandson1870Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #11998
Sarah DAREGranddaughter1870Staffordshire Reef.Vic. #264781945N Fitzroy. Vic. #9908
John DAREGrandson1869Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #11854
Edith HAWSONGranddaughter1868Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #57281868Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #2597 (6 mths)
Eleanor HAWSONGranddaughter1868Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #265521868Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #9852 ( 6 wks)
Thomas SIMPSONGrandson28 Nov 1867Rokewood. Vic. 343238 Jun 1964Ballarat. Vic.
James DAREGrandson1867Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #112791924St Kilda. Vic. #3518
Albert HAWSONGrandson1866Rokewood. Vic. #236521867Break of Day. Vic. #3421 (5 mths)
Edward HAWSONGrandson1865Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #117791945
Eliza DAREGranddaughter1865Staffordshire Reef. Vic. #117763 Jun 1914Sth Melbourne. Vic. #6745
Rebecca DAREGranddaughter1863Smythesdale. Vic. #173981929Berwick. Vic. #4183
George DAREGrandson1861Smythesdale. Vic. #139061865Staffordshire reef. Vic. #5560 Aged 3 years
William DAREGrandson1859Kangaroo Ground or Gully. (Now Berringa) Vic. #193611866Berringa.Vic. #11770
Great grandchildren
Wallace RIZZOLIGreat grandson3 Sep 1918Rokewood.Vic. #2291525 Jul 1997Ballarat. Vic.
Margaret May RIZZOLIGreat granddaughter29 Mar 1908Rokewood, Vic. #1222218 Apr 1914Rokewood. Vic. #7350
Daniel Frederick RIZZOLIGreat grandson31 Aug 1905Rokewood, Vic. #291968 Jun 1990Ballarat. Vic.
Colin Reginald RIZZOLIGreat grandson1905Wallsend. NSW. #386601967Wallsend. NSW. #35450
Beryl AW RIZZOLIGreat granddaughter1904Wallsend. NSW. #27670 (10 yrs before marriage.)1975NSW #103792
Leslie Joseph RIZZOLIGreat grandson11 May 1901Rokewood.Vic. #1470920 Dec 1980Ballarat.Vic. #29066
Mary Janet ( Cis) RIZZOLIGreat granddaughter29 Dec 1899Rokewood. Vic. #6209 (1900)29 Jul 1993Ballarat
Alexander Francis RIZZOLIGreat grandson13 Jul 1898Rokewood, Vic. #2187918 Jun 1977Coburg.Vic. #13898
Ellen Ann HARRISONGreat granddaughter1943Burwood. NSW. #17147
Second grandchildren
Francis "Neil" RIZZOLISecond grandson6 Dec 1949
Janis Marie RIZZOLISecond granddaughter17 Apr 1947
Lesley Anne RIZZOLISecond granddaughter10 Aug 1944
Judith Ann RIZZOLISecond granddaughter14 Mar 193914 Mar 1939Colac.Vic. #12593
David Joseph RIZZOLISecond grandson25 Mar 1934Sale. Vic.
Jean Mary RIZZOLISecond granddaughter24 Jan 1932Sale. Vic.
Margaret May HEARNSecond granddaughter2 Oct 1930Illabrook. Vic.
Kenneth Leslie RIZZOLISecond grandson23 Apr 1930Sale. Vic.8 Feb 1990Ballarat
Heather Mary HEARNSecond granddaughter2 Aug 19294 Oct 1999Ballarat. Vic.
Elaine Marie RIZZOLISecond granddaughter14 Apr 1929Shepparton. Vic.
Alexander Charles RIZZOLISecond grandson19 Feb 1928Sale20 Dec 1991Ballarat
Brian Joseph RIZZOLISecond grandson18 Aug 1926Ballarat. Vic.26 Jul 1979Essendon.Vic. #14505
Robert Alexander RIZZOLISecond grandson28 Mar 1925Mildura. Vic.1 Apr 1987Melbourne. Vic.
Margaret RIZZOLISecond granddaughter1 Nov 1923Horsham. Vic.
