Edith Agnes TRIGG


Edith Agnes TRIGG Walter James ARMISTEAD John ARMISTEAD James ARMISTEAD Jane LEVER Harriet Elizabeth MOUSLEY Joseph MOUSLEY Anne HEPBURNE Mary Angeline ????? ARMISTEAD Walter James Ernest ARMISTEAD Alexander John (Jack) ARMISTEAD Phyllis Isabelle ARMISTEAD Leicester Edward ARMISTEAD Ronald Malcolm ARMISTEAD Ian ARMISTEAD Jean Isabelle ARMISTEAD


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Walter James ARMISTEAD 1893  Mary Angeline ????? ARMISTEAD
 Walter James Ernest ARMISTEAD
 Alexander John (Jack) ARMISTEAD
 Phyllis Isabelle ARMISTEAD
 Leicester Edward ARMISTEAD
 Ronald Malcolm ARMISTEAD
 Jean Isabelle ARMISTEAD


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1894 Winchelsea. Vic. #16729
Death 21 Jul 1966 Camperdown. Vic. #16249
Burial Camperdown. (P)




Reference Number: P2720



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Walter James ARMISTEADHusband1893Deans Marsh.Vic. #2171224 Aug 1973Camperdown.Vic. #21161
Jean Isabelle ARMISTEADSon1935
Ronald Malcolm ARMISTEADSon30 Aug 19271929????23 Dec 1936Colac. Vic. #19174
Leicester Edward ARMISTEADSon1927
Phyllis Isabelle ARMISTEADDaughter1924
Alexander John (Jack) ARMISTEADSon192211 Oct 2009
Walter James Ernest ARMISTEADSon5 Mar 192113 Mar 2008
Mary Angeline ????? ARMISTEADDaughter1930Mortlake. Vic. #11009
Harriet Elizabeth MOUSLEYMother-in-law17 Dec 1857Geelong.Vic. #1099121 Apr 1907Winchelsea.Vic. #6595
John ARMISTEADFather-in-law1855Geelong.Vic. #175915 Jul 1919Winchelsea. Vic. #15473
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
William Henry ARMISTEADBrother-in-law30 Mar 1897Deans Marsh.Vic. #1040829 Sep 1972Geelong.Vic. #23123
Horace Joseph ARMISTEADBrother-in-law18 Aug 1895Deans Marsh.Vic. #2012717 May 1962Colac.Vic. #11232
Ernest John ARMISTEADBrother-in-law1891Deans Marsh.Vic. #3232027 Jul 1916Killed in action in France.
Ada Alice ARMISTEADSister-in-law1888Winchelsea. Vic. #3448012 Jun 1936Lorne. Vic. #15722
Sydney Albert ARMISTEADBrother-in-law15 Jul 1886Deans Marsh. Vic. #1760514 Feb 1967Melbourne. Vic. #4378
Eveline May ARMISTEADSister-in-law14 Jun 1884Winchelsea. Vic. #216081965Geelong. Vic. #7932
Isabella Ann ARMISTEADSister-in-law14 Jun 1884Winchelsea. Vic. #2160725 Mar 1979Ballarat. Vic. #7262
Nephews & Nieces
Ruby Ada ARMISTEADNiece-in-law1936
Evelyn May ARMISTEADNiece-in-law1934
Donald ARMISTEADNephew-in-law21 Oct 193015 Jun 1992
Iris Beatrice ARMISTEADNiece-in-law12 Aug 19292 Jan 2008
Ramond STEPHENSONNephew-in-law1927
Roderick Horace ARMISTEADNephew-in-law1927
June ARMISTEADNiece-in-law1926
Alma Joy STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1925
Iris Ada Joyce ALSOPNephew-in-law17 Aug 1924Lorne.1 Jun 1948Sth. Melbourne. Vic. #7264
Dorothy Mary ARMISTEADNiece-in-law25 Feb 1924
Barry John ARMISTEADNephew-in-law1924
Walter Henry STEPHENSONNephew-in-law25 Sep 19225 Feb 2000
Joyce ARMISTEADNiece-in-law1922
Phillis Marjory STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1920Winchelsea. Vic. #17303
Beryl May STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1918Winchelsea. Vic. #15824
Dorothy May STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1918Winchelsea. Vic. #15823
Kevin ALSOPNephew-in-law1918
Francis Ern ARMISTEADNephew-in-law27 May 1917Powelltown.Yarra Junction. Vic. #15962 (1918)
Shiela Edna Lily ALSOPNiece-in-law1917Winchelsea. Vic. #3313317 Oct 1999
Ernest John STEPHENSONNephew-in-law4 Dec 1916Winchelsea. Vic. #34380
Frederick Keith ALSOPNephew-in-law1 Oct 1914Winchelsea. Vic. #3634431 Mar 1980Willunga S.A.
Sydney Thomas STEPHENSONNephew-in-law1 Aug 1914Winchelsea. Vic. #274399 Aug 2003
Edna Jean ARMISTEADNiece-in-law1914Lorne. Vic. #14312Jun 2007
Gaston "Edward" MORIERENephew-in-law1913Coburg. Vic. #206119 Apr 1991
Violet Madge ARMISTEADNiece-in-law25 Oct 1912Beech Forest. Vic. #26374
Isabella Ann MORIERENiece-in-law1911Coburg. Vic. #10344
James Arthur STEPHENSONNephew-in-law1911Winchelsea. Vic. #330411 Dec 1986
Alice Evelyn MORIERENiece-in-law1910Geelong. Vic. #34811981Linton. Vic. #14396
Ernest Neville ALSOPNephew-in-law1910Winchelsea. Vic. #158121977Swan Marsh. Vic. #14769
Ina Kathleen STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1910Winchelsea. Vic. #15800
Mona Florence ARMISTEADNiece-in-law1910Lorne. Vic. #4268
Sydney James ALSOPNephew-in-law20 Mar 1909Winchelsea. Vic. #1547015 Apr 1998
Irene Eveline STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1908Winchelsea. Vic. #15763
John James STEPHENSONNephew-in-law1906Winchelsea. Vic. #232501969Healesville. Vic. #9794 aged 62
May STEPHENSONNiece-in-law1903nr
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Kevin Lawrence KNIGHTGrandnephew-in-law1941
Alice Isabella KNIGHTGrandniece-in-law