Third grandchildren
Andrew John RIZZOLIThird grandson11 Mar 1993
Jenna Yvonne RIZZOLIThird granddaughter19 Apr 1990
Peter Robert RIZZOLIThird grandson15 Sep 1980
Elissa Jane HIRTHThird granddaughter8 Oct 1978
Paul Bradley HIRTHThird grandson28 Jul 1976
Eve Marie JOLLEYThird granddaughter4 Sep 1973
David Leslie RIZZOLIThird grandson23 Apr 1973
Megan Anne JOLLEYThird granddaughter16 Mar 1972
Timothy Cairns RIZZOLIThird grandson22 Jun 1969
Michael Timothy RIZZOLIThird grandson23 May 1968
Simon Mark RIZZOLIThird grandson27 Sep 1964
Stephen Joseph LONGTONThird grandson9 Aug 1964
David Edward WATSONThird grandson28 May 1964Ballarat
Susan Jeannette HENLEYThird granddaughter30 Nov 1962Ballarat
Annette GOUDAPPELThird granddaughter8 Oct 1962Ballarat
Robert John WATSONThird grandson11 Jul 1962
David Mark RIZZOLIThird grandson25 Apr 1962
Mark Alexander LONGTONThird grandson17 Sep 1961
Andrew John RIZZOLIThird grandson11 Jul 1961
Ian Leslie RIZZOLIThird grandson16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Jennifer Doris RIZZOLIThird granddaughter16 Jan 1961Ballarat
Peter Edmund LONGTONThird grandson25 Oct 1960Adopted
Judith Margaret HENLEYThird granddaughter30 Oct 1959Ballarat
David "Paul" RIZZOLIThird grandson19 Jul 1958
Carmel Veronica RIZZOLIThird granddaughter7 Sep 1957
Jenny GOUDAPPELThird granddaughter10 Aug 1957Ballarat
Barbara "Jill" HENLEYThird granddaughter11 Jun 1957
Bernadette Anne RIZZOLIThird granddaughter16 Apr 1957
Teresa Marie DUNDONThird granddaughter18 May 1956
Helen Joy RIZZOLIThird granddaughter27 Apr 1956Ballarat
Wendy Anne HENLEYThird granddaughter16 Jan 1956Ballarat
Anne Marie RIZZOLIThird granddaughter10 Jun 1955
Christine Margaret DUNDONThird granddaughter27 Sep 1954
Graeme GOUDAPPELThird grandson19 Aug 1954Ballarat
Robyn Anne RIZZOLIThird granddaughter27 Feb 1954Ballarat
Kevin Francis RIZZOLIThird grandson8 Nov 1953
Pamela Dawn HENLEYThird granddaughter12 Aug 1953Ballarat
Joan Dianne RIZZOLIThird granddaughter17 Oct 1952
Michael Stephen DUNDONThird grandson7 Jun 1952
Kaye Lynnette RIZZOLIThird granddaughter23 May 1952Ballarat
Christopher Ronald WATSONThird grandson14 May 1952Ballarat
Peter Gerard RIZZOLIThird grandson6 May 1952
Heather "Faye" WATSONThird granddaughter16 Jun 1950
Robyn Maree RIZZOLIThird granddaughter7 Jan 1950
Fourth grandchildren
Maddison Mai RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter29 Nov 1999
Caitlin Rose RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter6 Jun 1998
Leah Janet MARTINFourth granddaughter16 Dec 1997
Lachlan James RIZZOLIFourth grandson25 Mar 1997
Nikaela Joy WATSONFourth granddaughter3 Feb 1997
Coby Liam POWELLFourth grandson14 Sep 1996
Chelsea Jane RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter7 Mar 1996
Bryce Alexander WALLISFourth grandson8 Nov 1995
Georgia Magdalen RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter14 Jul 1995
Kate Elsie MARTINFourth granddaughter21 Jun 1995
Jarryd Leigh RIZZOLIFourth grandson25 Jan 1995
Todd Alexander RIZZOLIFourth grandson10 Dec 1994
Jake Anthony LONGTONFourth grandson20 Jun 1994
Kieran Mark RIZZOLIFourth grandson13 Sep 1993
Leslie Francis WALLISFourth grandson22 Jul 1993
Emma May MARTINFourth granddaughter25 Mar 1993
Rohan Luke RIZZOLIFourth grandson5 Mar 1993
Jordan Bram READFourth grandson15 Jan 1993
Stephanie Brianon WATSONFourth granddaughter10 Aug 1992
Alexandra Louise RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter4 Aug 1992
Lachlan Anthony THORNFourth grandsonJul 1992
Jarrod Stephen MOSELEFourth grandson29 Jan 1992
Hannah JEBRAMEKFourth granddaughter8 Oct 1991
Ashlee Jayde NAYLERFourth granddaughter23 Sep 1991
Jerome Sean RIZZOLIFourth grandson15 May 1991
Michael John WATSONFourth grandson22 Feb 1991
Robert Glen WATSONFourth grandson20 Nov 1990
Kiera Michelle NAYLERFourth granddaughter20 Sep 199027 Nov 1990
Danielle Alyce MOSELEFourth granddaughter18 Jul 1990
Roxanne JEBRAMEKFourth granddaughter9 Nov 1989Ballarat Base Hospital
Emma Jayne DUNDONFourth granddaughter16 Sep 1989
Leon Dillon READFourth grandson23 Dec 1988
Nicole Louise NAYLERFourth granddaughter16 Dec 1988
Alexandra Constance THORNFourth granddaughter19 Jul 1988
Stacey Maree MATLOCKFourth granddaughter12 Nov 1987
William Rawdon GOUDAPPELFourth grandson4 Jul 1987
Aaron John RIZZOLIFourth grandson17 Mar 1987
Hayley May WATSONFourth granddaughter4 Feb 1987Ballarat
Clare Elizabeth PORZFourth granddaughter6 Oct 1986
Christopher Jose GOUDAPPELFourth grandson22 Oct 1985Ballarat
Kate Emma PORZFourth granddaughter15 Sep 1985
Kelly Erin READFourth granddaughter4 Aug 1985
Simon David SMITHFourth grandson15 May 1985Ballarat
Megan Jane RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter9 Jul 1984
Jodie Anne DUNDONFourth granddaughter6 Jul 1984
Jana Leslie GOUDAPPELFourth granddaughter22 Mar 1984Ballarat30 Jan 1999Ballarat
Lyle ABRAHAMFourth grandson8 Jan 1984Mornington BNH
Lauren Elizabeth MC.CORMACKFourth granddaughter28 Nov 1983
Luke Douglas MATLOCKFourth grandson16 Nov 1983
Angela Kate RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter14 Apr 1983
Jodie Anne THOMSONFourth granddaughter16 Dec 1982
Kelly Marie DUNDONFourth granddaughter25 Jun 1982
Beth ABRAHAMFourth granddaughter19 Mar 1982Mornington BNH
Andrew Arthur WATSONFourth grandson9 Feb 1982Ballarat
Brian John HERBERTFourth grandson15 Oct 1981
Kirsty Lee THOMSONFourth granddaughter12 May 1981
Janelle Clare RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter3 Apr 1981
Laura Stacey RIDDFourth granddaughter20 Dec 1980
Damien Paul PEVERILLFourth grandson12 Jul 1979Melbourne. Vic.
Kelly Anne HERBERTFourth granddaughter22 Feb 1979
Nicole Marie RIZZOLIFourth granddaughter14 Aug 1978
Daniel John RIDDFourth grandson22 Jul 1978Ballarat
Jacqueline Janet SARAHFourth granddaughter15 May 1978Ballarat
Katherine (Kate) Therese MC.CORMACKFourth granddaughter7 Apr 1978
Christopher John PEVERILLFourth grandson4 Mar 1977
Joanne Nichola MC.CORMACKFourth granddaughter15 Jul 1976
Dean Matthew GERRARDFourth grandson11 Apr 1976Ballarat
Matthew Timothy SARAHFourth grandson19 Jul 1975Ballarat
Damien Christopher MC.CORMACKFourth grandson1 Dec 1974
Peter Mark GERRARDFourth grandson30 Nov 1974Ballarat
Colin John GERRARDFourth grandson3 Nov 1973Ballarat
Meachan Louise GOODFourth granddaughter
Fifth grandchildren
Rory Francis PEVERILLFifth grandson29 Sep 2008Melbourne. Vic.
Ryan James GERRARDFifth grandson9 Aug 2006Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.
Jack Peter GERRARDFifth grandson15 Sep 2004St.John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic. Aus.
Naomi Clare GERRARDFifth granddaughter19 Jan 2004St. John of God, Ballarat.
Alex Thomas GERRARDFifth grandson27 Apr 2002St. John of God Hospital. Ballarat.
Rohan John GERRARDFifth grandson18 Feb 2000St. John of God. Ballarat. 1954 hrs.
Bianca Joy GERRARDFifth granddaughter26 Nov 1998St.John of God Hospital.Ballarat
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
William Henry HAWSONSon-in-law18421920
Domenico James RIZZOLISon-in-law1837Ticino, Switzerland.10 Dec 1915Wallsend, Newcastle. N.S.W. #15559
John Wright DARESon-in-law1814Plymouth Eng.
William SIMPSONSon-in-law1870
Mary Agnes WALLACEGranddaughter-in-law28 Jun 1876Rokewood, Vic. #1866719 Mar 1947Illabarook, Vic. #17279
Gertrude Phillipa HARRIMANGranddaughter-in-law1876Invernell. NSW. #133091964Wallsend. NSW. #24553
Ruth REYNOLDSGranddaughter-in-law1876Rokewood Vic. #117181946Shepparton Vic #19358
Elma B LAWSONGranddaughter-in-law
Ernest MAYERGrandson-in-law1943Wallsend. NSW. #23916
John HARRISONGrandson-in-law
Peter A BLAIRGrandson-in-law
Richard D. MOOREGrandson-in-law